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seafan's Journal
Posted by seafan in General Discussion
Thu Mar 22nd 2012, 02:26 PM
Jeb wants to run from his role in signing the bill that is protecting the murderer of an innocent black child right now. Why, talking about that just wouldn't be prudent...

I thought the sudden emergence from the woodwork yesterday by Jeb Bush to release a statement (that wound up in some spam folders) and a tweet that he is endorsing Romney was highly suspicious.

This guy has made it a point not to endorse, from the very outset of this farcical Republican presidential campaign.

This looks suspiciously like Jeb preferred to manipulate the headlines for himself yesterday by suddenly endorsing Romney. Ain't gonna work, Jeb.

But, while we're talking endorsements:

Wonder which Mitt he's endorsing--- the "severely conservative" Mitt---

the "I like to fire people" Mitt---

the "Corporations Are People, my friend" Mitt---

the "wanna bet ten thousand dollars?" Mitt---

the $374K in speaking fees "isn't much" Mitt---

the "I've got some friends who are NASCAR team owners" Mitt---

the "my wife drives two Cadillacs" Mitt---

the "I'm not concerned about the poor" Mitt---

the "I will get rid of Planned Parenthood" Mitt---

or this Mitt: the "I gotta press the button. That will be my heavy lift in terms of manufacturing" Mitt---

Who freaking knows.

I hope some incisive journalists will ask Jeb Bush how he feels now about his "good, commonsense anti-crime" bill, now that it is protecting the murderer of a young black boy. And, after weeks, this murderer still walks freely.

Where is Jeb Bush? The drive-by Romney endorsement ain't gonna work.

Jeb's going to have some company from the press soon. He hates the press.

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