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The Left Column


The two best things Biden did to date

Wear the mask and call him a fool publicly.


The fact that ...

... a police officer could murder a black man - knowing he was being filmed doing so, and yet without fear of the consequences thereof - says everything about where we are as a nation.


Never have we had such a total void of national leadership at such a critical time.

American presidents have usually risen to the occasion when a crisis came. Even if they were bad at some things, they were good at others. You can find some redeeming qualities, even with the worst we've seen.

But right now there is zero leadership when we need it most. Not from the White House anyway....


100,000 Human Capital Stock Units Have Perished; You Are Permitted a 5-Minute Grief Break

Greetings fellow human capital stock! I trust you enjoyed your holiday weekend, but it is now time to return to your unsafe workplaces, or, if you are too unhealthy to do so, to your nearest Soylent processing plant. I will round up the news with you, but only if you promise it won’t undermine your productivity, aka the only value you possess, you worthless serf....


I can't be the only person who thinks people look perfectly OK

in the masks. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who looks bad in one.

Both heroes and villains in movies look good in masks. Cowboys doing the ultimate in macho activity, driving cattle, wear masks. The coolest motorcycle helmets only show the eyes if they aren’t covering the entire head.

I don’t get why a man who wears his hair like a helmet, colored a weird yellow and who puts on orange makeup with white raccoon eyes can possibly think covering up his anus shaped mouth makes him look worse. It’s mind boggling.


I Won't Re-Hire My Laid Off Workers Until I Can Test Them Frequently - Sorry Trump

I can scale back my business and run it without my 7 employees as I have been doing. I am extremely busy and need help, but I want to do all I can to keep from getting sick. I can't hire anyone back unless I can test them two or three times a week. I don't care who tells me I need to "open up". I am very lucky to be able to be able to choose maximum safety when so many others (workers) have little control over their environment....


my morning trip to the supermarket . Masks on all.

North Carolina has been a case study of both admirable and stupid recently. But, in a pretty red area of western NC, my trip to Ingles was a pleasant surprise. Still doing 1 way aisles and distancing. All employees masked. All shoppers masked. I expected to see a visible relaxation of safety, but did not. So, there's that good news for the day.

That, and the big bottles of Lagunitas Imperial Stout for only 3.50!


Imagine how utterly miserable it would be to live life as a republican

/conservative/ libertarian/neocon or neolib.

We are witnessing a brash attempt (sadly far too successful) to form the culture they either seek, or feel it is as horrendous as they deserve....

Vinnie From Indy

If 100,000 Americans were killed by sharks in just 60 days,....

….do you think anyone would be swimming in the fucking ocean right now?

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Trump threatens to veto FISA bill ahead of House vote

1 hr ago - BY MORGAN CHALFANT AND JORDAIN CARNEY - 05/27/20 07:08 PM EDT President Trump is threatening to veto legislation reauthorizing expired government surveillance tools if it passes in the House, citing “massive abuse” of the government powers in the Ru ... (The Hill)

More protests, fire, looting follow calls for fired officer's arrest in George Floyd's death

2 hrs ago - Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Wednesday called for the arrest and charging of the now-fired police officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd as he pleaded to breathe, video that has drawn international outrage. "I've wrestled with, more t ... ((Minneapolis) Star Tribune)

Bertha forms, hits South Carolina coast, dissipates in a day

3 hrs ago - By JEFFREY COLLINS COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Tropical Storm Bertha surprised the South Carolina coast Wednesday, forming, making landfall within two hours and was downgraded before sundown, bringing a poor beach day of rain and gusty winds, but no major ... (AP)

Trump Administration Preps New Weapons Sale To Saudi Arabia

5 hrs ago - When State Department inspector general Steve Linick was abruptly fired, one of the inquiries he was conducting concerned a massive, highly controversial weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. Now the Trump administration is preparing to sell Riyadh even more ... (The Daily Beast)

John Hickenlooper must testify in ethics hearing, commission rules

5 hrs ago - John Hickenlooper must testify in his ethics trial, whether it takes place in person or remotely, Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission ruled Wednesday. The former Colorado governor and current Democratic U.S. Senate candidate threatened last wee ... (Denver Post)

Longtime Texas congressman Sam Johnson, POW in Vietnam, dies at age 89

5 hrs ago - WASHINGTON— Retired congressman Sam Johnson, a conservative stalwart whose service to country spanned seven years as a prisoner of war and a long stint in the U.S. House, died Wednesday in Plano at the age of 89. The Plano Republican packed multiple ... (The Dallas Morning News)

Texas Supreme Court: Lack of immunity to coronavirus alone isn't enough for mail-in ballot

5 hrs ago - The Texas Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that a lack of immunity to the new coronavirus does not qualify a voter to apply for a mail-in ballot. In the latest twist in the legal fight over voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic, the court a ... (The Texas Tribune)

Bummed out': SpaceX launch scrubbed because of bad weather

7 hrs ago - By MARCIA DUNN CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The launch of a SpaceX rocket ship with two NASA astronauts on a history-making flight into orbit was called off with less than 17 minutes to go in the countdown Wednesday because of thunderclouds and the d ... (AP)

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' attack on new criminal charge 'too much,' feds argue

8 hrs ago - Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ claim that a new felony fraud charge against her is “patently unconstitutional” should be dismissed by the court, federal prosecutors said this week in a legal filing as her case moves toward trial. Holmes, a Stanf ... (San Jose Mercury News)

Rosenstein to testify in Senate on Trump-Russia probe

9 hrs ago - A key figure behind the U.S. investigation into links between Russia and President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign will testify next week before a Republican-led Senate committee examining the origins of the probe, the panel said on Wednesday. ... (Reuters)

Court denies appeal by Parkland parents who say mental health firm was negligent

10 hrs ago - Ruling against the parents of a student killed in the February 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a state appeals court Wednesday said a mental health facility that provided services to accused shooter Nikolas Cruz cannot be held ... (Miami Herald)

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Fox News Over Coronavirus Coverage

10 hrs ago - Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Fox News Over Coronavirus Coverage By Ted Johnson May 27, 2020 12:05pm A Washington state judge has tossed out a public interest group's lawsuit against Fox News, claiming that the network violated consumer protecti ... (Deadline, via Erik Wemple)

LIVE: SpaceX to launch 1st astronauts for NASA on Crew Crew Dragon Liftoff is set for 4:33 p.m. EDT

10 hrs ago - Veteran NASA astronauts set out today (May 27) to make history with SpaceX's Demo-2 mission and everyone from celebrities to astronauts is celebrating around the world. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have trained tirelessly to launch today a ... (Space.com)

Washington, DC, to lift stay-at-home order on Friday

10 hrs ago - Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) announced Wednesday that the city will lift its stay-at-home order on Friday and enter phase one of reopening. Bowser said that the virus is still circulating but said the city had met its metrics of a 14-da ... (The Hill)

New Zealand officials report no current coronavirus patients in country's hospitals

11 hrs ago - Health officials in New Zealand announced this week that currently, there are no COVID-19 patients in its hospitals. Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, the country’s director-general of health, said during a press briefing on Wednesday that "there is nobod ... (The Hill)

BREAKING: U.S coronavirus deaths top 100,000

12 hrs ago - COVID-19 has killed thousands of Americans from Guam to the continental United States to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The disease, which has shuttered businesses nationwide and sent the economy into a tailspin, has claimed the lives of more than 100,000 ... (NBC News)

Tulsi Gabbard drops defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

12 hrs ago - Washington (CNN)Rep. Tulsi Gabbard dropped the defamation lawsuit she filed against Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, ending a short-lived legal battle where the congresswoman contended the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee &q ... (CNN)

Protester who hoisted Gov. Andy Beshear effigy fired from job at Neil Huffman Auto Group

13 hrs ago - Sarah Ladd,10:43 a.m. ET May 27, 2020 | Updated 11:26 a.m. ET May 27, 2020 The protester who hoisted an effigy of Gov. Andy Beshear from a tree at the Kentucky State Capitol has been fired from his job at an auto dealer. Terry Bush, president of t ... (courier journal)

Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in 10 years

13 hrs ago - For a week, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has defended President Donald Trump’s assault on vote-by-mail, insisting, like her boss, that it invites election fraud. But, also like her boss, McEnany has taken advantage of its convenience ... (Tampa Bay Time)

Steve Bannon Wins Case To Set Up Italy Political Academy

13 hrs ago - ROME -- Steve Bannon, the former adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, has won the latest phase of a legal battle with Italy's culture ministry to set up a right-wing Catholic political academy. The ministry said it would appeal the regional court' ... (NYT/Reuters)

'We Will Strongly Regulate, Or Close Them Down.' Trump Threatens To Shutter Social Media Platforms A

13 hrs ago - (Washington D.C.) -- President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened social media companies with new regulations or even shuttering a day after Twitter added fact checks to two of his tweets. The president can't unilaterally regulate or close the comp ... (TIME)

Mike Pompeo's CIA advisory board rankled agency veterans

13 hrs ago - Mike Pompeo put together an undisclosed board of outside advisers while he was director of CIA that some at the agency viewed as inappropriately weighted toward wealthy individuals and well-connected political figures, according to four current and f ... (Politico)

U.S. Says Hong Kong's China Autonomy Is Gone, Sowing Trade Doubt

13 hrs ago - The U.S. has certified that Hong Kong is no longer politically autonomous from China, a move that could have far-reaching consequences on the special trading status the former British colony has with the U.S., Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said. ... (Bloomberg)

Boeing to cut nearly 10,000 jobs in Washington, more than 12,000 overall

14 hrs ago - Boeing announced to employees Wednesday a first batch of almost 7,000 involuntary layoffs in the U.S., which added to more than 5,500 voluntary layoffs means it will cut almost 12,300 jobs company-wide. Washington state takes the biggest hit, with 9 ... (Seattle Times)

EU proposes 750 billion-euro coronavirus recovery fund

14 hrs ago - Lorne Cook, Associated Press Published 8:10 a.m. ET May 27, 2020 | Updated 8:14 a.m. ET May 27, 2020 Brussels – The head of the European Union’s executive commission says that the proposed new recovery fund is an “ambitious answer” to Europe’s co ... (The Detroit News)

France bans use of hydroxychloroquine as coronavirus treatment

14 hrs ago - The French health ministry is banning the use of hydroxychloroquine as a cure to coronavirus, according to a decree published Wednesday morning. "Whether [in doctors offices] in the cities or in the hospital, this ... should not be prescribed f ... (Politico)

WHO says the Americas are new COVID-19 epicenter as deaths surge in Latin America

14 hrs ago - BRASILIA, May 26 (Reuters) - The Americas have emerged as the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a Tuesday briefing, as a U.S. study forecast deaths surging in Brazil and other Latin American countr ... (Reuters)

Twitter labels Trump's tweets with a fact check for the first time

16 hrs ago - Twitter on Tuesday slapped a fact-check label on President Trump’s tweets for the first time, a response to long-standing criticism that the company is too hands-off when it comes to policing misinformation and falsehoods from world leaders. The mov ... (Washington Post)

Grassley says White House 'failed' on watchdog firings

17 hrs ago - White House counsel Pat Cipollone told a top Republican senator on Tuesday that President Donald Trump acted appropriately when he fired two independent government watchdogs. The long-awaited response, which Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded aft ... (Politico)

South Korea examines first suspected cases of syndrome in kids linked to Covid-19

21 hrs ago - PUBLISHED 2 MIN AGO SEOUL (REUTERS) - Two children who are the first suspected cases in South Korea of a rare, life-threatening syndrome linked with the new coronavirus, are recovering following treatment, health authorities said on Wednesday (May ... (Reuters)