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solara's Journal
Posted by solara in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Mar 14th 2007, 01:53 AM
Dear General Pace;

It seems you are very, very concerned about homosexuality in the military. I would like to help allay your fears. Homosexuality in the military is nothing new, Sir, and has been present in the military for hundreds of years. For instance, about the Spartans, who were arguably some of the greatest warriors in history, it is said that they considered homosexuality the norm and never thought it to be immoral or a weakness. It just was what it was.

So you see? It was not always considered immoral and certainly it is nothing for someone like you to worry about. Just because you are a male does not mean that you are attractive to a male homosexual. If I were you I would be more concerned with the immorality of the rampant sexual violence perpetrated by some straight men in the military against their female comrades and subordinates, but I will save that discussion for another time, You can read about it here, though.

Here is a partial list of homosexuals in history.. I chose these names because of their military and/or strong presence as leaders and officials:

Homosexuals in History

Aristides d.c.468BCE

Hipparchus of Athens late 6thCBCE

Demosthenes 384-322BCE

Philip II of Macedon 359-336BCE

Alexander the Great 356-323BCE
and Hephasteion

Julius Caesar 100?-44BCE <"every women's husband, every man's wife> and Nicomedes, King of Bithynia

Mark Anthony c.82-30BCE

Marcus Aurelius r.121-180

King Richard I the Lion-hearted b.1157-r.1189-1199

William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely early 13thC

King Edward II 1284-1327

King Richard II b.1367-r.1377-1399

Sir Walter Raleigh 1554-1618

King James I (Author of the King James version of the bible) 1566--r.(Scotland)1567-r.(England)

Robert Baden Powell 1857-1941

Lord Louis Mountbatten 1900-1971

T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) 1888-1935

Frederick II the Great of Prussia 1712-1786

Prince Henry of Prussia 1726-1802

King Ludwig II of Bavaria 1845-1886

Friedrich Krupp 1854-1902

Kaiser Wilhelm II 1859-1941

Dag Hammarskjold 1905-1962 UN Sec. Gen.

Alexander Hamilton 1755-1804
and John Laurens 1754-1782

President James Buchanan 1791-1868
and Sen. William Rufus de Vane King 1786-1853

Oh, and don't forget:

J. Edgar Hoover 1895-1972
and Clyde Tolson 1900-1975

So you see? Please take a deep breath, Sir, and try to readjust your thinking. No matter your personal feelings about homosexuality, please don't further weaken our military, which is stretched almost to its limit already, by insulting and denigrating the talented, honorable men and women who serve so admirably and who just happen to be gay. They are sacrificing their LIVES for the lies and greed of this administration and wouldn't you agree that telling lies to people .. lies that get them killed....wouldn't you say telling such lies and validating them for political reasons was the real immorality?


A concerned mother, very tired of the hypocrisy

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