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Archives: February 1, 2012

Term limits on Group Hosts?

FudgeReport has an interesting banner headine

Why Komen defunded Planned Parenthood

Ancient DNA holds clues to climate change adaptation

Not until every vote is counted will I take seriously any claim of a Romney win

Lavrov Avoids Clinton's Calls on Syria

Honestly, I think the GOP wants to lose this cycle and are really preparing for 2016

We will allow you to remain poor and sick....


The results are starting to come in. Follow FL goppers here:

Pet Rescuers Venture Into Japan's Exclusion Zone (photo gallery)

SB 810 (Single Payer Healthcare) Killed on the California Senate Floor

FL results..

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

If not for the panhandle Mitt would have won FL already

Head of Senate military panel says Romney clueless

Bob Beckel refuses to apologize to Allen West

Scott Walker’s Plutonomy: An Economy for the One Percent

Interesting info on Cayman Island and Swiss banks:

TYT: Gingrich To Students: 'Get A Job' (Who Paid For Newt's College?)

LAT Poll: South Pasadena police add armor to their fleet

Right or wrong aside, burning a flag is a TERRIBLE way to protest.

Connections: The Chicago Transit Authority's YouTube channel........

The Iranian Debate: Right, Left or Middle the American public is totally inept even discussing Iran

They're in Love...

When GOPers accuse Obama of "taking $500bn out of Medicare (it's really insurance co subsidies)

Women Get Skills to Break Into Traditional Men’s Trades

What really happened to Seamus?"URGENT CRATE-GATE UPDATE: Did Mitt Romney Lie About Fate of Seamus?"

Why do people defend the actions of infiltrators?

Republican Chided Over Blog Says He Won’t Run for Senate

Ron Paul's Voting Record

REVEALED: My Jury Blacklist

Evidence of overt Chinese discrimination against Tibetans in the job market

just wondering if anyone has ever recieved a jury notice on their own post??

Twitter Feed White Girl Problems Becomes a Book

A letter from a former slave to his former master

Many pug primaries this year are WTA-Threshold

Holeeey Shit on a shingle! I turn on the TV and Mitt's 20 points ahead!

Gingrich winning the northern FL redneck counties.

OCCUPY Tacoma Likely Eviction Soon....

The Republican Commentator on MSNBC seems so sane compared to others --

Why are the Republicans throwing the election to Obama? What is going to happen in 2013? 2014?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Letter from freed slave to former master draws attention

Republicans Start To Unite Around Call To Allow Billionaires And [Corps] To Directly Fund Campaigns

2016: Who would you like to see running for the Dem Presidential nomination and why!

Government Treats Working People With Basic Dignity, Conservatives Freak Out

He won by a Dresden bombing of his opponent

Romney Wins Florida Primary

U.S. Plans Charges on Bond Fraud

Romney Wins Florida Primary, Regaining Momentum

If the 99% are dumb enough to get all emo over this flag flap (pun)

A Dog Scared to Death of Everyone Just Needed a Hug - The Most Beautiful Video

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Blows Out Gingrich In Florida

"Party before principles " is the same as "flag before meaning of flag"

NetFlix Streaming Service Announces "We'll Offer No More New Films"

What was High School like for you.

ABC News PAC report - look who is on the front page ..... but ABC offers no hard number as to why

Santorum's CO Speech To Highlight Similarities Between Romney, Obama Health Care Plans

An Iraq Vet's Journey From Wall Street to OWS

Bunny thinks it's a sheepdog

So, more people voted against Willard than for him, and yet he's a winner

Adios Austerity! E.U. Admits Right Wing Policy Of Punishing The Poor Has Failed

Keiser Report: Starving the Economy

Live from the Right Wing Bizzarro World: "We've been too nice"

Newt sued for using "Eye Of The Tiger"

@ Drinking Liberally in Philly.

Mossad chief in Washington for Iran talks: media

It's been a week or so since I posted this video. - - - > Boogie Woogie

Cool!! I have Current TV!!!

"The fact that there's a brother in the White House is just so unsettling to so many people."

OMG, there's a Sarah Palin HBO movie coming out in March

Just launched the platform for my book. Need critique.

Nice. Ann Romney treats the crowd like a kindergarten class.

I wonder if Ann Romney has to work hard at being so fucking annoying, or if it comes naturally

Mitts got a case of the dry mouths...tried to eek out some tears but they wouldn't come

You heathens in the lounge need some explanation.

View From Newt HQ: About That Virginia Problem...

mittens dumping on PrezO now; DAMN.

Mitt "Antlers the Call" and buck ups to victory in Florida.

A Cardinal & a Red-eared Slider & Undercover & Hunters & Happy Crane Flies (Pic heavy)

Komen pro-death* VP promised to defund Planned Parenthood

In the 2008 (D) primaries the media droned on and on about working class white voters

You heathens in the lounge need some perspiration.

Tell Obama To Stop the Wolf Slaughter in Idaho

"52 images of Osama bin Laden that could make one's stomach churn" may be released

How much did Mitt Romney spend in Florida

46 States To Go - pic

If Europe is so terrible, why did Mittens keep his money there?

Obama Touts US Auto Industry Recovery at D.C. Auto Show

Toles Toon: Self Deportation not Working!

Walker E-Mail = Cover-Up?!

Ann Romney's dad was an ATHEIST!! (Mitt converted him to LDS after he died)

Romney is completely and totally full of Mitt.

Amazon’s Sales Miss Estimates, Profit Drops 57%

Mittens' closed-mouth smile makes him look like a goofy sitcom character. His open smile is wolfish.

Agents Provocateur

Seen on the side of the road in Austin, TX.

Is it just me or does mitten seem like he would rather be doing anything but running for POTUS?

Amazon book delivered by the post office, but not there.

Can anyone tell me....Is this link to the Komen site?

You heathens in the lounge need some calibration.

Romney wins Florida, Freepers SURRENDER. "Four More Years is a certainty now." SURRENDER MONKEYS!

If it's 60 degrees F, it must be spring ... or not

Hormuz-Mania: Why Closure of the Strait of Hormuz Could Ignite a War and a Global Depression

Santorum's kid is doing better...very happy to hear

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The most awesome video you will ever see of a washing machine tearing itself apart

"Mitt Romney speaks French"

Sears shares fall on news that CIT will again stop providing loans

grinch speaking, if you can stand it.

Fundraising: Obama, Democrats - $68 million; Romney - $24 million; Rove - $51 million

The Los Angeles Times has a great county by county map..

Newty is just a nasty ASS

GOP Said they Need 2 Million Votes to Show their People are excited in FL

Luckovich Toon - The projected winner in Florida

How NYPD's (Blatent Racially Profiling) "Stop and Frisk" Policy Ensnares 600,000 a Year...

Conservatives say they just want their side of the story told.

Gingrich's daughter looks

(Blackwater) Controversial contractors paid $2.4M by Canadian Forces

For a loser, Gingrich gives an oddly victorious speech. n/t

Funniest photography thread I've ever seen...

Newt is a commie!

NewT reminds me of a monkey jacking off in the zoo.

The New Land Rush

"Thank you for making me a human being." Geswanouth Slahoot as Old Lodge Skins

Why is medical reform so offensive to conservatives?

Newton needs this

DNC Chair Responds To Romney Win

Get The FUCK Off Stage Newton

Loud, arrogant, blovating loser,

Okay, I'll state the obvious.

I can't stomach watching Mitt Romney more than 42 seconds.

Newt reminds me of Khrushchev.

State controller: California is running out of cash

You heathens in the lounge need some sal(i)vation.

Now, Newt will go from ballistic to thermonuclear. This will be ugly.

is it just me, or is Gingrich kind of demagogue-y?

(Oakland, CA) Occupy arrestees being arraigned today

Keep your body still Keep your body still

FCC Approves Changes to Phone-Subsidy Program

Just tell me what exactly has the "Obama Camp" done to "Roman Catholics"

Openly gay NJ Supreme Court nominee would recuse himself from marriage equality decision


One more ReTHUG nutter coming up


House of Dark Shadows on TCM tonight! SQUEEEEEE!!!

Vanity Fair: The Dark Side of Mitt Romney

Why does Ron Paul remind me of Magneto?

Barnes and Noble Announces it will stock no books printed by Amazon.

Why is it assumed the Bush era tax cuts will be extended in December?

So Frothy is third again and Paul is just going to sweep the country (any time now).

You heathens in the lounge need some libation(s)

The Cost Of The War On Drugs

Freepers are wringing their hands tonight

Could someone fall on their sword and see how Freeperville is taking the Romney win in Florida?

McDonald's drops use of gooey ammonia-based 'pink slime' in hamburger meat

Indiana House approves costly plan to drug test welfare recipients (HB1007)

Ron Paul much easier to listen to than grinch or mittens, imo.

Fund-Raising Reports Help Fill In Details Behind G.O.P. Tumult

U.N. Watchdog Tentatively Backs Japan’s Nuclear Stress Tests

Romney doesn't have to scare us -- it's just a matter of getting out the vote

This Is What Happens When Lesbians Get Elected To Office

Silly but fun: Shaun the Sheep

Iran increasingly willing to launch US attack, top intelligence official warns

Chilling tape from Air Force One on day JFK shot

O’Reilly, Hannity, Colmes, and Cavuto - on October 7, 1996, the FIRST DAY of Fox News.

What did we learn tonight?

If your worried about your home, what the hell is Mitt Romney going to do about it?

Study: Segregation in U.S. on decline, but disparities persist

Why burning the earth matters

U.S. lawmakers to press Obama on China auto parts

John King had a graph up that showed nationally Romney and Gingrinch were tied for support.

Merkel to court Chinese investors

Fox News: Romney wins but Newt leads with 46% of conservatives. Romney only 11%.

DEMOCRACY NOW - Syrian Activist Speaks From Hiding

The phrase of the day is "The drums of tyranny" (Freeper special) Modify any thread to include this

Who is favored in the Super Bowl this year?

what do you fear most from a Romney presidency (an unlikely possibility, granted)?

Former Boehner staffer on Mitt: He's wildly ambitious, willing to lie, an uncharismatic plutocrat

Alan Grayson: GOP Race Will Do 'Lasting Damage' To Party

2008 Republican voter turnout in Florida: 1.95MM people

A link to a remarkable thread in GD

Pro "Gun Control" supporters....How are you going to stop 100,000 handguns from being stolen....


I love Al...

That "matter of fact" tone. That "self assured certitude" of Newton and his fanboys

Romney, like McCain, won't win the presidency...

Idiot on MSNBC just said AA's have no role models

Listening to Reince Priebus (RNC Chairman) on Rachel and ...

After TV cameras leave, Romney PAC discloses $18 million

What is your go to comfort meal?

Newt is great at saying shit the right wing loves. He is insane but knows how to deliver.....

MN. Senior Legal Issues And Sad State Of Our Health Care

Tucson is looking up!

Florida GOP Turnout Actually Fell From 2008

Thank You God......

Freepers are revolting! (ha) Check out this post:

Please Help! Important!

What do you know about surfing, major? You're from goddamn New Jersey.

John ELLIS: Big Media Is About To Pull the Plug on Gingrich

Romney Gets Secret Service Detail

For those who get Current TV Gov. Brown will...

AP headline: "Women abandon Gingrich....

Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Discovered in All Urine Samples Tested

You heathens in the lounge need some discipline.

Iran Terrorist Attack! Help!

I think the greatest page should have it's own tab!!

ring of fire - maybe a possible meet up in Albuquerque?

We are ALL job creators!

Now I know why Santorum is staying in the race

Comparing Republican Florida primary results: 2008 vs. 2012

Exxon stiffs Alaska for the last of Valdez cleanup bill - equal to 1/500 of 2011 profits

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 Shut Down for a Possible Leak

Suzanne Bonamici (D) wins special election for Oregon's 1st Congressional District

Anyone else have difficulties posting links to URLs with spaces in them?

Pres Barack Obama says: You can't beat daughters..............

The American people are on to this bullshit

There is no joy in Freepville, mighty RimJob has struck out.

Can we not offer these kids a safe haven?

newt gets a spanking

Teachers Offer the Wealthy an Escape from Poverty 0digg

OWS: Not the flag but the occupation of buildings

Why OWS Needs to Denounce Violent Tactics on Display at Occupy Oakland

Sweatshops on Wheels: Durham School Bus Drivers Organizing With Teamsters

Sweatshops on Wheels: Durham School Bus Drivers Organizing With Teamsters

newts down and out

You heathens in the lounge need some radiation.

So I'm watching what I thought was a movie called

The European Super Highway of Debt (mind boggling graphics)

Mitt's tax returns back to at least 1985 were 'out there'

Fewer voted in Florida GOP 2012 primary than either party's 2008 primary.

TYT Obama ignores YouTube Marijuana Legalization Question

Republicans Unite Around Call To Allow Billionaires And Corporations To Directly Fund Campaigns

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 2 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Mexico

Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 3 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- India

MUST WATCH -- Chris Matthews: Mitt Romney Is "One Of The Bad Guys"

Waltz and all: Far right has ball in Vienna

Captain Sisko fails Breathalyzer test: STDS9's Avery Brooks popped for DUI

RCMP scraps Arizona training

Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown (video)

state by state featuring alaska

Most you have walked, hiked in a day. I once had a job at a teahouse. I woke

Cops break up Occupy Miami camp

Greetings from Occupy Fairbanks

Jon Stewart On Romney Singing To Elderly Voters: Everyone Pressed Their Life Alert™ Buttons At Once

The Writing Show podcast featuring Joseph Salemi - poets may find this of interest

Women and Latinos abandon Gingrich in Florida

Cannabis Science Research Co. (Robert Melamedes) promotes cancer-curing cannabis claims

Which pack?

Activists Call for Food Safety Czar's Ouster

It's time for Israel to separate religion and state

Hudson, Keiser on 2012 Imperialism

related to the topic of transparent "my posts" or a better search function

Dogs Against Romney Super Pack

state by state speak your mind about.....arizona

Decaffeinated coffee preserves memory function by improving brain energy metabolism

I have a friend who has fibroids and has decided to have a hysterectomy

Dems Win Special Congressional Election In Oregon

Baby names

Top officials weren't behind botched gun probe, Democrats say

Prosecutors ask for out-of-county jury in Sandusky case

Senate studies delays in federal retirees’ annuity payments

Obama proposes boosts for small businesses

After Obama’s remarks on drones, White House rebuffs security questions

New job in November, healthcare day 1, and I'm back to buying meds from Canada

Elizabeth Warren Turns The IBM Stock Hit Job On Her Into A Total Fail

So here's a problem (IMO). I just participated on a jury for a religion post in GD.

Grifterella armchair quarterbacks Romney's FL win: "a lot of darts and arrows"

Romney and his super PAC spent $19.94 per vote in Florida

Newt Gingrich Outraged Over Amy Goodman's Tough Questions in 1995 Over GOP's 'War on Women'

Leave isolated Amazon natives alone, Peru says

Leave isolated Amazon natives alone, Peru says

Colombia and Ecuador agree to jointly develop geothermal energy

Worth entering GD for:

White House: Your Interview with the President - 2012

Mashco-Piro 'uncontacted' Peruvian tribe pictured

Well, I've arrived...

Julian Assange enters final stage of extradition battle

Let's have some fun with meme pics. FUCK IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!!

PayPal co-founders fund pro-Paul Super PAC

okay, I need a drink--a BIG one

A little hiking to warm the winter woes...

Taliban will rule Afghanistan again, says leaked US military report

E-mail: Air marshals perceive discrimination, study will show

Scientists puzzled by region outside solar system

What gives your life value?

UVM to end Coca-Cola contract, ban sale of bottled water

Drunk drivers: Congress gets behind breath-test ignition devices

White House Chef Says Obamas Eat Seasonal.

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday ~ February 1st!

Wind power station planned in place of nuclear plant in Wakayama town (Japan)

More Woes for Officials at Mortuary for Military

Antiques and Collecting Newsletter Feb. 2012

Rights group says Philippine military may be protecting fugitive general accused of kidnapping

Environment minister apologizes to Minamata disease sufferers

'Sarahsaurus' discovery shows opportunistic nature of dinosaurs

New Job after State: STARFLEET?

How I feel about the Flag thing.

Anyone (like me) still in the 20th Century writing COBOL?

Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection

Letter from freed slave to former master draws attention

PHOTO: Mitt Romney & Barack Obama--notice the difference?

Some people are getting all bent out of shape with the large amount of money

Science decodes 'internal voices'

Here is where I write a post addressing the horrible actions of the flag burners with nuance...

Self-steering bullet researched by US weapons experts

Exclusive: U.S. accuses China of instigating plot against DuPont

Zombie Newt Gingrich

my daughter-in-law is having brain surgery today.

Attacks by Afghans on US troops often personal

Phone-hacking scandal: Mulcaire loses evidence appeal

Four men admit London Stock Exchange bomb plot

Komen Cuts Planned Parenthood Grants Months After Arrival Of New VP, Who Is Abortion Foe

The real Mona Lisa? Prado museum finds Leonardo da Vinci pupil's take

Are you kidding me? Newt for President ads on DU WTF????

Gingrich won about 90% of the northern counties in Florida.. many with large margins.

Christie doubles down on 'numbnuts' comment: His late mother used that term.

G.O.P. Donors Showing Thirst to Top Obama

Syrians Face Crackdown With Creativity, Humor

1,669,462 votes cast in 2012 Florida Republican primary. Party officials were expecting two million.

Birth control pills recalled, may not prevent pregnancy

*Hugh sigh of relief* I'm Not Related to Mitt Romney

Any suggestions for a free way to creat PDFs?

Republicans' 'last stand against ongoing racial, religious, cultural and sexual upheaval'

Mitt steps in it again. "I'm not concerned about the very poor. They have a safety net."

Oh my God please do not eat this By Mark Morford

A is for

Taliban deny reports of talk with Afghan officials

Need someone to critique my website.

12 Occupy Oakland protesters charged in weekend confrontation

Generous boss gives staff a $15 million bonus

Think like a Fox News "journalist": Why Obama has no mandate despite winning 2nd term.

Latinos won't forget Romney's 'anti-immigrant' talk

6 Shocking Ways Capitalism Is Failing Working America

Taliban Poised To Retake Afghanistan With Help Of Pakistan, Leaked Nato Report Concludes

U.S. Military Toxins: The Gift That Keeps on Killing

Focus on Iran and China Could Hasten American Decline

Hormuz-Mania: Why Closure of the Strait of Hormuz Could Ignite a War and a Global Depression

Has 'whiteness studies' run its course at colleges?

GOP should stick a fork in it

Who says raising boys is easier?

S&P Warns of Cuts; Another US Downgrade Coming?

Worst place to lose your job: Florida

Watchdog: Auto insurers overcharging the poor

American Spectator: ....Romney is a corny businessman....

Stephen Colbert: $uper PAC-man: $1,023,121.24 worth of donations as of today.

Greece Prime Minister Calls "Crisis Meeting" Attacks EU, IMF; Does Germany Want a Deal?

EU blocks Deutsche Boerse-NYSE Euronext deal

U.N. Security Council at standstill on Syria, reports of deaths rise

TPM: Apathymentum? Florida GOP Turnout Actually Fell From 2008

About that flag burning business & acts of violence by Occupiers--

social justice quiz 2012: 13 questions

ECB under pressure to take haircut

Fla. Rep. Allen West (R--Crazy Town), a great warrior in the tradition of Sir Robin.

Paying for Cancer Treatment for Children in America with a Car Wash, Bake Sale and Fish Fry

It all started with Reagan

You’ll Download Physical Objects Sooner Than You Think

Crossroads GPS (Karl Rove) is up with ads against Obama *Sacramento*

Obama’s Google Hangout Wins Over Republican Questioner

Because you can never have enough Rude Pundit..

Boys need encouragement to be scientists - what do you think?

80 Percent of Chicken Growers Never Sanitize Poop-Filled Crates

Clergy rally for Md. same-sex marriage bill

Tens of thousands cut from PA. Medical Assistance, Many Don't Even Know It

Health insurer Aetna's 4Q profit jumps 73 percent

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Bye Bye Florida

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More election toons

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-Still more reaction to Florida

South Africa: Four men get 18 years for killing lesbian

Interesting Mother Jones piece on Occupy, the Black Panthers and the Oakland Police

Christie Apologizes After Civil-Rights Remarks Turn Into Weapon for Foes

Occupy and the police now talking;

Political Therapy The art of mass disassociation.

What constitutes desecrating the flag is a matter of opinion

House bill to extend payroll cuts will limit FCC ability to give more bandwidth to Wi-Fi

Mitt Romney: 'I'm not concerned with the very poor'

"Ask 'em to show you one revolution that turned out to be what it promised, militantly."

Anti-Competitive Wireless Measures Buried in Payroll Tax

Alabama candidates vow: 'Impeach Obama'

Congressman John Lewis on Marriage Equality

Burning The US Flag Is Akin to Displaying the Confederate Flag

Pat Burrell selling Scottsdale home for $3.7 million dollars...

I noticed that with the corporate media calling this election

Kerry fighting House Provision that will limit the FCC's ability to give unlicensed

Submitted for your approval... The GOP is NOT conservative. Hasn't been for a long time.

Business , Buildings and Art..... Making the community beter

We the People petition @ (re: Hydraulic Hydrofracturing)

In Same-Sex Marriage Testimony, O'Malley Balances Religious Freedom, Civil Rights

BRILLIANT - Democratic Response To Romney Win!

Use One Word To Describe Newt Gingrich And His Flailing Campaign

Ariz. police sergeant in Obama photo flap reassigned

Florida GOP Turnout Actually Fell (15%) From 2008

Black History Month: Selma-to-Montgomery Marches

London riots: Teen first to be charged with 'riot' offence

Colorado Republican faces questions after claiming immunity during a DUI stop

Drumbeat: February 1, 2012

Drumbeat: February 1, 2012

Has anyone ever made and/or installed interior storm windows? Any advice?

Malaysia: Rare Earth Metal Refinery Nears Approval

Romney: 'I'm not concerned about the very poor'

Bill Gross: Low Rates Signaling Birth of Austerity

Pentagon Report: Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO pullout

Gazprom can't meet all requests for gas-source

If you missed Al Sharpton's takedown of pissant Rick Tyler....

Petrobras Shuts Fifth Most Productive Well After Accident

Exxon Setback as Shale-Gas Wells Fail in Poland

'Soul Train' creator Don Cornelius dead in apparent suicide

USE YOUR VOICE!! Contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation!!!

'Soul Train' creator Don Cornelius found dead

Amazing video shows bio-engineered 'bulletproof' human skin reinforced with spider silk

Train in Vain: new DOT regs to improve mass transit evaluations

Big Kansas City Organizing Win—First at GE in 10 Years (after seeing a co-worker die)

Indiana Senate passes bill putting religion in science class

I will Single-handedly destroy the Occupy movement!

Biden: ‘bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive’

Indiana Senate passes bill putting religion in science class

Repugs, WWII did not get us out of the Depression

It really doesn't matter whether people approve of OWS

Alaskan volcano could erupt, disrupt international air travel

If (God forbid) Mitt Romney wins the Presidency...?

EU summit agrees to German plan for austerity straitjacket

Rick Santorum 'Bad Lip Reading'

EU blocks "near-monopoly" of D.Boerse-NYSE merger

Maybe Susan Komen is trying to make a profit by defunding Planned Parenthood.

Peace and Soul: RIP Don. He's riding the Sooooooul TRAIN out.

Portugal Bears Brunt of Greek Contagion

Request from a "sacrifice zone" (PA).

BREAKING: Mormon Mitt Romney CONVERTED To Sikhism

Nate Silver: Romney Wins, but Turnout Lags

President Obama Taps Foo Fighters for Fundraising Concert

FBI apologizes to Fitchburg woman after using a chainsaw on her front door.

Scientists close to entering Vostok, Antarctica’s biggest subglacial lake

"...cancer doesn't care if you're pro-choice, anti-choice, progressive, conservative."

Is Chicago really planning on detaining anyone who records protestor arrests at the G-8 summit?

Perspective for Apple Haters, re: Foxconn/Boycott. Tweeted by Steven Fry...

Julian Assange extradition breaches legal principle, lawyer claims

Rival Libya militias fight gunbattle in capital

Heeeeeere's Newtie...


Reuters: Analysis: Financial titans rally to Romney's cause

Chrysler earns first annual profit in more than a decade

USMC kisses goodbye to BCGs

Phone hacking: IT 'deleted Murdoch hacking email'

A Journey To The End Of Empire: It Is Always Darkest Right Before It Goes Completely Black

Romney vs. Jesus

The economic impact of National Parks

Romney in Eagan today at 1 pm

The Right's Obsession with Saul Alinsky is taking a sinister turn.

Rasmussen, 2/1: Obama 47% Romney 43%, Obama 50% Gingrich 38%

(Stephen) Harper's Border Deal Expands the National Security State

retirees occupy century aluminum

Vietnam, U.S. Clothiers Sued in Grim Overseas Labor Complaint

Class Sues MetLife Over 'Death Master File'

Health Care Reform Was The Tea Party’s First Defeat

Planned Parenthood and DU Valentine Hearts

Michelle Obama 'Tonight Show' Appearance: First Lady Says President 'Sings To Me All The Time'

Went on line to get W2.

Scottish opposition leaders back equal marriage

Old-Line Republicans Unite in Gingrich Hatred: Margaret Carlson

Michelle Obama: The President 'Sings To Me All The Time'

Romney Team Silent On Key Offshore Tax Avoidance Question

Scorching Complaint Against SF Police (bribing witnesses, etc

is anonymous our future?

Rick Perry's campaign fell hard and fast in 2012

Police: Bank robber wanted dentures

Mittens: 'I'm not concerned about the very poor' yes, he really said it!

Don Cornelius Dead Apparent Suicide

Earliest copy of Mona Lisa found in Prado

Vendor Claims eBay Plays Dirty

OM living G. The Rethug folks in Central Florida

American Airlines May Cut up to 15,000 Jobs

If you Contact the Komen Organization

When Romney loses in November, I REALLY hope he sings "America The Beautiful" during his concession

Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Indestructible Plastic

Mitt's google problem

A serious question?

Jared Berstein: Inequality, the Middle Class, and Growth

No matter if it's Mittens or Newt... heed the sage wisdom of Han Solo...

CIA Agent Charged With Espionage Act by Justice Department (TYT)

Senate Tuesday group has bipartisan energy legislation in its sights

Atheist Billboard Targets African Americans

Romney's Dog Problem Deepens

Snooki is pregnant

Don Cornelius is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Why Flag-Burning Bodes Ill for OWS


Republican multiple choice Primary....

4 of 5 new appointees to Small Business Regulatory Review Board donated to Walker campaign

Along with "Corporations are people." Romney's already lost.

Theocracy on the move in Indiana

@ POTUS, Don't say "I am a lawyer"


more innocent unarmed kids held at gunpoint for the police.

This Romney Quote Will Make Your Head Hurt

I need a new computer, and am depressed at my options.

Tesla Motors Model S Options and Pricing

Don Cornelius, Creator of Soul Train, Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot

It's strange but I think I dislike Romney even more than Gingrich

"We will hear from the Democrat Party on the plight of the very poor. That is not my focus."

President Obama looks pretty damn tired

Romney, Florida's Psycho-Killer Superhero of Cash ('Tom Paine Would Have Spit In His Face')

Thom Hartmann: Are voters choosing candidates -- or special interest groups?

Christian Women Taking Back 'Feminism'

Thom Hartmann: The Buffet Rule Bill Battle Begins!

Ultimate Fantasy of the Romney Family Dog

It's always just-me, but do the first 2 "flick"s in "Wizard of Id" toon look like the F-bomb?!1

Climate Scientists Rebuke Rupert Murdoch: WSJ Denier Op-Ed Like ‘Dentists Practicing Cardiology’

If Mitt gets asked about Seamus (family dog on roof of car) at a debate, predict his answer......

Washington state Senate poised to OK gay marriage/chicago Tribune

Bam Hits Mitt for “Rock Bottom”

Indiana poised for right-to-work era; protest planned

Star Conflict - Space MMO - PC - Beta Sign Ups

RIM/Blackberry embracing insanity in its final waning days.

Oh, SURE. George W. and Jeb get along GREAT now. When they were kids it was a different matter.

Choice in Medicare is Stronger than Ever in 2012

China quietly shelves new diesel emission standards

Russia says will veto "unacceptable" Syria resolution

President's motorcade just went by my office.

Romney: ‘I’m Not Concerned With The Very Poor’

Let's do a Mittster quickie recap:

Elementary teacher arrested after photos show children blindfolded, taped

state by state arizona

Group suing to block Christo's "Over the River"

ACLU: Congress Stood Up for Fairer Sentencing. The Supreme Court Should Too.

62% of California Voters Support Regulating Cannabis like Wine

ok, so what's with frivolous alerts?

At Oakland City Hall - A Three Minute Video

Thank you, Occupy.

AlterNet: Also on Komen's board is chairman of Susan B. Anthony List PAC

It's going to get really ugly. I hate to see politicians crucified. Even Mormons.


I Had Asperger Syndrome. Briefly.

Don Cornelius, 1936-2012

ROMNEY Does NOT Care About 49-MILLION Americans!

Idea to end criticism of Apple, and put it where it belongs (i.e., everywhere except Apple)


Construction Spending in U.S. Climbs Most in Four Months in Stability Sign

On the topic of politics....

16 States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana..


Egypt's "war on democracy" threatens U.S.-ties

Last night I dreamed there were tigers in my back yard.

French lawmakers seek rejection of genocide law

Obama calls for $5-10 billion for home refinancing

Alerter and Jury Reading Comprehension FAIL..Erick Erickson is a Fucking Idiot.

Ohio Poll: Obama Ahead As Romney Stumbles-Obama Taking Control In Key Swing State

Just wanted to say, i like the "My posts" feature -

GD is burning!

With Its Deadly Drones, the US is Fighting a Coward's War

How NASA Solved a $100 Million Problem for Five Bucks


'Remorseless' killers get 18 years for murdering gay woman

WOW!! MITT Romney is OFFICIALLY a bigger apathetic asshole than Bush

Rick Santorum, all disabled people deserve the care your daughter gets

GOP bill will keep welfare recipients from accessing benefits at strip clubs, casinos & liquor store

Sen. Whitehouse introduces 'Buffett rule' tax plan

Colorado Republican granted immunity during a DUI stop!

Conviction Stands Against Palin Hacker

Charles Taylor's last bid to fight war crimes charges

Wells Fargo, Greenberg Traurig Aided and Abetted Ponzi Scam, Investor Says

Rhino poachers sentenced to 25 years in prison

Ohio Poll (PPP): Obama Ahead As Romney Stumbles

Homebuyer Can Hold Freddie's Feet to the Fire

Thom Hartmann: Population & Energy - Is Mankind's Darkest Hour Here?

Gay Legislator Will Run for Giffords' Seat

News Alert....Vulnerable Species Disappearing In Florida

Partial mastectomy often followed by second surgery

On the Verge: Washington Senate Votes Today on Marriage

Got selected for jury duty and the post I was supposed to adjudicate

Family identifies SM police officer killed during arrest attempt

New Hampshire Governor Pledges To Veto Repeal Of Same-Sex Marriage In State Address

A question about the New DU

Romney's "poor" comment wasn't a gaffe

Has anyone here tried glucomannan?

Romney Appeals To Hispanic Voters For Return Of Watch He Left On Dresser

Russia to Veto Syria Arms Embargo

BACKGROUND: Syria plays key role in Middle East (Monsters & Critics)

Ed Schultz:President Obama is Vulnerable

Foods of Downton Abbey

Siegelman I'm filing what may be my last petition with the United States Supreme Court February 1st.

The reason why Progressive can't make progress in the United States can be summed up by

Mark Halperin is a dick

16 States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana..

Slate: Mitt Romney Praises Safety Net He Wants To Shred

Have ya'll discovered Chocolate Covered Katie?

Found this book in the science section of a local bookstore...

China looks both ways on Iranian oil

House Republicans Order Journalists Arrested at Public Hearing.

You heathens in the Lounge need some maturation.

Why I'm Not Worried About Mitt Romney

Obama's Mass Refinancing Plan Could Boost the Economy

Arizona Brewer Is A Racist And a Bigot And Anti Worker.

Creature Features. Post a pic of a Feature Creature.

Roger Ailes runs Fox News "just like Jesus would":

THINK Before you Pink. NYT 1993: Matuschka's photo of herself jumpstarted breast cancer movement.

A flag burning in Oakland

Needs to some great TV ads re Romney not concerned about the Poor and Obama is concerned...

Dogs against Romney - A Super PACK!

WOOT!!!!!! There will be a Heart Thingy this year!!!!!!!1 :)

Did you see the Pic of the Moment today?

Josh Fox (Gasland) led away in handcuffs from hearing

Report: Fewer than one in three California voters registered as Republican

The Buffett Rule (The Paying a Fair Share Act introduced)

Visiting German Minister Says German Upgrades Palestinian Diplomatic Representation In Berlin

Gringrich wants to live on the moon (Live Funny or Die.)

Iran now may support attacks in U.S., official says

Jailed for marching/Reflections on #j28

Reason Number 942 why Tracy Morgan is an Asshole

Thom Hartmann: Did the foreclosure crisis target minorities?

Don't like Apple? Use Samsung as an alternative.

Sometimes even art fails

Group Urges Credible U.S. Military Threat To Iran

DU Album of the Day: Green Day - "Dookie"

Last night I dreamt that I put my pet tigers in someone elses backyard

you're 'concerned' about flag burning -- this is what you should be 'concerned' about

Keeeeeeerist, this is my county's school board.

New Slowpoke Toon: "It's The System, Stupid."

I must have caught something from one of my patients. I'm sicker than a dog.

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." --Elie Wiesel nt

2 students may be expelled over inhaler.


NYT: firing of undocumented workers "a consuming debate over what it means to be a liberal college"

I haven't been here in a while.

Just heard on MSNBC: "If Joe Biden is a gaffe machine what is Mitt Romney?"

Rep. Barbara Lee on Voting Rights

Here's another example of a misplaced alert.

Iran developing nuclear weapon disguised as rainbows

Should jury members have smilies to add emphasis to explanations? I say yes.

Ex-Marine Re-Occupies His Own Foreclosed Home in Fight Against Freddie Mac, JPMorgan Chase

For WolverineDG

Yay! Hearts are coming! and for a good cause!

NYT Column: I Had Asperger Syndrome. Briefly.

You heathens in the Lounge need some mental masturbation.

New Hampshire Governor Pledges To Veto Repeal Of Same-Sex Marriage In State Address

"Occupy Koch Town, Wichita, KS -- February 17 - 19, 2012"

ACLU sues to force release of drone attack records

Great source of FREE Social History books.

"Occupy Koch Town, Wichita, KS" -- February 17 - 19, 2012

Art by Animals @ the Grant Museum of Zoology (first ever multi-species art exhibition) story w/pics

So! "Help & Meta-discussion" has nothing to do with sore feet.

Video of America's Longest Married Couple

Check With Climate Scientists for Views on Climate

NO Parasites for President

Then they came for the journalists...

Occupy Oakland mass arrest attempt caught on video

Super Pacs report donors for 2011

Something cool for the exhaust...

One of the best letters EVER! It's written by a slave to his former master.

Who Is Behind Susan G. Komen's Split From Planned Parenthood?

First Lady Michelle Obama promotes healthy food in California - pics

Question about Monthly Donations.

How respectable is a degree in Theology?

Indiana passes last major legislative hurdle towards 'Right-to-Work'

War on an 'If': 'Iran threat a tool of regime change'

Egypt: 'At least 73' killed in Egypt football violence

Do debates really matter?

Calls to stop Syria 'killing machine' as Russia slams sanctions

Kermit, Miss Piggy rip into Fox over claims of anti-oil, liberal Muppet messages

The Climate Change-free world of the Wall Street Journal

FLAG: There's an overlap, whether one chooses to see it or not...

Indefinite detention and torture: NDAA in action

Jobville Employment Agency

The Tyrant

Cat eyes - pic

Obama Campaign Jumps on Romney Comments on ‘the Very Poor’

Hostess, Bankrupt Maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, Pushes Major Concessions on Unions

Is this a picture of a violent person? Should this poisin any compassion for them?

House GOP Gives Its Base a Lap Dance

"Thank you for cutting off funding to cancer screening programs in order to prove you are pro-life"

Western imperialism’s war-mongering against Iran: End imperialist aggression and sanctions!

American Airlines to cut 13,000 jobs

Americans to rally against war with Iran

Despite Drop After Criticism Spurs NYPD Order, Pot Arrests Still Top 50K In 2011

'Gasland' Journalists Arrested At Hearing By Order Of House Republicans (UPDATES)

mental health budget cuts in maryland are crazy


The big news: President Romney is going to fix our broken social safety net.

Indiana joins right-to-work ranks, gov. signs bill

BWAHAHA! Jim DeMint calls on Romney to "reframe" his "I'm not concerned about the very poor" remarks

Hi! I'm a dream tiger. Stop moving me from yard to yard!

Watch Mitt Romney's Hair Sparkle After He Is Glittered In Minnesota

Leslie Carter, Nick and Aaron's Sister and Former E! Star, Dies at 25

When I see people wearing lots of crosses, I think:

Romney glitter bombed again

Prez Follows Through On Promise to Jennifer 'Do a little Jig' Wedel - Won't Promise Her Vote, Though

My oil change just cost me $800. Ask me anything except....

How could anyone vote for a known repeat Liar (Romney) for the Presidency?

Last night I dreamt that a lady in an Eagles jersey was sneaking through the alley with tiger cubs.

There was an armed home invasion across the street from my house two nights ago.

The slaughter of innocents.

More than 70 dead after pitch invasion in Egypt

You heathens in the lounge need to party like it's 1999

New Gulf of Mexico Shark Study Makes Surprising Discovery

People think Buddha is a god.

You heathens in the lounge need to get down on it!

I guess it is a stupid way to get your idea across... and it does tend to alienate people.

Argentina 'plotting Falklands economic blockade'

Question: What happens when someone accepts jury service and then never completes it?

Student Loans Company chief in tax row

Drifting to the Left! (an informal 45 second homage to Mitt Romney)

Everybody say hello to Bob Dylan. (pics)

Taking Liberties

My county Democratic Party is holding an event next month with Alan Grayson as guest speaker

Self deleted--posted in wrong forum

Mitt Romney is a tax cheat and America can't afford him any longer.

Polls: Newt leads among Tea Partiers, those who know Romney's real first name is Willard (nt)

Beware the Facebook Hype: Investors Encourage Company’s Insane IPO

Something to think abou.... WAIT A MINUTE!!

McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers

Portland treasure hunters on the verge of bringing up $3 billion in shipwreck loot

(Breaking) NYT: Panetta Says U.S. Plans To End Combat Role In Afghanistan In 2013 - updated

just received this in an email from Planned Parenthood:

Yuri Wright - Colorado gave this guy a scholarship?

Mike Lee (Grand Obstructionist Party) uses PAC to raise money off blocking Obama's nominees

Panetta: U.S., NATO will seek to end Afghan combat mission next year

I get it now! Turn the "Middle Class" into the "Very Poor," and everything is easier!!

MF Global Missing Money Mostly Found

So you want a pet Tiger - take the quiz!!!

"I Stand With Planned Parenthood"

New Yorker Cover

White House Proves GOP Wrong - Health Care Law Saved Medicare Money

Annular Solar Eclipse Map: Possible DU Meet-Up this May in Albuquerque N.M.!!!!!!

Romney misquoted Tom Paine in his victory speech

To My Old Master

Former Congress president convicted of paramilitary ties in Colombia

When violence is the answer ...

Former Congress president convicted of paramilitary ties in Colombia

"Watching A Hippie Protester Get Tased Just Makes My Day"

How Not to Take School Portraits

Michelle Obama fans- She will be on the Ellen show tomorrow

I'm not concerned about the very poor, either.

The President Has a Growing Marijuana Problem

Is my alert button broken?

Make IT Fair Rap Song (IT/Electronics Industry)

Update from Planned Parenthood...Good News..

And now for something completely different. Requires Flash Player.

Wolf Richter: Exodus from the Eurozone Debt Crisis

Rethinking Easter Island’s Collapse

PINK RIBBONS: Who really profits from pink ribbon campaigns?

"They all get free Health Care at the ER"

Teabag phony Allen West Cuts and Runs

KOMEN's Response, Completely Unsatisfactory!

Alabama State Senator Thinks Increasing Teacher Pay Goes Against A ‘Biblical Principle’

Milk producers begin radiation checks

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors--WHOA!

Are Koch brothers oil price hiking to pay for Wisconsin?

Gingrich Surrogate: Democrats abort black babies

This is as fun as "santorum" and a lot more child friendly -

Indiana becomes Rust Belt's first right-to-work state

The sun rises in the east: Wall Street bets big on Romney

I just charged a lady $800.00 for an oil change. She said it was worth every penny.

Creepy Pictures from Abandoned New York Leper Colony

an interesting addendum to The Komen Fiasco... a donator to Planned Parenthood.

Nobel Peace Prize committee under investigation for politicized selection of nominees

Honduras airport falls short on safety

If a friend at school gave my daughter prescription meds

New York prosecutors ask Twitter to reveal Occupy Wall Street man's tweets

I think I just found my new musical obsession.

Facebook files for $5 billion IPO

Corbett Pressures Legislators to Restrict Ability of Municipalities to Regulate Gas Operations

American Monetary Institute Events

Sh!t Lester & Charlie Says

Top Likud minister: Peace will not come by uprooting Jews from their homes

Erskine Bowles weighing bid for NC governor

My Daily Lie (The Oatmeal)

John Lennon on life.

Black Swan Theory and anti-nuclear sentiment

A Lullaby for a Lion

Mitt Romney's Super-Pac $$$$ Donors Revealed.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 February 2012

My jaw hurts.

Rick Steves: My Notes from a Drug Policy Reform Conference

Students plan to confront Gingrich, Romney in Nevada on military-only Dream Act

The plight of Kurds in Syria. Thousands of Kurds fled across the border to Iraq.

John Boehner: Time For Government To Stop Helping Homeowners

Disabled vet in same-sex marriage sues over denial of full benefits

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a virtual cross post feature?

This editorial just posted in Dallas Morning News Re: Komen

Is anyone else looking forward to Smash more than the Super Duper Bowl...

Fatah Says Children’s Blood Should Saturate “the Land of Palestine” (VIDEO)

how fast is 3gb compared to 10mbs broadband

Denver Komen Affiliate Will Continue Providing Grants To Planned Parenthood

You heathens in the lounge need to let it all hang out!

Saw a couple good ones recently: "Spooner" and "Day Zero".

In 10 years, I've never placed anyone in ignore. Someone tell me, what does it look like?

Newt is going to hold a "work session" and abolish "ObamaCare" before attending to his balls.

Loonie closes above parity

IN Dem Punks Repubs-Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism & Scientology Now In Curriculum

Promo for Watchmen Saturday Cartoon

"I'm not concerned about the very rich, they have their safety nets"

Mitt Romney's campaign using K'naan song 'Wave The Flag' at rallies and K'naan not happy about it

School Expulsion May Have Been Faith-Based

Is every rational worldview a naturalistic worldview?

Has anyone heard any news on spellcheck?..

Putin Concedes He May Not Win in 1st Round

Newt Gingrich: Brad Pitt Should Play ME - In My Movie

DEA investigates Montana state legislator for medical marijuana views

How many here will do like I do with the Super Bowl?

Do you demand privacy? - “Communities Against Terrorism” Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers

Romney: "I'm Not Concerned With the Very Poor"

3 states offer big tax breaks for Shell Oil plant

Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist who helped bankroll TPM, donates to Romney super PAC

Raleigh area DU meet up this Sat 6 PM. Let's finalize this soon...(thanks struggle4progress)

Sen. Sherrod Brown has sold his stocks, and wants colleagues to sell, too

Fasano booted off budget panel for fighting prison privatization

Journalists Arrested At Hearing By Order Of House Republicans

The Koch Brothers Pity Party

Gingrich Goes After Romney: The Founding Fathers Believed In Equal Opportunity For The Poor

Planned Parenthood sees fundraising spike after losing big supporter

Where is spell check now?

Al state Senator Thinks Increasing Teacher Pay Goes Against A ‘Biblical Principle’

"some people call you the elite, i call you my base"

Obama to visit WA State February 17th

Just made my second donation to the Obama campaign this year

NPR: Why Don Cornelius Matters

Dozens dead' hundreds injured after a football match in Egypt

Just got a new eCig

Man believes driver with foreign license plate is terrorist, calls 911 to check for bombs

The American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act

Rev al is tearing Romney a new one

What is your favourite Amy Winehouse song?

Statscan’s chief economic analyst quits

Why are the Wives of Repub Prez Candidates all Blonde?

What do you usually have for a quick breakfast? I'm on a new diet and I'm going to try

Martin Luther King, Jr. (with compatriots) take over a private building in Chicago in 1965.

Egypt: More than 70 killed in football violence

In honor of Don Cornelius -- Get on board The Soul Train

NYS 19th Congressional District

Scores dead in violence after Egyptian football match

What famous pilgrimages have you made around the world? I've been to Jim Morrison's grave. We didn't


What do you wish your pet could do? My cat is perfect except she isn't a huge snuggler. But I can

Former progressive, now anti-gay queen, Sam Arora takes name off marriage equality bill in Maryland

Observation: I think the mass/blanket bashing/implications of Christians as a whole in SOME posts...

Buffett Rule Bill

Don Cornelius, James Brown, AL SHARPTON (!!) interview (1974).

Cuba reports big increase in food prices

'Where Is the Uprising from the Left?'

Breaking on Politico: Trump to set his hair on fire tomorrow... and endorse Newt.. or maybe Mitt

RIP Don Cornelius of "Soul Train"

Brazil prez: Blogger's travel for Cuba to decide

Egypt: More than 70 dead in Soccer riot

Fortunately, highly academic British universities never host nutty woo conferences

WiFi users. I'm interested in getting Wifi but am worried about nefarious people messing

Tim Tebow Cancels talk with pastor Rod Parsley, who teaches that "God wants the faithful to be rich"

My tax rate today is partially determined by the deduction allowed for religious organizations.

Christy Clark’s popularity tumbles, new poll suggests


Alzheimer’s Spreads Like a Virus in the Brain, Studies Find

Alaska Democrats introduce resolution against unlimited campaign spending.

Russian Diplomat Blocking U.N. Action in Syria Facilitated It in Bosnia

Hey that fat ass Chris Christie apologized

“The Battle Hymn of the Republic” first appeared in The Atlantic 150 years ago this month

Texas Heat Wave Caused by Global Warming, NASA's Hansen Says

Ever slept under the stars? I once had a few beers while visiting my sister, a groundskeeper at the

Maine to create car-free town with ‘really narrow streets’

There's now a Defund the Komen Foundation Facebook page

Manufacturing, construction showing gains

Why doesn't the Komen Foundation sever ties with Bank of America?

Stupid "food" products? Highly unhealthy ones? Need your help, please.

Senate Democrats to hold Super PAC hearings

UGH! I just found out that the album that brought me into the world of rock