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xchrom's Journal
Posted by xchrom in Latest Breaking News
Thu Mar 24th 2011, 07:40 PM
There's more wrong here than this.

Time being first and fore most.
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Posted by xchrom in GLBT
Tue Sep 21st 2010, 08:54 PM
It's our 'blood' that will be used to make a distinction
With out a difference -- totally in keeping with
Helderheids photo.

Now I'm speakingin metaphorical terms
- that doesn't make it any less true.

Ardent, feverish supporters of elected dems like repukes
Know they are sacrificing us.

It's hard to take from allies all the time. And when they won't admit
Jugular slicing. Why? We know it. We don't walk away
-- our money and our efforts show up
In extraordinary contrast to The Party's Sacrifice of us.
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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Sep 21st 2010, 11:42 AM /

The deputy of Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox is, uh, being one. Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell has a problem with Chris Armstrong, the gay president of University of Michigan’s Student Assembly, who is apparently on his radar! Shrivell has a blog where he's dedicated more than 20 posts to attacking Armstrong, whose "agenda was … to promote the radical homosexual agenda at the University of Michigan, and to use his position to promote that cause." Loves it!

Read more:

i do suggest a visit to shirvell's website -- he has thought it out -- the colors, font used, etc to make his sexist attacks on armstrong look legitimate.

this is hate in action.
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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Aug 12th 2010, 02:34 PM
what a lovely bookend to that sad chapter.

Love, prosperity, and good health to all of us

And most of all to any of you who make
That special journey together!
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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Jun 07th 2010, 06:58 PM
Your fears for the extreme wrong doings of Israel, it's founding,
and your own deep seated anti-arab, anti- paletstian hatred.

Helen has provided a relief valve for the nightmare attack
Israel launched on the flotilla -- and you can launch your inner bigotry
onto Helen to deflect that.

Kiss kiss darling.
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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Dec 19th 2009, 11:20 PM
As they are re: health care -- there is simply no
excuse to craft such shorty legislation. Or put up with backwards notions
like those of Nelson.

It patently ridiculous to have to fight certain battles in
this day and age. When did the middle ages end?
We have to 'hope' on the beneficense of suspect characters tomake this better?
What kind of nuts-ness is that? This isn't the 50's.

Reward industries who have fucked over so

In the name of 'centrism', or proud incrementalists'--
people have lost their minds.

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Posted by xchrom in The DU Lounge
Thu Mar 06th 2008, 10:34 AM
this is a wonderful read for you dog companions who never experienced their dogs in the light of
doggy dominance that so pervades dog training thinking out there.

i've never had an ''alpha'' dog -- oh i've had rambunctious dogs, velcro dogs, lovey-dovey dogs, -- but never a dog that exactly described ceaser and the rest of the dog authorities descriptions.

and my last dog -- who i loved more than anything convinced me -- but i've never said much -- cause it was just a suspicion.

what a relief this article has been.

To Friedman, the dominance theory is a convenient construct, an inference about how or why an animal behaves as it does. This sort of thinking can be helpful in identifying constellations of behavior, but it can also retard true understanding.

Unfortunately, such constructed explanations cannot easily be proven wrong. This seems especially true of canine dominance, where any observation that contradicts the theory is explained away with a new unproved assumption. For example, if a lower-ranked dog in a pack is observed to get priority access to an important resource, dominance proponents invoke “temporary rank reversal” or “the order is in flux lately” – or some such idea – as an explanation.

In the absence of any real research on social dominance in dogs, advocates borrow and expand from the captive wolf world. Discrepant spins on dog social systems abound. Depending on which training book you read or popular seminar you attend, you may hear that dogs form:
Linear dominance hierarchies, in which order is maintained by superiors actively exerting rank over subordinates (e.g. pinning, bullying, standing over);
Linear subordinance hierarchies, in which order is maintained by displays of appeasement by subordinates toward their superiors;
Non-transitive hierarchies, in which relationships within any dyad (pair) are fixed but out of which no overall hierarchy can be built;
Contextual dominance arrangements, in which the nature of a disputed resource determines who wins;
Hierarchies that include humans; and/or
Any number of other interesting but unsubstantiated dominance theories.
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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Mon Jun 26th 2006, 04:52 PM
great article in the oakland institute.

this group is creating -- has been creating a movement to challenge the Right attempt to dominate education.

please take time to read their mission statement.

by Anuradha Mittal with Felicia Gustin; Foreword by Howard Zinn

Oakland, CA June 26, 2006 - In light of how the Right has advanced its agenda in higher education beginning with a strategy that was mapped out four decades ago and that is bearing fruit today, a new report from Speak Out and the Oakland Institute, Turning the Tide: Challenging the Right on Campus, calls for building a broad-based and sustainable movement for progressive values on college campuses.
“The college conservative movement has been fueled and financed by an array of conservative interest groups and it is essential to understand the underpinnings of their strategy if they are to be challenged successfully,” said Anuradha Mittal, director of the Oakland Institute and author of the report. “Given tomorrow’s political, social, cultural, and economic leaders are being formed today on the nation’s college campuses, progressives must understand the critical importance of influencing those who will one day influence our society.”
Turning the Tide, with an introduction by historian Howard Zinn, presents a historical analysis of how the Right has advanced its agenda and gained political influence on campus. It asserts that through strategic planning and massive funding, the Right has been able to reach and influence students and dominate the campus arena, and ultimately reshape politics and public policies at the national, state and local levels. On the basis of this analysis, the report draws upon Speak Out’s network of scholars, artists, and activists to propose a range of recommendations that progressives might consider to lay the groundwork for a campus initiative that includes strategic alliance-building, ways to reshape the public debate, and how we might build a powerful presence on campuses.
“In the wake of the conservative onslaught, various organizing measures have been undertaken by progressives on college campuses,” said Felica Gustin, co-director of Speak Out. “However, all such efforts remain tenuous. There is a dire need for a national effort that will work with students on the substance, intellectual foundation, and communication of progressive ideas in the coming years.”
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Posted by xchrom in The DU Lounge
Sun May 14th 2006, 09:59 AM /

some people embody the twentieth century in a way that makes you gasp for breath -- albert hadley is one of those.

not at all unlike picaso or wright in his depth of understading what lay before him in a project.

hadley worked on the kennedy white as well as al gore.

his designs have withstood the test of time -- they are modern -- they are evocative if done as period styles they are always, always ingenious and never leave the present tense.
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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Tue Apr 04th 2006, 06:06 PM
we are related, in particular, to mexico.

we have many citizens here who have relatives there -- not to mention that much of the u.s. was at one time mexico -- and not so long ago.

here is some reading you might find interesting.

and by the way -- high wage immigrants that come from say scandanavia also help to keep native born american wages in check. if one cares to think along those lines.
The Impact of Immigrants on Native Earnings

There are two opposing views about how immigrants affect the labor market opportunities of American natives. One view is that they have a harmful effect because immigrants and natives tend to have similar skills and compete for the same jobs, thus driving down the native wage. The other view is that the services of immigrants and natives are not interchangeable, but rather complement each other. For instance, some immigrant groups may be unskilled but particularly adept at harvesting crops. Immigration then increases native productivity and wages because natives can specialize in tasks for which they are better suited.

The first view is more likely correct. Economists who have rejected this view on the basis of evidence have looked at somewhat superficial data. These economists speculated that if the services of natives and immigrants are interchangeable, natives should earn less in cities where immigrants are in abundant supply, such as Los Angeles or New York, than in cities with few immigrants, such as Nashville or Pittsburgh. Although natives do earn somewhat less in cities that have large immigrant populations, the correlation between the native wage and the presence of immigrants is weak. If one city has 10 percent more immigrants than another, the native wage in the city with the most immigrants is only 0.2 percent lower.

i'm not a libertarian but this piece does some justice to dispelling the myth of ''illegal immigrants and wages.

In 1989, the U.S. Department of Labor reviewed nearly 100 studies on the relationship between immigration and unemployment and concluded that "neither U.S. workers nor most minority workers appear adversely affected by immigration."

very detailed evidence about ''illegal'' immigration, over all wages continue to rise -- with of course complications in specific sectors.

Almost all of the things that cause people to complain about illegal immigration are true of much legal immigration as well. If your worry is that illegal immigrants tend to raise government spending, for example, then you ought to be worried about legal immigrants, too. Half of legal immigrants have not gone past high school. Like illegal immigrants, they cost federal and state governments billions of dollars each year.

Or perhaps you’re concerned that illegal immigrants hurt low-income workers by driving low-end wages down. If so, you should be almost as concerned about legal immigration. Illegal immigrants tend to be paid less than legal immigrants, but the difference is small and largely reflects the fact that on average illegal immigrants have slightly less education than legal immigrants.

The real shocker in the study is that 49 percent of the day laborers interviewed said they were regularly hired – not by contractors, companies of any kind, and certainly not “big corporations” – but by American homeowners. I’d just heard Bay Buchanan (sister of Pat) on Lou Dobbs’ show fulminating about the “big corporations” that are hiring all the illegal immigrants, but – surprise!—it’s the guy next door who needs his house painted or his lawn mowed.

facts, figures and links on the immigration issue.

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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Fri Mar 31st 2006, 07:50 AM
the sixties was a violent{i don't necessarily mean that as a literal meaning} reaction to the strangling traditional values of previous centuries.

modernity and world war two had taken it's toll and deeply affected a generation -- as well as the threat of dying in an unjust war far from home.

but there is something about the inevitability of the ''sixties'' that is/was frightening to so many.

the continuing wars for the post world war two generations offerd no respite -- and people felt that for their survival things needed to change.

but the backlash to that change brought us to the reagan era.

marshal mcluhan's perfect storm of looking{and jumping through} the rear-view mirror.

we looked for ''traditional'' values to save us -- and of course it failed -- with bushco{and yes even clinton} being the figure head of that failure.

it may be that we are going to more fully embrace a less materialistic mind set -- but it will be set against a more materialist india and china.

i wonder what that will bring -- but i don't think it promises to be harmonious -- as of right now anyway.

modernity, scientific discovery, technology -- these have become grinding forces on the psyche of the west -- and most pointedly in america.

there's a lot to think about in what you wrote -- but it's kernals are very important stop and consider.
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Posted by xchrom in Latest Breaking News
Thu Mar 16th 2006, 05:23 PM
there is no ''ban'' on hiv+ positive visitors -- there may be notices that have to be given -- but trust me - there are hiv+ visitors all over the u.s. right now.

and what about my family -- my family is pro-family and they have no problem hiv+ travelers.
why should they?

there is no threat from an hiv+ traveler.

but just add this on to the list of bans on gay adoptions, marriage, abortions, -- and try to tell me with a straight face that this house{america} is not profoundly and fundamentally divided.
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Posted by xchrom in The DU Lounge
Tue Mar 14th 2006, 09:21 AM
there are sub areas of interest held with in
that general area.

for example -- if we can get a straight male to dress better -- can we get him to shake his booty on the dance floor better?

can we get straight females to understand there is a before 5:00pm ''look'' and an after 5:00pm look -- make-up, heels and skirt lengths should reflect such.

if we can get the fashion thing down -- can we move on and get you to part with your way, way, way out of date levelors?

that's the general idea -- the more you fall in line with that -- the more toasters there are for you to collect.

we are soon coming out with increased options for available colours in our toasters -- reflecting changing tastes in decor.

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Posted by xchrom in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue Mar 14th 2006, 09:00 AM
who don't try to do the right thing their whole life long.

i have no idea what being hard working and conservative have to do with each other.
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