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underpants's Journal
Posted by underpants in Editorials & Other Articles
Wed Apr 25th 2007, 08:23 AM
Moved over here from GD: Politics

So O'Reilly is picking back up the banner of talk radio of how horrible George Soros is and telling him what he should do with his money.

This is the classic distraction. Pointing at assumptions about your "opponent" as a barrier to keep interest away from your own side's activity.

See this from thinkprogress. /

OOOooooh the big bad left has this big bad financing system....and the right doesn't?

Of course they do-The American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute and the Heritage Foundation didn't just come out of nowhere (to name but a few). Below is a fantastic expose on the FOUR SISTERS the funding apparatus of the right (often FAR right wing) of the Republican party. The Olin Foundation has appeared to have funded itself out of existence...well not actually they let that title go as it was getting some attention and basically renamed their organization.

THIS ARTICLE is a keeper it details the Four Sisters funding and the creation of the whole apparatus all stemming from Lewis Powell's 1971 memo to the US Chamber of Commerce.
Part Two: The Givers

While any number of foundations contribute to conservative political groups, five are worthy of particular examination: the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Koch Family foundations, the John M. Olin Foundation, the Scaife Family foundations and the Adolph Coors Foundation.

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Koch Family Foundations
John M. Olin Foundation
Scaife Family Foundations
Adolph Coors Foundation
Other Major Foundations
Individual Donors

For instance lets take just one:

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation is one of the preeminent funding sources for the far-right movement, and funds the majority of "think-tanks" and propaganda mills of the radical right. The foundation was started by Lynde and Harry Bradley.

Funding Source For:
American Enterprise Institute
American Spectator Educational Foundation
Cato Institute
Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Family Research Council
Federalist Society
Free Congress Foundation
Freedom House
George Mason University
George Mason University Foundation
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution
Hudson Institute
Independent Women's Forum
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
Institute on Religion and Democracy
Institute on Religion and Public Life
Landmark Legal Foundation
Madison Center for Educational Affairs
Manhattan Institute
Mountain States Legal Foundation
National Center for Policy Analysis
New Citizenship Project
Pacific Legal Foundation
Philanthropy Roundtable
Third Way Foundation which funds the Progressive Policy Institute (DLC)
Reason Foundation
Rockford Institute
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

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