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The Liberal Insurgent
Posted by thefool_wa in The DU Lounge
Sat Dec 09th 2006, 07:53 PM
Transcribing ones old written work can be a very self-deprecating task. I can't believe so much of the stuff I thought was so good is soooooooooo bad.

On the other hand, I have found some gems in there. A little polishing (16 years later) and I think some of it is passable, if still juvenile poetry.

Enjoy - feel free to share

Night's Shadow
Who knows what vile creatures come
When darkness steals the day.
What monsters hunt and stalk their prey,
When dusk dissolves to night?
Horrors dance, come out to play
Thriving in the shadows.
Covered by the darkness,
For a time.
As breaking dawn
Gives way to day,
Night's minion run away.
Hiding in their hovels dark,
Waiting out the light.
'Till day becomes the night.

Where are you?
The cold evening air
Disheveling my hair
Music in the background softly plays.
Singing of love lost,
And found.
Of hearts warmed,
And broken.
Their melody twinkling in the starlight.
Holding me amazed.
Watching their beauty,
Thinking of you.
A ringing in the distance
Says someone's at the door
But lost in thought I barely even hear.
Mumbled voices greet the caller,
Lending some direction.
Followed, then, by footsteps on the stairs.
My heart beats faster.
The footsteps draw nearer.
Then a cold hand touches my neck,
As a warm one wraps around my waist,
And soft lips kiss behind my ear.
I turn to her embrace
Finding nothing save the summer's breeze,
And music.

I could sit and write
A million words for you.
Or stand and sing
A million songs of lovers strong and true.
Yet all the verse
All the songs
Both mine and artists' world renown.
Could never perfectly describe
Exactly what I've found.
So I will write a thousand tomes,
Try to find the words anew.
But for now you'll have to settle for
Just simply, "I love you."

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