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The Woman Without a Mask at the Emergency Dentist

Over the weekend my DH began experiencing pain in a tooth. Our regular dentist is an older man who has essentially shut down his one-man practice for the duration. So we called the "Emergency Dental Services" number in the phone book. This number is shared by several practices who offer emergency services on a rotation basis. The first available appointment was at a large chain with an office quite close to home early this morning...


From a teacher friend...

I get it. I do. You need schools to open because...holy crap you’re not getting anything done, your kids need to see other kids, you have a job to do, and you just plain need a break. I get it. I do. You’ll forgive us if we’re not quite onboard with this idea yet. You see, if we want hand sanitizer in our classrooms, we have to ask parents to donate it. If we want Lysol wipes for our classrooms, we have to ask our parents to donate it. If we want tissues for snotty noses, we have to ask our parents to donate it. They do. Every year they do and many of them donate these things despite their precarious financial situations. I have no doubt that those parents would make these donations again - despite their much more precarious financial situation - if those things were available for purchase.

Cousin Dupree

Update from my county Democratic HQ

I’ve posted here before that I volunteer in my very red county’s HQ on Sundays. We were super busy again yesterday, people coming in and buying multiple Biden and BLM signs. We are ordering 250 Biden signs at a time and selling out within a couple of days. I worked in the same office during the 2016 Pres. election. It was nothing like it is now. There’s a lot of passion and involvement in this upcoming election. It’s so exciting to be a part of this!


Trump's job approval is now under 50% EVEN IN THE SOUTH, where he's most popular

I'm guessing his internal polling was showing the same thing, which is why he's now apparently running to be the second president of the Confederacy. From Gallup...


Someone told me to go back where I came from today. But I got the last laugh.

Some woman took issue with my mask in Kroger. Behind me making all kinds of snide comments. I was just going to ignore it, get my stuff paid for and leave. She moved on to "I don't know why they can't just come in senior hour so we don't have to see them." WHAT THE WHAT???? Well that lit me.


I just spoke with a family member from Xinjiang, China.

She told me that her region was not badly affected by the virus, and she told me that everything is open. What she told me next really struck me. She told me that within a few days of learning about the virus, everyone covered and still covers their face. They didn't have to be told to wear the mask by the government.

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Vindman to retire from military. His lawyer blames White House 'campaign of bullying, intimidation

10 min ago - Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry, is retiring from the US Army after more than 21 years of military service because he determined that his future in the armed forces "will forever be limit ... (CNN)

Goldman warns delayed election results this November similar to Bush-Gore could rock the market

10 min ago - Goldman Sachs is warning that the presidential election could see delayed results, and is therefore recommending that clients hedge their market bets through December in anticipation of heightened volatility through November. Goldman Sachs chief U.S ... (CNBC.com)

Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Talib

24 min ago - Why would the Russian government think it could get away with paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers? One answer to that question may be the extraordinary response that Moscow received when the Trump administration learned of a prec ... (Just Security)

Coronavirus: Biden Vows To Reverse Trump WHO Withdrawal

48 min ago - US Democratic challenger Joe Biden has said he will reverse President Donald Trump's move to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) "on day one" if he wins November's election. Mr Trump formally began the pull out on Tuesday afte ... (BBC News)

Supreme Court approves Trump plan to limit Obamacare contraceptive coverage

52 min ago - The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for the Trump administration to give the nation's employers more leeway in refusing to provide free birth control for their workers. The ruling was victory for the administration's plan to greatly ... (NBC)

Job Bias Laws Do Not Protect Teachers in Catholic Schools, Supreme Court Rules

52 min ago - Job Bias Laws Do Not Protect Teachers in Catholic Schools, Supreme Court Rules The case was the court's latest consideration of the relationship between the government and religion. By Adam Liptak July 8, 2020, 10:10 a.m. ET WASHINGTON -- The Supre ... (New York Times)

Trump threatens to cut funding for schools, slams CDC reopening guidelines as too tough and expensiv

1 hr ago - WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump ramped up his pressure campaign to get public schools to fully reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, tweeting Wednesday that he may withhold federal funding from schools that do not resume in-person classes this fa ... (CNBC)

Harvard, MIT Sue Trump Administration Over International-Student Policy

1 hr ago - Harvard, MIT Sue Trump Administration Over International-Student Policy Policy forbids international students from staying in U.S. if classes are taught entirely online By Michelle Hackman and Melissa Korn July 8, 2020 9:23 am ET Harvard and the Ma ... (The Wall Street Journal.)

US records more than 60,000 coronavirus cases to set new single-day record

1 hr ago - The U.S. set a somber single-day record for coronavirus cases on Tuesday, with 60,000 new cases reported, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics. The number breaks the nation's previous single-day record of more than 54,000 new cases report ... (The Hill)

Brooks Brothers, Hurt by Casual Fridays and Coronavirus, Files for Bankruptcy

2 hrs ago - Brooks Brothers, Hurt by Casual Fridays and Coronavirus, Files for Bankruptcy The 202-year-old maker of business suits, and one of the last with U.S. factories, joins other apparel brands in bankruptcy court By Suzanne Kapner and Soma Biswas Update ... (The Wall Street Journal.)

My Behavior In The Video Is Appalling'; Tech CEO Michael Lofthouse Captured In Video Berating Asian

2 hrs ago - SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Silicon Valley tech CEO Michael Lofthouse issued an apology late Tuesday for his behavoir captured on a viral video delivering vulgar and racist comments toward an Asian family celebrating a birthday at a restaurant in Carmel ... (CBS News)

Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher jailed for raping student, dies

3 hrs ago - Mary Kay Letourneau, a teacher who married her former sixth-grade student after she was convicted of raping him in a case that drew international headlines, has died. She was 58. Her lawyer David Gehrke told multiple news outlets Letourneau died Tue ... (KOLD NEWS)

Omaha company to pay more than $800,000 to settle alleged water pollution violations

3 hrs ago - By Martha Stoddard LINCOLN — Henningsen Foods has agreed to pay an $827,500 penalty for allegedly releasing polluted water from its David City, Nebraska, egg processing plant. The penalty is part of an agreement reached Tuesday between the Omaha-ba ... (Omaha World Herald)

Liberal super PAC attacks Trump's coronavirus response with ads in key battlegrounds

4 hrs ago - The liberal super PAC American Bridge is launching a new round of television, radio and digital ads in three battleground states aimed at weakening President Trump among key groups that supported his 2016 White House bid. The ads, which will run in ... (The Hill)

DeVos blasts school districts that hesitate at reopening

4 hrs ago - President Donald Trump in a ramped-up push to reopen schools vowed Tuesday to “put pressure” on reluctant governors, while Education Secretary Betsy DeVos blasted education leaders who won’t accept risk and “gave up and didn’t try” to launch summer i ... (Politico)

Teen survives 30 hours in US wilderness, hiding from gunman who killed father

6 hrs ago - 4:36pm Jul 8, 2020 A 15-year-old boy hid for more than 30 hours in a US forest after a gunman killed his father during an Independence Day trip. Two others were allegedly injured by the suspect, who was arrested on Saturday after a chase. His name ... (Associated Press)

Judge Blocks Montana Ballot Collection Law Challenged by Native American Tribes

6 hrs ago - July 7, 2020 (CN) — A Montana judge Tuesday blocked a state law that restricts who can collect ballots, finding it likely violates Native Americans’ right to vote. In a state where over 73% of voters cast ballots by mail, the Ballot Interference ... (Courthouse News Service)

Texas Set to Resume Executions After Delay During Pandemic

6 hrs ago - BY JUAN A. LOZANO / AP JULY 8, 2020 1:18 AM EDT (HOUSTON) — A Texas death row inmate condemned for fatally shooting an 82-year-old man nearly three decades ago was scheduled to die by lethal injection Wednesday, as the nation’s busiest death penalty ... (Time)

Schenectady officer put his knee on a man's head during an arrest, police chief says. An investigati

8 hrs ago - Schenectady officer put his knee on a man's head during an arrest, police chief says. An investigation is now underway By Elizabeth Joseph and Mirna Alsharif, CNN (CNN)A Schenectady police officer put his knee on a suspect's head during an arrest af ... (CNN)

Scientists warn of potential wave of COVID-linked brain damage

8 hrs ago - Scientists warn of potential wave of COVID-linked brain damage Kate Kelland July 7, 2020 LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists warned on Wednesday of a potential wave of coronavirus-related brain damage as new evidence suggested COVID-19 can lead to severe ... (Reuters)

Tucker Carlson ratchets up criticism of Duckworth, calls her a 'coward'

10 hrs ago - Fox News host Tucker Carlson escalated his criticism of Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) on Tuesday night, calling her a "coward" for refusing to come on his show without a public apology. The Fox News host said his show reached out to the Il ... (MSN)

Susan Collins signals she won't campaign against Biden

11 hrs ago - Republican Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) said she will not campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Collins said in an interview with The New York Times that she does not campaign against forme ... (The Hill)

Texas records more than 10,000 COVID-19 infections in one day

11 hrs ago - New cases in Texas topped 10,000 for the first time, rising by 5%, or 10,028, from Monday to 210,585. That exceeded the seven-day average daily increase of 3.9%. Sixty more people died, a 2.3% increase, versus an average 1.4% rise over the previous s ... (Boston Globe)

Joe Biden wins presidential primaries in New Jersey and Delaware

11 hrs ago - Former Vice President Joe Biden has won New Jersey’s mostly mail-in Democratic presidential primary and after his third run for the White House, Joe Biden has finally won a presidential primary in his home state. Biden, the last man standing from a ... (AP)

Malaysian palm oil giant hit with forced labor allegations

11 hrs ago - MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An anti-trafficking organization has filed a petition to ban the importation of palm oil produced by one of the world’s largest suppliers, saying it found evidence of child and forced labor on plantations that supply American food ... (AP)

Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized last month after injuring his head in a fall

13 hrs ago - Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suffered a fall at a Maryland country club last month that required an overnight stay in the hospital, a Supreme Court spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday night. The 65-year-old chief justice was taken by ambulance to a h ... (Washington Post)

Democrats hold $30 million ad advantage in battle for Senate control

13 hrs ago - Democrats in crucial Senate races across the country are swamping the airwaves with ads in the furious battle for control of the chamber, far outpacing Republican spending as their party grows more bullish about their prospects for retaking the major ... (CNN)

N.J. now wants travelers from 3 more states to quarantine for 14 days. Delaware is included.

13 hrs ago - With a key indicator of the contagion inching upward, New Jersey is now calling for people traveling from three more states -- including neighboring Delaware -- to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in the Garden State to protect against the ... (NJ.com)

Two Martinez residents charged with hate crime for defacing Black Lives Matter mural

14 hrs ago - Martinez, Calif. – Today, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office charged Nichole Anderson (42-years old Martinez resident) and David Nelson (53-years-old Martinez resident) with three misdemeanor counts, including a hate crime, for their ... (Martinez News-Gazette)

Increased demand leads to 'a new testing crisis' in some cities

14 hrs ago - The United States may have increased the number of coronavirus tests conducted daily, but numerous cities are continuing to face major issues keeping up with demand as new cases accelerate across the country. A new report in The New York Times delve ... (The Week)


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