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Is it safe to watch Tweety tonight?

The Most Powerful Argument For Gay Marriage From A Republican

Judge orders Abuser to take wife to Red Loster and Bowling.

Downton Abbey Fans:

Lawrence O'Donnell opening segment: How America got into [this] birth control mess

Going Viral Now: The Food Stamp President?

Solution to the Religious Right's Whining About Birth Control.

FACT: Members Of Congress Benefit From Contraception Coverage, But Seek To Limit Access For Women

Archives:Boomer Reactionaries in Subprime Suburb of Victorville,Calif.Rage Against Giving Healthcare

"have some fun as best I can with all these jerks"

Vigilante that stops toilet paper girls pleads guilty.

(Ohio) Santorum Outperforms Romney in Head-to-Head Against Obama

The best way to turn the Congress back toward Blue is to, for once, pay attention to redistricting..

Although many Republicons now see Santorum as their potential conservative saviour..

CPAC welcomes white nationalists

America: Bankster's Paradise

Robin Vos' secrecy scheming demands legal, legislative inquiries

How do we give DUers a star when we can't find a DU 3 post they made?

Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free, book by Charles Pierce

Question about people banned from DU2 returning under new names...

First-Ever Court Victory Holds CAFO Accountable for Water Pollution

Six years later they're still together

Definitely not chemtrails.

Dad's upset about daughter's Facebook post

Halftime in America for people who have YouTube blocked.

Toy Story 69: The Toybox of Andy's Mom

Males are hardwired to obsessively focus on televised sports events from a very early age.

Sad but true: TRUE fanboys will NEVER lose their virginity.

You think Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar or Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry was hot?

The ONLY advantage MFM can see in aging is being the subject of a scholarly article...

Eventually, MFM simply wasn't allowed to be group leader in his school projects.

Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice

Afghanistan says children killed in NATO airstrike

Afghanistan says children killed in NATO airstrike

Tonight on Countdown with Sam Seder

White House to Host The Arc as part of the Community Leaders Briefing Series

Another bizarre politically themed painting from Jon McNaughton..

My new Guilty Pleasure: Man vs Food. The Travel Channel

Analysis: Criminal probe trail going cold at MF Global


Malian refugees in Niger await food and water

The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Republicans May Vote For Obama

The part of the Greek and Italian deficit that hasn't gotten much attention is rampant tax evasion

Goodbye to cooling towers

Sister in Dougherty gang pleads guilty in Colorado

If Israel and the US attack Iran, and then Iran sinks an aircraft carrier, what happens next?

About gravity...

Sister in Dougherty gang pleads guilty in Colorado

Can we get the filters on the greatest tab also?

Fuck you, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum and other ass-kissing

Why is Michael Savage still allowed on the air??

Judge leaves abuse claims against Milwaukee Church in limbo

Why Romney's 'dog on car roof' story makes him unfit to be president (from Fox news)

Are there any groups in which you are uncomfortable being a juror?

Ukulele Virtuoso plays "As My Guitar Gently Weeps" Amazing sound by Jake Shimabukuro. The other

House Republicans are stooges for AT&T and Verizon

FDA preparing to regulate natural supplements like chemical food additives

Tesla Model X (all electric luxury Crossover SUV) unveiling tonight (8PM PST).

I got a heart!

I baked my bacon. It turned out great.

Pentagon: The Planet's Biggest Polluter

Jesters can tell the truth. And change the world.

Who watched "The River"?...

Thank you for the heart

Mortgage settlement leaves most homeowners to fend for themselves

Guess what! A little bit of new good news about our missing polling ability

Pete Hoekstra eats crow

Findings from Flawed Study Don't Really Give you any Reliable Information

Anyone can buy guns, no questions asked

CPAC braces for possible Occupy.

I think Van Halen is getting long in the tooth.

25 years ago lawsuits and protests would have prevented this from happening

Catholic TV network sues US over birth control mandate

Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary from Downton Abbey) on Letterman tonight (Thurs.)

Deja vu. The last time I was on the DU we were going to war with Iran.

I wonder why the Creepublicans haven't publicly come out against puppies yet?

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon The Onion.

Don't waste money on 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' re-release, even in 3-D

Top Texas officials warn of power plant shortages

From Bloomberg on AC 360. Obama campaign manager to Wall Street:

Father teaches daughter a lesson about facebook...

Alabama's union membership rate leads the region

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Loans held by government mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which account for more than

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 10 -- 31 Days of Oscar: New York, Day One

For evidence of a war on workers, look no further than the rise of the lockout

If your Catholic Employer can deny you contraception insurance...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 February 2012

What did you see in other peoples' hookahs that surprised you?

Chicago Tribune Editoral: Super PACs = Super Democracy

Union launches effort to cap pay of El Camino Hospital executives

What did you see in other peoples' pants that surprised you?

Large Catholic Institutions Offered Contraception Even Before Required To Do So

I'm glad Rachael Maddow was born!

Anybody watching Rachel? Omg ~ Faux news pundits at CPAC said her parents should have used b. c.

please bring back the old check spelling...

Speech from the Washington State House Floor Regarding the Marriage-Equality Bill

VLT Takes Most Detailed Infrared Image of the Carina Nebula (big pic)

Good note from US ambassador re #Syria (and also smart use of Facebook)

*Eric Schneiderman, NYS AG, up next on Rachel show,

Some people are more creative when they’re drunk

Labor History Feb 9 President JFK asks Congress to approve creation of the Medicare program & more!

When I was young the first two columnists I read regularly were Cal Thomas and Donald Kaul...

PPP Polls: New National Leader is Rick Santorum

I heart my heart. Thank you for making my day special!

Ever have a friend or relative on Medicare or Medicaid Thank President John F Keneddy!

What did you see in other peoples' blouses that surprised you?

Have Republicans Morphed From Obama Hate To Hating America?

Walker's budget is going to be $143 million short.

The Pepsico action puts the "lower taxes on Corps" line into a political liability.

Alert not working.

George Will: Republicans need more than rhetoric on defense

I have a 2012 calandar called "Strange Brew" that is a teabagger...

On thin ice

'Gulf of America' bill was a joke, Mississippi lawmaker says

What medical conditions would make contraceptives medically necessary?

Did you know?

Russ Feingold: Obama "is wrong to have embraced the corrupt corporate politics of Citizens United"

Thank you for the Greatest Threads tab!

Scalia: The Soviet Union’s Constitution Was ‘Much Better Than Ours’

FBI file: Steve Jobs was considered for govt post

When Romney was talking about his Dad

PHOTO: A little glimpse at Main Street U.S.A. under the reign of "President Santorum."

"Catholic Church does not oppose the use of contraceptives for medical reasons"

Does the Ignore List work in tandem to the Jury Blacklist?

Maine Caucus Results So Far: 44% Paul, 37% Romney, 10% Santorum and 8% Gingrich

Mercy! What a day in clinic! Two calls to the EMT's, and security had to stop a fight.

Massachusetts law on insured birth control is similar to US rule set by Barack Obama

The REAL Reason The Catholic Church Opposes Paying for Contraception

Stand Up to Hate (Westboro Baptist) protest


You know I've been thinking..These Catholic nuts have are all up in arms over birth control


TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress not to block affordable access to contraception for all women

Syria's Detention Centers: Torture Tactics Reported By Organizations (MAP)

Contraception: Ed Schultz interview w/ Terry O'Neill of National Organization for Women (NOW)

Thinking of Blue In AK!

What is your guilty pleasure right now? I like those little cinamon hearts. I will not say

(Grrrrrrrrr...) Cal Thomas: Maddow is the best argument for birth control

I bought my wife a new rack

Federal law allows the sale of a long gun or a handgun between private parties of the same state....

What have you won in your life? I won a fruit cake at a highland dancing recital. The pain and

Measure to expand homeowners' rights to use deadly force moves to full Minn. Senate

Research Reveals How Birds And Wind Turbines Can Safely Coexist

when did the inmates officially take over the asylum? just looking at the headlines the last couple

Cruise ships banned from releasing sewage along coast

What was your nickname in public school? Mine was Bimbo. Cause I looked

Thank you fellow heathens.

Nathan Cullen and Peggy Nash struggle for the NDP’s soul

In Latin America, Chinese cars are gaining buyers

Rep. Bachus (R-AL) faces insider-trading investigation

Today was a very special day.


Thank you for the heart. Who ever you are.

Dear "Automated Message" - I hope you'll be gentle if you're ever asked

Now An Official Volunteer!

Framing this "birth control coverage" issue...

What is the greatest soup you have ever made. There was a restaurant

Corbett Okays Grant for Specter Library (More Corbett Hypocrisy)

This is why they won't stop the foreclosure machine...

I think we should have little Arizona icons instead of the hearts on Tuesday ;-)

Schneiderman: deal with banks a 'down payment'

KETV Omaha: Tribe Demands $500M From Beer Makers

Exclusive: U.S. squeezes French-led satellite maker over China

What's a Rick Santorum ad doing on the main pg???

Favorite blogs?

Another Rachel thread ~ tell her that you are glad she was born ;)

Cornel West Calls Melissa Harris-Perry A “Fraud”

Somali terror group joining Al Qaeda

C-Sections Pose Respiratory Risks for Some Small Preemies

Michigan Man Arrested for Illegally Streaming Sports Events

The Wages of Austerity: Superbug Runs Wild in Greek Hospitals

I just donated through IFF to PP, which is a worthy cause!

Will Currency Devaluation Fix the Eurozone?

Fun game that could improve your typing skills!

What were some of your tv guilty pleasures? and what does it say about you?

I don't know who has been giving me hearts,

Google Wallet Hacked Again, Now You Should Panic

this is what happens when I drink decaf at work

Mississippi Lawmaker behind "Gulf of America" bill says outraged commenters are missing the joke...

Help finding an article on Fox News "Blame The Recession on the Poor Buying Houses..." talking point

President Barack Obama....

ATF Busts Real Housewives Buying Guns for Cartels

98% of American Catholic women use birth control

The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Republicans May Vote For Obama

A Special Statement of Purpose for Pets (Group)

Romney Concedes Election and Endorses Obama

Proof that Conservative Comedians are NOT funny - video link

CPAC 2012: Where GOP Bigwigs Hang Out With White Supremacists

Open Carry Bill, HR 822, More Of The Same Insane Gun Legislation (AZ)

Nicholas Cage has survived from the Civil War era?

Pic Of The Moment: What's Got Two Thumbs, No Chin, And Hangs Out With White Supremacists?

The contents of this car made me shake my head.

Poll shows Joseph Kennedy III with massive lead for Rep. Barney Frank's seat

Rachel Maddow!

Welcoming African American Blogs or Sites!

Toons: Banana Republican, We Are the 98%, A Nice Respite and More. - 2/9/11

So why did the Obama Administration pick the birth control fight at this time?

state by state speak your mind about...georgia

Satellite images from space showing the destruction in Homs

Wife died Sunday, buried her today


state by state about georgia

Thank you for the heart!

Does everyone automatically get a couple hearts?


Rocky Recovery for Women

If colleges are too liberal....

Really disappointed with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight.

Did Governor Romney declare war on the Latter Day Saints?

Infographic: Presenting A World Covered In (Hundred Dollar Bill) Debt

I guess that he still doesn't get it yet...

NYPD Must Pay $15 Million for Illegally Arresting 22,000

OMG this is True Love!

Beginning to Trace the Weapons of Bashar al-Assad. C.J.Chivers at what he does best.

Sometimes I miss the moderators.

The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Republicans May Vote For Obama

The (bow)ties that bind: Slipper's $2.4b payback

Facebook Parenting for the troubled teen...

Damn, ever since I got this "new" flea market find, my husband REFUSES to go bike riding with me.

Gaza Christians long for days before Hamas cancelled Christmas

Cuba's case against Alan Gross

Another DU Member Slipped Me A Big One...

Republicans are just giving us the WH! Santorum: Women too emotional for combat?!?!?

Betty White plays President Obama's birthday message to her "over and over again."

Assessing the anti-abortion vote, linked to contraception issue: big loser Republicans admit

This a cappella performance may give you goosebumps.

Tom Delay was sentenced to 3 years in jail over a year ago. Why is he not in jail yet?

Birth Control Access is Not a War on Religion

Boobies thrust repeatedly in my face make me crabby.

Ron Paul Calls For The Elimination Of Public Lands

The Day In 100 Seconds: CPAC Day One

Elections are for Suckers, by Robert Scheer

Victoria Jackson at CPAC - still as nutty as ever

Just... WOW.

Students At Catholic Colleges Protest Lack Of Access To Birth Control

Please delete. I made a mistake, moving the post to another forum. Thank you.

One flew over the Cuckoos nest question

Fear and self-censorship of Colombia's regional journalists

Fear and self-censorship of Colombia's regional journalists

Heartbreaking and beautiful dog rescue.

My Home town, Joplin Mo was hit by a EF-5+ Tornado and I watched.

Did you guys know there was a Natural Disaster Survivors Support Group here on DU?

crushing this uprising in all the major cities ... and that means killing everyone

During the 2012 campaign season I would like to see ...

Horrific Scenes of Brutality in Syria’s Homs

I Love Boobies.

Google will send you an Amazon gift card for completely giving up your online privacy

Romney 'glitter bomber' fired from internship

US tribe sues beer makers for $500m over alcohol abuse

Greeks strike against austerity, EU demands more cuts

Buddha - A Documentary About Buddhism

Have We Really Come Down to a Boys Against the Girls Fight?

Can Roseanne Barr help the Green party break out?

Sentencing Spain's 'Superjudge': Why Baltasar Garzón Is Being Punished

The Scale of the Universe 2

The XX files: The hunt for victims of Guatemala's 36-year war

Charlotte Church stands alone as hacking victims settle

The NHS Bill is going to destroy Cameron

Concerning the Violent Peace-Police An Open Letter to Chris Hedges

Call your Republican now! Request a follow-up to the ‘spilled semen’ amendment

Viewpoint: V for Vendetta and the rise of Anonymous

Santorum's Christian Hanukkah Greeting

iEmpire: Apple's Sordid Business Practices Are Even Worse Than You Think

WI GOP claims on signature challenges just got much weaker

A Plague of Pearl Clutching: How clutch the pearls became a lady blogosphere cliché.

Indie Band links

BBC: France's National Front - 'The party of poor people'?

Beat the Victim & Reward the Abuser! It’s the Republican Way!

A bunch of grumpy old perverts want to deny women the right to contraception

Afghan Private Security Handover Looking Messy

Because you asked for it. Underwater dog photography.

Russian lawmakers move ahead with anti-gay laws

This video should be run on a constant loop through the recall election

Is That All You Got?

When they say 98% of sexually active Catholics use birth control, are they including NFP?

Santorum Sees a Guillotine

The Republicans' Great God Market has firmly slapped down their social agenda

Charts: Women Who Use Birth Control Are the 99 Percent

Was A Catholic Cardinal Murdered to Prevent His Testimony?

UK: Bideford Town Council prayers ruled unlawful

14 Years of US Weather - May 2, 1997 - Dec 31, 2011

White House to Announce ‘Accommodation’ for Religious Organizations on Contraception Rule

Juan Cole: The Dilemma over Syria (like the crushing of the Prague Spring in 1968

Proof that David Cameron is totally f**king clueless

Occupy New Paltz upset with village nighttime park closure

All Your Brains Suck - Known Bugs And Exploits In Wetware

The Alternative Energy Matrix

Joe is shocked...SHOCKED...that "the media" is fixated on the birth controlissue.

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon

It's Friday Ya Bastids!

In 1972 I was able to buy the pill

Post birth person protection act:

Obama raises $1.4 million at D.C. LGBT fundraiser


Russian jailed for selling missile secrets to CIA

Someone Hearted Me

My first thread started since I've been a member!

Website of Asma Assad, wife of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, hacked and 'revamped'.

SPACE 2099

John Dean: "Romney would be active/negative president like Bush II.."

Foreclosures to Climb Before Bank Deal Helps U.S. Housing Market

Serbia Djindjic assassination: Suspect held in Spain

Why Young People Are Fleeing Conservative Evangelicalism

Why the Foreclosure Deal May Not Be So Hot After All

Germany jails Kosovan for life for U.S. airmen murder

During the Church/pedophile scandal in Boston

The massacres have not stopped the demonstrations in Syria

New Hampshire Republican proposes end to lunch break law

Admin: we need a cap on how many self-deletes are allowed.

Iran turns to barter for food as sanctions cripple imports

Enterprise destroys a Star Destroyer as it chases the Battlestar Galactica

Rick Santorum: Historically Deprived and Depraved!

David Sirota: Embracing ‘Enough’

Bill Maher is going to go nuts tonight

Foreign donations are a risk in super PAC setting

Iron Sky

Thank You

where are the voices of catholic women? so far it appears all the outrage is coming from men

Gay cure columnist ‘denied free speech’

STUDY: Fracking Chemicals Are Killing And Neutering Pets And Farm Animals

Dear Mr. Matthews:

White House retreating on birth control rule

Slaughter’s STOCK Act Passes

NO WAR, NO SANCTIONS ON IRAN! From the Houston Peace Council -

The fine for not providing health insurance coverage is $2000? Then why provide coverage?

Another Europe is Possible

Something to think about.

This will make you smile...I promise :)

Decline and Fall of the Mall?

Mitt Romney's New 'Son of a Carpenter' Image is Latest Lie.

Syria officials should face war crimes charges at The Hague

Congressman Al Green is having Town Hall on Texas Voter ID Law on Feb 18 in Houston

Funny Friday...

Biggest Secret in the World Economy: Cooperatives employ more people than multinational companies

All religious organizations should lose tax-exempt status.

RCP: Obama Job Approval Higher than Disapproval

Texas Redistricting-Valentine's Day Status Hearing

Energy-in-Depth (EID): The “GAS”roots

What kind of beans

Today's phrase is "backdoor man". Replace a phrase in a thread title with "backdoor man".

Massachusetts: Where was the Catholic Church's outrage all these years?

Jordan Rodgers, Aaron’s brother, speaks out against Vanderbilt’s nondiscrimination policy

Excuse me, "Your Eminence", but maybe you should stroll through your cemetery.

Stephen Harper blasts foreign money in oil sands debate while welcoming China

Why I'm Feeling So Hard-Nosed Over the Contraception Affair

World Press photo of the year - Incredible image of veiled woman holding a wounded man in Yemen

The question that is never asked of the Holy ones proffered on tv

Proposed Bill in Maryland - Changing "own" to "guardian" with regards to domestic pets.

Panetta & Pentagon admits their "bunker buster" bombs cannot penetrate Iran's underground facilities

My church says it's wrong not to force sterilization on Republicans.

Hydrogen from Acidic Water: … Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water

Cal Thomas is the greatest argument for . . . . .

Obama’s Conscience Protection Clause Has Been Upheld In Court

The Deadlock Scenario

Drumbeat: February 10, 2012

Peak oil notes - Feb 9

Peak oil notes - Feb 9

Drumbeat: February 10, 2012

5-10 percent corn yield jump using erosion-slowing cover crops shown in ISU study

Underestimating biblical literalists--A small-sample narrative

"Santorum doesn't even need to run negatives against Romney, which is telling."

Accused Romney 'Glitter Bomber' Fired From Senate

Will catholic insurance cover viagra and cialis and penile implants?

Why the White House Picked a Contraception Fight

The Mystery of Exploding Pig Poop

CPAC crowd wants red, Romney will feed them watercress & cucumber finger sandwiches

It's HALFTIME AMERICA, Obama cannot throw the ball and catch the ball

this might make you smile

Sen. Feinstein singles out Cuba as potencial smuggling point

Ever done website editing? Need a few extra $ each month? The nonprofit NetworkConversations.Org

Take a Look at the Settlement

Last night I dreamed that Mitt Romney adopted me as his 17th son

NY Times: Homeless Families, Cloaked in Normality

This is how it starts - the RW Wackos start crazy talk, and the msm runs away with it.

What conservatives really are

Rick Santorum Warns Of 'New Boogey Man' (Fracking)

"Diamonds In Her Eyes"...the earworm-y song from the Zales Jewelers commercial

Thank you for the hearts! I haven't been around much lately, so I am very

This is what I think’s going on regarding the contraception controversy…

Bank of America's latest chart-topper

Bill Vander Zalm guilty of libel in his (history re-writing) autobiography

Firefighters vs Cops: Striking Fire Officers Hose Down PM Office In Brussels

Parade goer wants to see Mark Sanchez at Giants Super Bowl Parade

Santorum: Emotions of Women in Combat 'May Not Be in the Interest of the Mission'

re: The Greatest Tab

European Cities Allowing Bikes to Run Red Lights

You think my desk has enough on it?

working now. so something suggested did it. thanks. nt

Rasmussen has Obama with a double-digit lead on Romney (updated)

Biggest Secret in the World Economy: Cooperatives employ more people than multinational companies

part-time job posting found in the Lounge...

NY Times: "Education Gap Grows Between the Poor and the Rich, Studies Show"

Sorry about the lack of an Album of the Day yesterday

Court finds Kansan competent for trial on threats against Obama

Security researchers pick Google Wallet with brute-force attack

Low Expectations for Action Soon on Non-Discrimination Exec. Order

Danziger TOON- Catholic Doctrine vs Catholic Practice

Margaret and Helen: 100,000 Gay Kids Secretly Watch Ellen

Proof cats are always challenging those so-called Laws of Gravity.....

Fox Business News Channel Cancels Its Entire Prime Time Lineup

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Several 2nd Amendment Cases

Did the ACA require catholic hospitals and universities to physically hand-out birth control?

Really? I think they are taking this Human Centipede film just a bit too far now....

Luckovich Toon: Applause Line

A Love Supreme - Profanity & Nudity on TV (Jon Stewart on the daily show)

Rick Santorum's wife (MSNBC)

The "tone argument"

“The war on religion is now formally declared.”

I want my government to have a "secular vision"

Santorum going all in right now.

"They tried to SCARE you with this facade, this politicization of science called 'Global Warming'.."

Another reason that Romney shouldn't be President

Will Romney's $$ Trump Conservative Fundies in Repub Party? That is the Question!

So Conservatives Think Obama Is GOing

The GOP Problem: It's Halftime for America

What the hell is wrong with John Kerry?

Clarence Clemons' Nephew Jake Clemons Joins the E Street Band

Court: Norway's Breivik to undergo constant psychiatric scrutiny

Trump says Scotland leader 'hell-bent on destroying' coastline with wind farm

When Clint Eastwood Mocks You, You're Officially Screwed

Santorum backer Foster Friess: Concept of wealthy contributors buying influence is "pretty silly"

Is this the hydro-fracking in Pennsylvania that Rick Santorum is talking about?

Marijuana legalization should have gone to Detroit voters, appeals court rules

Any word on AlienGirl?

A Brief Photographic History of Glitter-Bombs

Chocolate Beer

Frothy the No Man

This contraception issue...I feel like I'm watching a Leave it to Beaver rerun

Germany freezes signing of disputed Internet pact {ACTA} (Focus News)

Republicans And Abortion

Ollie "Iran Contra" North vacations on De Nile: Backs Gingrich, concerned about Obama re-election

Newt's southern strategy in trouble? Santorum leads in Tennessee in new poll

A Liberal, A Moderate, and A Conservative Walk Into A Bar...

Great picture of Santorum exciting the youth of America

The Rich Rob The Poor

Liberals NEED to Demand MSNBC/CNN Cover Netroots Nation

MILLIONAIRE INVESTOR: "If the Rich Were Job Creators, We'd be Drowning in Jobs Today."

Early indications of various pollsters are that Santorum is moving into national lead

Lipless Mitch: Obama's "priorities" should be higher than "picking on Fox News!" USA! USA! USA! USA!

Check out the post proposing an SOP in the pinned thread.

Bahbwah WAHWAH to the JFKintern: "You're going to sell a lot of books" 3+times. & Tweety's misogyny

Peggy Noonan: "The GOP's Death Star"

Global Justice and the Future of Hope

Nest watch for Decorah Eagles.

Time for the big picture--This has jack shit to do with contraceptives

Wall Street execs ridicule and share "epic" resume from summer job applicant.

NARAL, Planned Parenthood approve contraception compromise

Nuclear Power vs. Natural Gas

Hula Cam- GoPro Hula Hoop

More Canadian uranium China-bound

Atheist Q&A

Grand Poobahs of false religion to refuse to use dollars.

Catholic priest scumbags can't keep their hands (or any other body part) off little children.....

Macaulay Culkin

Catholic Bishops Demanding ALL Businesses be Exempt from Birth Control Mandate

I would like to say "thank you very much for the heart". n/t

MSNBC on Sandusky: School kids are complaining "That man is out there..."

Hmmm... tried to send an alert and there was only a "cancel" option.

Gov. Scott Walker To Use Foreclosure Settlement Money To Balance His Budget, Not Help Homeowners

Wisconsin: Walker to use foreclosure settlement money to balance budget, not help homeowners

TYT: Google Sponsors CPAC 2012

ACTION ALERT Legislation will kill critical bicycle funding

Remember when the deficit was going to destroy the country?

ReaganRepublicans support tax on rich - BushRepublicans support protecting Bush taxcuts for rich

Al-Shabaab joining al Qaeda, monitor group says

Some Catholic organizations, women's groups support birth control rule change (updated)

Statement by Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, on Obama Admini

Dinner tonight, Mexican themed buffet.

Rick Santorum’s CPAC speech "It’s about government control of your lives"

It's not working. I am totally addicted. >>

DU Album of the Day: "Nurds" The Roches

ACLU Says Compromise Should End The Birth Control Dispute

Looks Like There's a New GOP Frontrunner

Problem solved: It's a buffet, and you don't HAVE to eat the carrot-raisin salad

Auto Recyclers, Exempted From State Rules for Years, Begin to Feel the Heat

'Common-sense solution' on contraception

US workers behind Korea, UK, Germany, 19 others in science and math

Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor. (The "Great Equalizer" has been trashed)

Where is FirstLight?

Senator adds “Every Sperm is Sacred” amendment onto Oklahoma personhood bill

"No to layoffs! No to salary cuts! No to pension cuts! Do not bow your heads! Resist!"

Japan to slash use of a (dysprosium) as China tightens grip

Obama shift on birth control seeks to placate Catholics

Another solution to the controversy is just to remove all taxpayer money given to them

White Christian Nationalism at CPAC

Did Planned Parenthood raise more money last week than Susan G Komen?

Farmers Go Wild: A new generation of farmers is nurturing nature as well as crops

Race Religion and Politics

Jail for gay hate leaflet men

Even At CPAC Conservatives Seem Despondent About 2012 Choices

Catholic Church versus Health Insurance Industry….and States Rights

Spanish federation to sue French TV for Nadal skit

If nothing else there should be no ambiguity what the republican party stands for, and if anyone

Is It Too Much To Believe That Obama Has Finally Learned How To Negotiate?

Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor, Studies Say

You Will Die. We Promise.

Salon - The big banks win again

Does the fed. gov. have something to hide from the Supreme Court about its "alien return policy"?

Mittens will be addressing CPAC ("Please love me, I'm conservative!") starting at 12:55 ET

Occupy Cal tents return to UC Berkeley

Occupy Arrestees Win Their Right to Full Trials—Even Though They May Not Need It

Silly question: why can't I send an alert?

The only CPAC coverage worth reading

US workers behind Korea, UK, Germany, 19 others in science and math

This Week in Poverty: Perfect Storm Threatens Long-Term Unemployed

If You're Diabetic, You Might Want to Steer Clear of Nevada, Also the Police

The Obama compromise is in the NYT - women get free contraceptives

Financial Services Committee Chair Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala) is Investigated for Insider Trading

Prop. 8 absorbs a body blow (in which SF columnist Jon Carroll tears the H8rs a new one)

Dog Attack

Rep. Spencer Bachus faces insider-trading investigation

Uh-Oh: You Might Have an STD! The Whole World Might Know, Too

City of Chicago Settles Class Action Suit Over 2003 Iraq War Protest Arrests

The Hill: New DNC Web video offers critical preview of Romney CPAC address

A front-page puff piece on a Dem non-candidate who is not-campaigning for Pete Stark's House seat

Santorum said, "And I certainly understand that and respect that and admire women for doing so... "

This Weekend: #OccupyCPAC in DC, Occupy Town Squares in NYC, Resist Repression in SF

List of People Conspiring Against the GOP (stolen from Fark)

More Challenges to Bastrop State Park

Checkmate: Knights takes Bishop

Former GOP state(Pa) representative sentenced to 4-12 years!

White House Contraceptive Regulation Fact Sheet

Outrage over Birth Control?

Les' keep 'em all barefoot 'n' PREGNINT! Santorum: "Women Shouldn't be in Combat because..."

Romney: "The Obama presidency will be recorded as the last gasp of liberalism's great failure"

Reckoning With a Genocide in Guatemala

Reckoning With a Genocide in Guatemala

Obama: No Woman's Health Should Depend On Who She Is Or Where She Works (updated)

The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine

Burglar vacuumed home, folded laundry and cooked dinner

Guadalupe County judge arrested in College Station--updated 3/21

Census Bureau on watching the kids: Dad = "Child Care Arrangement" Mom = What Nature Intended

Thanks for the valentine heart. Really did make my day.

Study: Education Gap Growing Between Rich, Poor

Romney: "We'll just SLOWLY and GRADUALLY raise the retirement age for Social Security..."

Paid journalism internship--must support free markets

Just saw The President's press conference

Nation’s Largest Microgrid Online

Jose Antonio Vargas: Demian Bichir in ‘A Better Life’ Represents Today’s ‘The Help’

Elimination of Co-Pay for BC

Romney talking at CPAC now: Public Servants should not get a better deal than the people they serve

French Climate Study; Global Temperature Increases Of 2C Now "Most Optimistic" Scenario

Democrats do not demonize entire states like Republicans.

Obama is either damn brilliant or damn lucky.

It looks like the election will be about birth control. GOP sees it as a winning "issue". They will

Wegener Institute - Warming Seas Force Indian Ocean Elephant Seals To Dive Deeper For Squid

What a cool day!

Oil & Gas Drilling May Be Leaking 2X The Amount Of Methane To Atmosphere As Previously Thought

LOL - Charles Pierce: The New Rights of Paul Ryan, CPAC's Public Intellectual

UK denies sending Special Forces to Syria

Obama Signs Gabrielle Giffords' Final Bill

UK To Urge Accounting For Natural Capital blahblah Rio +20 Conference blahblah Change GDP blahblah

Dog Friendly Beaches

We must address entitlement reform (editorial by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson) The neocons’ big Iran lie

50-State, $25B Mortgage Settlement: Relief for Struggling Homeowners or Bailout for Big Banks?

Christopher Hitchens' last book review for the Atlantic

Helpers in a hostile world: the risk of aid work grows

Arctic Sea Ice Loss May Be Driving Europe's Extreme Cold Through High-Latitude High Pressure Systems

Bolivia accuses US of spying on L America

Thankyou Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend

Birth control may now be wedge issue against GOP

Identity theft discovered at tax time

Yakov Smiddlefingermommirnov says:

Longyearbyen Temps 9.3C Above Normal; Ocean Ice-Free N. Of Svalbard, Novaya Zemlya In January

Birth control may now be wedge issue against GOP

Winners: 2012 World Press Photos

Romney says he never worked a day in Washington!

CSM - Himalayan Glaciers Melting More Slowly Than Thought, But Seas Are Still Rising

I really want to see the re-release of Star-Wars in 3D but I know I shouldn't

Hedge fund manager charged with insider trading

This is no bailout for Main Street America

I have 8 hearts left - help me find people who need hearts

Turkey FM: Israeli military strike on Iran would be a disaster

Stabenow money bomb tops Hoekstra's expenditure on racist Super Bowl ad

OWS Scuffles With CPAC Attendees

"L.I. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s district on the chopping block." No more shoulder thing that goes up?

i'm with republicans on this one: employers should not be required to fund employee birth control.

Obama wins Florida and the presidency

Alien Matter in the Solar System: A Galactic Mismatch

JHC, it's TWO THOUSAND TWELVE and we are still debating access to BIRTH CONTROL?

The Republican Party has become a cult

Military helicopters overhead in the middle of LA.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, February 9)

8,000 instances of abuse alleged in Archdiocese bankruptcy hearing

Closure of Hooters 'breastaurant' is a welcome step for women

How Scalia Helped Obama Defend The Birth Control Rule

Was Kim Jong Un assassinated? If so, what does that do for international relations with N. Korea?

No so damn smug anymore are ya? .... Wis. Senator Scott Fitzgerald

You know who benefits if Santorum surges (rises to the top if you will)?

Admin clarification on Star memberships

Culture war blitzkrieg!

What's Driving North America's Solar PV Market in 2012?

49% of Americans in favor of Iran strike

I have a crazy question that requires a (crazy?) medical professional's attention.

World Press Photo competition 2012 winners - in pictures

Obama's "The Story of Us"

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Feb 10th ?

Dear Skinner, Elad, and EarlG: I need a student discount on DU

Don't Count Out Solar Water Heating, It's a $123 Billion Dollar Market

It's time for DU's Semi-Annual "List your Pandora Stations" thread

CPAC: White Nationalism Shunned in 2011, Welcomed in 2012

Gronkowski's Critics Need to Shut Up

Played you like a fiddle

Have any birther groups demanded to see Romney's long form birth certificate?

After 3 Year Delay, Pa. Enacts One of the Lowest Gas Extraction Fees in the US

Shooting suspect thought cop was criminal

Europe is now deliberately trying to push Greece out of the Euro

Dear Admins: forcing us to use Paypal is not a good idea.

Greta Van Susteren Criticizes Fellow Fox Newser Cal Thomas' Ugly Attack On Rachel Maddow

Thom Hartmann: The Obama Hate Machine Exposed

Favorite political free podcasts??

To the Cancer Society on the occasion of World Cancer Day

Rick Santorum’s "Got 69 Ankle Shoes, Living For Donuts And Venison”

Free kitteh litter

Tesla takes wraps off "falcon-winged" Model X SUV

Grassley: High-Skilled American Workers Struggling to Find Jobs

Westboro Baptist cancels protest at funeral

Llisten to the way President Obama speaks....

With all the shit we can do to mice, it's too bad we're not mice,

Thom Hartmann: Super PACs...are politicians now officially puppets?

Simply astonishing

Papantonio: Republicans Hope Culture Wars Will Energize Base

I sure hope Aaron isn't as big a pr**k as his younger brother...

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Pro-Ellen ralliers surpass One Million Moms on Facebook

Poetry may not motivate folk to register to vote

Anti-Fracking Alert!

Santorum: Contraception 'Shouldn't Be In An Insurance Plan Anyway,'

A car as a musical instrument?

But I don't want a refund

Anonymous - Devil in the Details; the truth behind the pro-Assad rallies, bought and paid for

Santorum Froths At CPAC About ‘Facade Of Man-Made Global Warming’

Ben Bernanke: Blame Housing For This Lousy Recovery

What percent of the electorate pays attention to the election before September?

"Eternal vigilance is the price of—birth control?"

Looks like Newt's sugar daddy has turned off the tap.

CPAC Security Threatens Attendees With Arrest For Watching Protest

From the So What Else Is New Department of Breaking News:

Mittens was ‘severely conservative’ governor, he tells CPAC

An ignoble exit

Strange page format when replying to a thread.

Sorry KochCaine

Santorum: Overturn "Griswold v. Connecticut"

UAW prepping for nationwide protests, civil disobedience.

herman cain calls liberals 'the stupid people'

Crisis in Syria Looks Very Different on Satellite Channels Owned by Russia and Iran

Santorum: "the facade of global warming...will destroy the very foundation of prosperity" in US

Two excellent, but very different, streaming movies expiring very soon.

Women’s Groups Broadly Support Birth Control Compromise (TPM)

Gov. Scott Walker To Use Foreclosure Settlement Money To Balance His Budget, Not Help Homeowners

Farmers advance in their suit against Monsanto

TYT: Liberal Hypocrisy on Obama Vs Bush - Poll

Who is this raving lunatic ReTHUG on Martin Bashir

Rmoney: "I kept Massachusettes from becoming the Vegas of gay marriage."

Interactive Scale of the Universe (so cool!)

Rep. Steve King just said the pill is abortion

The state of marijuana reform, state by state

The Republican Primary Race

Why are conservative christians getting so bent out of shape over this contraceptive issue?

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon

Twitter, Weibo Spread Rumors of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un's Assassination

What Do Catholics Believe About Birth Control?

Trump Says Romney Will Deliver 'Great Speech'...Hours After Romney's Speech

Opinion: Obama birth control policy compromise ignores patients

So tell me...which will be easier to get:

Why does anyone care what I do in my bedroom?

Mrs. Gilmore's Defining Black History

CPAC as PanderFest

Is it that birth control is against God's will? Is that the problem?

Let the festivities begin...

Representative thinks oil pipeline will help caribou get laid

Navy Names Ship For Former Congresswoman Giffords

I do not understand why the horrible situation in Leroy, NY is not in the headlines.

Madonna slams British rapper M.I.A.'s offensive finger gesture...

"Bishop Warns Asia Could be Next in Church Sex Abuse Scandal"

New Electoral Law Guarantees 40 Libyan Women Legislators

Everybody RIMBO!

Since the Republicans don't want to have women use birth control

Wall Street's Third Party - Will Americans Elect upend the presidential election?

I got a heart! Got a heart! Got one! Got one! Got

TYT: Republicans Attack Employee Lunch Breaks!

Is there anything dumber than a teabagging Ron Paul supporter?


Hello...Birth control is covered under Federal Employee Health Benefits

Correct me if I'm wrong- every time a man ejaculates,he kills 230 million babies.

NC poll: Should employers insurance cover birth control?

There was a guy.

ED and contraception

Fox News poll: Obama leads Republican contenders; public supports birth control coverage

Trying to connect my new Ipad to my pop3 email.

Father in Apparent Murder-Suicide was ‘Congressman’ in Antigovernment ‘Republic’

Bringing up this contraceptive issue now

Serious research question: Do you read books about dogs? If so, tell me about it.

Your Friday afternoon Chet Baker selection!

Westboro Baptist Calls Off Action At Powell Boy's Funeral.....Family Tells Protesters Stay Away

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It's 2012, and we're arguing about birth control (Mary Sanchez, Chicago Tribune)

Thanks for the hearts! :)

An open letter to Pete Hoekstra from An Asian-American.....a LTTE on the Michigan Live website

Tim Kaine praises Obama on changing contraception rule

Obama Signs Gabrielle Giffords' Final Bill

"Newt gets in and out of more sand-traps

Sandusky's home declared unsafe for kids, judge demands he stay indoors for duration of trial

Tons of fun!

Savannah chases away St. Patrick's Day snakes

CPAC FLOP SWEAT! Introduced by his former mistress, Gingrich IMMEDIATELY drops St. Ronnie's name

10 Conservatives Cruising for Gay Sex at CPAC

First Lady Michelle Obama: Celebrating Black Women in American Culture and History

What we do with all our Chinese product guilt

Romney's early valentine to Big Business

Was contraception a "shield issue" for President Obama this week?

A Conservative, a Moderate, and a Liberal walk into a bar

Michelle Obama & cooking show Top Chef prepare low-cost, healthy school lunches - pics

I just saw a black guy in the CPAC crowd...

Rhino dies in anti-poaching demo by conservationists


"Here... humanity stumbled"

So, all guys not schtupping their brothers' wives are sinners

has anyone heard from BerthaVenation?

President Obama signs Gabrielle Giffords' final bill - pics

Georgia poll: Newt has weak lead, Santorum strong second & Mittens pitiful third

Thanks for the heart!!!

I need a little help alerting.

"The Cost of War" Sat Feb. 11

Unconfirmed rumors of Kim Jung Un's death explode on blogs and twitter

Ultrafast Trades Trigger Black Swan Events Every Day, Say Econophysicists

Congress 'Urgently' Approves $82 Million To Improve Its Biggest Bunker-Buster

Bernanke's speech to home builders:"housing may no longer be viewed as the secure investment it once

I wonder if Alex Trebek really understands post claim underwriting insurance?

Turing's Enduring Importance

North Korean leader now a zombie?

Saudis Sing It Too: Bomb Bomb Iran

European Society Shows The Right Way To Deal With Illegitimate Births

Favorite political free podcasts??

Navy Names Ship for Gabrielle Giffords

Peyton Manning Congratulates Brother Eli: 'This Has Been The Worst Year Of My Life'

WVKO’s Second Annual “Democratic” Party! Just Added: Ed Schultz! (OHIO)

God commands DEATH for those who spill their seed outside of a woman's vagina

Howard Dean Addresses the European Parliament on the Iranian dissident group MEK in Iraq (2/7/12)

Howard Dean Addresses the European Parliament on the Iranian dissident group MEK in Iraq (2/7/12)

Seriously Folks? Here's the headline of the day..."Romney Calls Himself 'Severely Conservative"

Satellite imagery of Syrian military movements.

A Wonderful Friday Afternoon Challenge Just for You: When They Were Young...

6 Insane (But Convincing) Theories on Children's Pop Culture

xkcd Toon: Bad Kerning

Romney is starting to sweat over Maine.

Breitbart is threatening to "vet" Pres Obama with college videos

Keiser Report: Black Holes & Gold Hills (E247)

Susan G Komen: The tip of the iceberg

Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households

Don't smoke pot, drive -- you're twice as likely to crash

Rev. Kenneth Hutcherson has screed published on CNN

Fertility tests should be required before marriage

I just completed jury service and the post is still up (the decision is not in yet).

Does Michigan present any opportunities for Santorum?

Gov. Scott Walker To Use Foreclosure Settlement Money To Balance His Budget, Not Help Homeowners

Greek Parliament facing resignations

Krugman: Money and Morals

Greek Debt Crisis - Illustrated

Labor is a Perishable Good

Gacy had at least one accomplice, two lawyers believe

Compassionate Conservatives©...Freepers PISSED off at Navy for naming ship "USS Gabrielle Giffords"

Santorum tries to clarify...says it's men that have emotions when women are in harm's way

Greek Cabinet Approves 2nd Loan Pact: Official

Does Gingrich understand what he said when he said that America

Alerting on a thread brings up a form with only a cancel button and no 'OK' button

Hillsboro: Sheriff Named In Federal Suit Over Back Wages

Do you get an email with jury results if you are the alerter?

Syria: Crowdsourcing Satellite Imagery Analysis to Identify Mass Human Rights Violations

Just when you thought it was safe to be an altar boy

Dear US Congress

Republican Leaders are presenting "The Mystery Candidate" - ID revealed after he wins

I'm no longer heartless...

Willard running third in Georgia.

Said on the TeeVee

Anything new at the Criminal Politicians And Corporations convention?

Springsteen drops video for Obama 2012 song: ‘We Take Care of Our Own’

Okay, smarter people who know these things. I need a teddy bear

Editors are no longer frightened of politicians but of Islamist violence, oligarchs and CEOs.

Cop allegedly pulled gun on pregnant woman over too many grocery items

I really like the trend on Intrade's Obama reelection chances -

Funerals in Syria - contrast

Need a unique gift for Valentine's Day? Nothing says "I Love You" like sewage!

Florida Welfare Drug Testing Graphic- DO THE MATH.

Oh, no, did you hear?!? Breitbart has video!!!!!!

Its not a game! Its Our life and future!

"Tax Dodgers" (ROFL!) - pic

LOL: Saw this from Keith Olbermann twitpic

Weekend Economists Enumerate the Wealth of Nations, February 10-12, 2012

Wait until you go to the grocery store this week,. I thought I'd faint.

Should we televise Supreme Court sessions?

CPAC Rap! (must see to believe)

New Navy ship named after Gabrielle Giffords

PHOTO: graywarrior is STILL seeking payback for that thread that never dies dying thing.

Charles Pierce in Esquire: What the Self-Manufacturing of Romney Hath Produced

What are your favourite cookies? I like fruit creams. Beyond that I miss my grandmother's

See Sue...


What creative things do you like to do? Though I have not done it in a while, I love sewing. I just

What do the dots mean?

Margaret and Helen talk Ellen

Who are the guests on Real Time tonight? HBO Canada does not tell me. Thanks.

Senate Republicans Would Require The Unemployed To Volunteer

Anonymous Takes Down CIA Web Site

When I heard this, I got it...

Jeffrey Zaslow, West Bloomfield best-selling author, killed in northern Michigan crash

Where the hell is the Marxist Communism republicans said was coming to 'merica if Obama win in 2010?

A 2008 law requires ALL Brazilian high school students to study PHILOSOPHY for 3 years!

BWAHAHAAAA! Rev. Al just played Romney's "I am a moderate, progressive" clip

Politics meet fun and faithful at US conservative confab

Is there any rational info about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood & Lothrop Stoddard?

Amerigo Vespucci has DEFINITELY grown in how he depicts how delectable a restaurant's menu is.

Applegrove's TV:

Kali was once on the cover of a "heaving bosom" tragic romance novel.

Consider trying a dog dentist!!! Save as much as 95% on your dental bills!!!

MFM gets psychic flashes that, in an earlier incarnation... he was once a bunny rabbit.

Hey! HEY!! HEYYYYYY!!! MFM's proctologist has got some 'SPLAININ' to do 'bout his exam "methods"!!!

Walker Shorts Wisconsinites, Gives Majority of Mortgage Settlement to State budget

KY Homeowner, Father Shoots One of Three Intruders, Captures Others

(NLRB) Settlement distributes more than $300,000 to unlawfully discharged workers in Texas

GOP Ups The Ante, Introduces Legislation To Allow Any Employer To Deny Any Preventive Health Service

Member lookup is now available from your DU Mail inbox

proof politicians are snakes

Argentina accuses UK of deploying nuclear weapons near Falkland Islands

Trader Joe's signed!

From those wonderful folks who brought you the 79.9% APR credit card...

More dogs sick as FDA steps up scrutiny of chicken jerky pet treats

A US government program secretly injected people with plutonium

My cat, Bevy.

Spectacular 'cloud tsunami' rolls over Florida high-rise condos

Franco is still dead… by Scott Horton

The Political Intelligence Industry


Here's a few recipes for...Kitchen Dancing !

USDA changes growing zone charts to reflect global warming ( pics)