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Underground Panther in the Sky's Scratching Post
This post is dedicated to Th1onein's sister!
And I will put it up on my blog too.
Ever ask what is the REAL meaning of "Conservative" is?
From "Conserving The Race: Natural Aristocracies, Eugenics, and the U.S. Conservation Movement"
To be a good animal is the first requisite to success in life, and to be a Nation of good animals is the first condition of **national prosperity**.—Herbert Spencer
In The Conquest of A Continent, for example, Grant relates how the Nordic (Aryan, etc.)28 race forcefully occupied North America, destroying its forests, looting its minerals, exhausting its soils, and evicting the Indians: "Waste was the order of the day in America:"
All this was perhaps inevitable, but never since Caesar plundered Gaul has so large a territory been sacked in so short a time. Probably no more destructive human being has ever appeared on the world stage than the American pioneer with his axe and rifle.Yet it was precisely those pioneers whom the Boone and Crockett Club eponymously honored, and who were perennially invoked as emblematic of Racial Will — of the daring, dash, and ruthless enterprise which had lifted America to world dominance, and Grant, Osborn, Roosevelt, et al. to the apex of its social ladder.Grant's plunderers were those same industrialists and bankers (or the fathers who bequeathed them fortunes from the sacking) who, at the turn of the century, took up the twin causes of conservation and eugenics.
Could this SHIT really be the true unspoken origins of Conservatism in America? YES IT IS.
After all what exactly are these rich evil fuckers calling themselves conservative, conserving anyways? Did you ever ASK?

"The enthusiasm for conservation among the plutocracy at the turn of the century was more than a passing fashion; it came with a changed view of capital concomitant with inherited wealth and a growing sense of noblesse oblige. The descendants of the men who had mown the forests, gutted the mountains, and slaughtered the seals grew ever more concerned with the long-term management of their assets."

How this same old eugenics shit and so called "natural" right of rich bullies to plunder and murder fortheirr own being applied today..
527 Hospitals in U.S. Violated Law Regarding Screening, Treating ER Patients WASHINGTON, D.C. — Twenty-five Texas hospitals in recent years have violated a federal law prohibiting them from dumping patients, leading to people with medical emergencies being improperly screened or refused treatment altogether, a new report from the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has found.

A license to kill
Imagine visiting your 85-year-old mother in the hospital after she has a debilitating stroke. You find out that, in order to survive, she requires a feeding tube and antibiotics to fight an infection. She once told you that no matter what happenED, she wants to live.
But the doctor refuses further life-sustaining treatment. When you ask why, you are told, in effect, "The time has come for your mother to die. All we will provide is comfort care."Sound far-fetched? It's not. It's already happening.Just as doctors once hooked people up to machines against their will, now many bioethicists advocate that doctors be permitted to refuse life-sustaining treatment that a patient wants but that they deem "futile" or "inappropriate."

A book worth reading on the history of eugenics in America, /

It is no coincidence that the debate over physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia has arisen at a time when managed care has been forced on employees and socialized medicine is being surreptitiously implemented in a piecemeal fashion in our country. There has been increasing talk of a "right to die" and of "death with dignity." Marching close behind those who insist on the "right to die" are those who feel it would be in society's best interest to create a duty to die.

Willing Partners:This broad shift in medical ethics toward a utilitarian measure of life—“is it useful?”—soon found a willing political partner. In a speech given in August 1929, the struggling politician Adolph Hitler said:
If Germany was to get a million children a year and was to remove 700,000–800,000 of the weakest people, then the final result might even be an increase in strength.
As a result of our modern sentimental humanitarianism we are trying to maintain the weak at the expense of the healthy.
That link was from a Christian site,I hate their religion,but I agree with thier assessment of the evil of Eugenics and their historic info.

"Empathy is antithetical to control, which is why control systems demand psychopathy as the standard mode of function.. It serves to keep hierarchy and contractual obligation dominating over caring, compassion, and a heart-felt responsibility for all life. That psychopathy and hared of empathy is what is at the heart of"compassionate conservatism".
Even to this day.
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We live imprisoned in a dream of our leaders' making, whether we realize this or not and it is killing us.



Noun:Inflected forms: pl. kak·is·toc·ra·cies
Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco– + –cracy.

In other words the worst of shit heads humanity has are in the Whitehouse..The US government is being destroyed by a bunch of sociopaths.

Time for all liberals to realize we are not dealing with rational,ethical people anymore when we deal with neocons or theocracies.The neocon fascist/theocracy have taken over the GOP. This is because of a big unseen problem found with certain types of relationships with certain types of personalities.Too many people demonstrate a destructive personality type that is more somewhere along the spectrum of narcissism/authoritarian/controlling or a conduct disorders.
Their ego defenses really do interfere with their own sense of ethics their capacity for insight,honesty and empathy with others not like themselves.

This bullying type of persona or it's flip side the true believer obedient one(enablers) can be found in varying degrees of severity in most people. But it's the 1 in 4 problem people out of our entire population who are DEFINED by these traits that are the worst offenders..
Learn about them here: /

People with these types of personality really do see the world through the distorted lens of their sick egos,winning zero-sum games,getting away with it, and maintaining their own addictions at any cost to others.
We can all be shitty sometimes but the type of person I find to be a real problem are career shit heads, people who are defined by the shit they do that ruins and diminishes other people's lives..

Bush and the tyrannical "Neocon" corporate religious Christo-Fascists are a cabal of sociopath shit heads. Problem personalities shredding the very document that gives America protection from these sorts of criminal shit heads. The career bullies among us seek to undermine warping the noble yet still imperfect socially evolving ethical character that up until now has kept it's shit heads away from positions of power ,bound them by law,and kept them under control.We need to flush this stinking kakistocracy down the toilet and learn to say NO to abusers of trust and power wherever they are..and learn to rub their noses in their own shit wherever they do their incompetent,criminal,inhumane acts.Wherever they offend we should go on offensive.The sanctity of the spirit of conscience demands no less of us ,if we want to keep our own freedoms intact.

“Truth is one of the rarest commodities in the times we are living through, to expose it to the masses is tantamount to slapping the entrenched power structure of the United States in their very face, but which, at times, someone needs to take the risk and do, otherwise, and what we are seeing in America now, lies become the truth because they are more comfortable for people to believe.”David L. Booth

Bataille’s call for collective awakening :

“Lift the curse of those feelings which oppress men, which force them into wars they do not want, and consign them to work from whose fruits they never benefit… Assume within oneself perversion and crime, not as exclusive values, but as a prelude to their integration into the totality of humanity. Participate in the destruction of a world as it presently exists, with eyes open to the world which is yet to be."

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I don't agree with everything written on these websites myself.Some of it I do. Some I use in my own way to deepen my own understanding. I have found in most eveything you read there is a bit of bullshit mixed in,in other things ALOT of bullshit is mixed in..Use/develop your own discernment..Cat Rule # 1 always smell it first.Inhale deeply,If it stinks it's probably bullshit..This is some freaky deep thought provoking stuff on many topics.Enjoy!
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