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Archives: February 24, 2012

Texas: New rule designed to exclude PP from participation in the Women's Health Program

The Catholic Church is not against birth control. It allows you to use ineffective birth control

Decision on Texas voter-ID law could be a long time coming

Note To Newt: Time To Retire "Outrageous" And "Fundamental" From Your Vocabulary

Catholic Nuns File Brief Supporting Affordable Care Act

20 g-ddamned minutes and counting! Netflix DVD Contagion preview trailers still playing!

What Reporters Are Getting Wrong About Gas Prices

A co-worker just received notice that the county DA is watching her delinquent 4 y.o.

Corbett changed business tax rules on his own, costing PA. $200 million in business taxes

Anonymous engages WSJ with :gasp: Facebook comment flashmob

Rasmussen tracking: Obama 49 Romney 39 / Obama 48 Santorum 41

For those going through Downton Abbey withdrawal,

So we have mitten's wife and frothy in town (Dallas) trying to raise money

Who wants to help start a new trend in discussions on DU?

CAPTION.... for the children

Tonight on Countdown:Robert Reich, Russ Feingold

Minnesota Senate passes bill broadening use of deadly force in self defense

Facilities Services at Texas A&M may be outsourced, officials said

Three Black Crows, from a guy I met in a park in 1981, Craig Cornett.

F-16 pilot saves U.S. taxpayers about $20 million. Nice job, at risk of own life.

Massive crack in Antartica's Pine Island Glacier growing

Holy crap people are SO nuts. Do people really believe the shit they spew? Look at a reply I got

Lucy "Xena" Lawless trying to save Alaska

Oil and Gas Industry Pushes Back on Obama Tax Plan

'Personhood' bill dies in Virginia Senate

Gov. Perry to have clavicle surgery

"All known copies" of John Edwards / Rielle Hunter sex tape to be destroyed

Obama: GOP philosophy is 'wrong about America'

All yankees move out of the South.

Scifi author spoils his entire book series for terminally ill fan

Who would be the best Republican, no joke.

Wisconsin Dems File Complaint With State Against David Koch

President Obama requested prayers for his family

Martin Bashir is tearing ReTHUGS a new one on Ed Shultz


Specter contradicts Santorum's claims.

TX GOP Senate Candidate Craig James Claims That Being Gay Is A Choice That Will Be Punished By God

New Texas rule could end Women's Health Program

Cast iron cleaning and care

Obama ‘Drills’ Republicans For Rooting For High Gas Prices

Pelosi blames "Wall Street profiteering" for high gas prices

Santorum Cites Racist Author To Defend His Views On ‘The Dangers Of Contraception’

Bill Mahrer live on Yahoo Screen tonight!

Hobo Hunt Is Appalling - Wanna take a pic of a hobo and 'hunt' them? There's an app for that.

Just when you think you've seen it all: Obama can't be president because he's 'mulatto'

Angry Republican Congressman Asks Why It Costs $70 To Fill Up His 2008 Hummer

Ron Paul Fans Outraged That Santorum Shook His Hand Too Hard

Why are we scared of ghosts? Even if the ghost has little earing nuggets

Because of...

Heads Up: Bill Maher free live-stream LIVE special "Crazy Stupid Politics" tonight at 10:30pm ET

USPS to close mail processing/distribution centers in Cape Girardeau and Springfield

Newt Gingrich calls Obama’s apology for Koran burning "an outrage"

Any "must-see" or "must-do" suggestions when visiting Norway and Sweden? n/t

Annoyance of the month ;)

When will corporations vote, just like other people?

That massive fraud being exposed in the House of Lords - MUST WATCH

Dish Network Closing 500 Blockbuster Stores

[To Admins] Regardng South bashing

In a Gamble for Cash, Sears Plans to Sell Stores

Toles Toon- I know how to keep them under control

Citigroup: Shale oil fracking has killed peak oil

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Fracked Up

U.S. appeals court finds collection of DNA upon arrest (not conviction) is constitutional

Best museum/art gallery you have been to? Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. Musee D'Orsay

I just made chocolate fudge brownies...

Mitt Romney Super PAC Republishes 2007 Romney Ad, Violating Finance Laws, Watchdog Says

You wanna talk about voter fraud? I gotcher voter fraud right here.

Obama Administration Unveils Blueprint for a “Privacy Bill of Rights” to Protect Consumers Online

Shocker: National debt would increase under all Republican candidates' tax plans

Anti-underage drinking advocate charged with providing teen party spot before DWI crash

Timothy Egan, NYT: Theocracy and Its Discontents

Military did damage control in wake of Peter MacKay’s helicopter flight

"Friends of Syria" to demand ceasefire (Reuters)

Ted Turner, Special to CNN: Stop Keystone pipeline before it's too late

Mitt Romney does a few things *Really* *Really* *REALLY* well . . . . .

Glen Beck is now a tax-deductible charity

I've got to give Tebow props for this one.

Piers Morgan has a bunch of Repukes on to talk debate right now. Let us see how they

AIG posts huge 4th-quarter profit on tax benefit

Waking up from hibernation is hard work - pics

southside shadow skater

Gay Marriage Passes and is Vetoed by T-Rex Governor Christie

AC 360 Breaking News. Many middle eastern nations are sending arms to Syrian opposition. Cooper

Bank of America to stop selling new home loans to Fannie Mae

More Indiana Women Carrying Guns

I thought this was so wonderful

Yikes: CNN Zoomed In On ‘Frothy Santorum’ Sign During AZ Debate

What kind of posthumous behavior should be legalized?

Santorum Cites Racist Author To Defend His Views On ‘The Dangers Of Contraception’

Knicks’ Shooting Star Gets Dose of Humility

What future technology do you look forward to? I can't wait until they have a pretty safe

Decomposing GOP!

Another Hoke County family says school is telling their child what to eat

I think The Office is back!

Since when has Christianne Amanpour been back on CNN? I love her.

Matt Taibbi: Arizona Debate/Republican Disaster: "This is the last stage in any paranoid illness"

Youcef Nadarkhani, Iranian Pastor, May Face Execution For 'Apostasy From Islam' (REPORT)

Israel: Messianic Settlers Provoke Violence And Seek Final Day Of Reckoning

Wall Street Oil Speculation Driving Surge in Gas Prices

Girl tattoos boyfriends face on her arm after 1 week of dating.

W VA Coal Mine-mid-level managers charged & are COOPERATING with the feds to go after HIGHER-UPS

Feature request:

...Ron Paul was right: people like Gingrich, Santorum and Romney are pushing us toward war ...

On this day in 1954, the first mass vaccination of children began...

Bill Maher streaming live on Yahoo - Now

You know who we've not been hearing from very much of late?

Are we looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iran?

Evaluation Deal is Major Defeat for NY Teachers—Harbinger for Others?

Race to the bottom of the ocean: Why go down? (BBC)

Why Girls Don’t Go For STEM Careers

Cali Community College Budgets Slashed $564 million

ctv news: Liberal & NDP supporters in Canada were robotcalled by Edmonton firm and tricked

Court throws out Armenian class-action lawsuit

Mercury News editorial: The hottest U.S. trend: single moms

Progressive events happening through April.

Rick Santorum winning more support from Republican women

I want to believe in a God.

Van Wanggaard - Mining - "It's My Bill" (excellent news herein)

Waiting Underground... patti smith

There once was a cousin. Non-political. In Florida.

Bank of America Breaks With Fannie Mae

Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Teachers: Reply to Obama Fundraising Pitches as Follows:

Krugman: Romney 'running a campaign of almost pathological dishonesty'


The Nuclear Industry’s Answer to Its Marketplace Woes

Classical Music Heads up: Placido Domingo on with Steve Colbert in a few minutes

Bill Maher giving Obama's super-pac ONE MILLION DOLLARS !!!

Gay Dallas judge won’t conduct marriages because they ‘can’t be performed for me’

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Warren G. Harding - Horndog In Chief

Toons: Libertarian Bologna, Focus on the Uterus, Santorum Attacks and More. - 2/23/12

NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando, FL off to a rollicking start.

MN A.L.E.C. Legislator authors bill that limits government's ability to stop Fracking

MN A.L.E.C. Legislator authors bill that limits government's ability to stop Fracking

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Mike Duvall - Spreading the News

gingrich says Obama "surrendered" by apologizing to Afghans

Bill Maher Presents Obama Super PAC With $1 Million Check - PHOTO

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Neil Bush - Strange Love

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Dan Burton - Love Child

Jon Stewart Slams The GOP Debate: Three Men And A White-Haired Man-Baby - video

Maybe Occupy is a harbinger of what democracy will look like: where people get together

Alert Reason vs Your Reason For Hiding

‘We’re the official OWS group!’ ‘No, we’re the official OWS group!’ and so forth

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Bob Livingston - Ladies' Man

I've Decided to Travel to Amsterdam later this Year

NewYork Times: Pentagon Says U.S. Citizens With Terrorism Ties Can Be Targeted in Strikes

I just watched "The Yellow Handkerchief" on

I planted lettuce today

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Helen Chenoweth - Lust On The Range

Salma Hayek and Doha Film Institute to Adapt Khalil Gibran’s 'The Prophet' into Animated Movie.

state by state speak your mind about...massachusetts

state by state about massachusetts

Scifi author spoils his entire book series for terminally ill fan

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, February 23)

Welcome to Brownbackistan where Kansas used to be.

Anybody seen "Touch"?

Judge jury and executioner

Republican Sex Scandals!

Brent Bozell To Eliminate ‘Evil’ Contraceptive, Abortion Services From MRC Staff Insurance Plan

So Glad I Made It

U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb

Low-wage Facebook contractor leaks secret censorship list

Shocking, I know - Neither Abortion nor Birth Control were discussed at Girl Scouts tonight

Miami fans stump for Peyton Manning

Yunus Rahmatullah cannot be freed by habeas corpus, appeal court rules

Pregnant Monkeys Miscarry to Avoid Infanticide

Santorum: Obama wants to 'indoctrinate' students by boosting college enrollment

In Tax Fight, Tribes Make, and Sell, Cigarettes

Terror detainee who once lived in U.S. reaches plea deal

Dennis Kucinich vs Marcy Kaptur

The Perfect GOP Ticket

Bill Maher donates $1 million to Obama Super PAC

Japanese proverb for the day

Duval court hearing: No kids for now in church where sex offender preaches

(Occupy Redwood City) Gloria Takla, one of the 99% fighting to save her home from foreclosure

Most Republicans know that the best way to generate heat is with friction...

Some people think that Chris Christie is much too out of shape to effectively hold office...

Lawrence O’Donnell Blasts Ron Paul As ‘Fake Libertarian’

The timing of Occupy is also unique. I remember learning that it took 5+ years for the UN

A lot of people find fault with Newt Gingrich for the size of his massive ego...

So, can we point out and strategize when Occupy is being

Iraqi Prisoner Tied to Hezbollah Faces U.S. Military Charges

One hundred seventeen MILLION gallons of gas, diesel, and jet fuel exported EVERY DAY...

(former defense minister) Salvadoran May Face Deportation for Murders

How to Halt the Butchery in Syria - establish “no-kill zones”

Muslims Who Kill for the Qur'an Should Read it Instead

Corporate Money Unplugged

What makes the Mormons "baptizing" dead people worse than baptizing babies?

Project Icarus: Laying the Plans for Interstellar Travel


I see, so if it's a joke it's just fine.

GOP Introduces New "Mystery Candidate" With Paper Bag Over Head

Texas: Burnt Orange Report website now has a 'Video of the Day' page

Come Sail Away (with Styx in 1978)

I miss Firewalkwithme

So Im an extremely(?) liberal Dem- and what the GOP has become makes me sad

Wildlife photographers turn their cameras toward conservation

Thousands Rush In To Fill 175 Hawaiian Airlines Jobs

Why hasn't Nancy Grace Been Fired?

Damn. Texas may end program that provides contraceptives, cancer screenings to poor women

Marcy Kaptur, Dick Cheney and the Death of Social Security

Mitt Romney asks the hard question, in song: "Am I a man, or a muppet"?

Marcy Kaptur, Dick Cheney and the Death of Social Security

A Brief History of the War Formerly Known As The Global War On Terror

Please Keep Your Government Hands On My University

God Save the Queen: Why the British Monarchy May Not Outlive Elizabeth

How much would you be willing to forgive?

llano county courhouse

Rihanna is going to be seriously injured or killed.

video clips from Bill Maher's yahoo performance

6 Pathetic Right-Wing Attempts to Defend the Indefensible Citizens United (Debunked)

Santorum woos the wealthy in Westlake

Santorum woos the wealthy in Westlake

David Brown on Public Health & Fracking

David Brown on Public Health & Fracking

So, a 'question' for folks 50+ years old that lived/grew up when there was GOOD rock-n-roll ...

TUC says more older staff working unpaid

Occupy Protesters Ejected From Dallas School Board Meeting (Teachers Also Demonstrate)

This sexy vegan guy has some funny videos.

Election fraud allegations raise doubts about N.S. riding results

The hard labour behind soft drinks

Is there a way to find out who is blocking mail from me?

All y'all who are so inclined better quit South bashing!

what song do you have stuck in your head?

Toon- All His Fault

Eventually, "compromise" is a word Republicans will embrace.

NPR-Palin Before Resignation: I Can't Take It Anymore

Muslim worshippers, Israeli police clash at Jerusalem's Temple Mount

Dear South bashers: Give up rock and roll

Woman Pleads Guilty to Scamming Nigerian Scam Artists

Rhinoceros Horn Smuggling Ring Busted By Federal Wildlife Investigators

I would be willing to bet there isn't a Southerner on this board that has owned a slave.

Anti teacher bill advances in MO

Boogety, boogety, boogety shoo

-Karen Santorum: husband’s presidential run is ‘God’s will’

Sen. Pat Roberts' Wichita office receives letter with 'suspicious powdery substance'

Threats to the Current Recovery

Greek identity crisis

Foundation Medicine: Personalizing Cancer Drugs

The Big Deficit Lie: Every GOP Debt Plan Leaves Us With More Debt

California Republicans meet to ponder their relevance

What's everyone doing on March 1?

"Mulattos" Can't Be President

Oh My Dear Mrs Santorum

John King Completely Passive with GOP Warmongers

The Actual 'Seinfeld Quotes' That Romney Shoulda' Used

DC City Council To Pass A Bill Making Occupy Illegal

So just in the last two days...

Okay help me out here. When the oil prices started spiking and oil company CEOs started being

Exxon makes two cents a gallon on oil is bunk!

So the great libertarian Ron Paul

Wisconsin-Expert witness: latinos' voting rights 'significantly diminished' under redrawn maps

Frothy Santorium Sign Made it on CNN's Debate

The increasingly worthless GOP nomination

I saw the transvaginal rape sponsor on the news last night

Advanced melanoma drug nearly doubles survival time

Placido (Domingo) and Stephen (Colbert) - Hear them sing a Verdi Duet

Viagra could help kids with rare disorder

Jerrold Nadler is sooooooo fat!!! OMG! Just look! Look!!

Orphan by Sam Baker

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Feb 24th

Really low-class threads are populating GD

Dawkins: I can't be sure God does not exist

Tweety, Santorum and the Pope

More than a significant legal achievement -- a purchase on a new season for justice

Judge says Wash. can’t make pharmacies sell Plan B

Arlen Specter challenges Rick Santorum’s account of conversation about endorsement

More on our missing person/187 hot mess in SC:

Dean Baker: President Obama Doesn't Just Say We Are Producing More Oil, We Are Producing More Oil

World Bank issues SOS for oceans, backs alliance

Woman Says Pastor Abused Her for Years

Bucking gender expectations: For kids, it's relatively common

I am beginning to take it all personally.

Billionaire Russian rapper running for president

FCC Asks If Cable TV Rules Should Change

President Obama Made a Bold and Decisive Rescue of the Auto Industry -- End of Story.

Jeb Bush: "I used to be a conservative..."

Magic Johnson Launching African-American Focused TV Channel

How about I cut my cable bill down by not being forced to carry all those relgious

NYT's Charles Blow to Romney: 'Stick that in your magic underwear'

Sen. John Kerry writes in support of Netroots for the Troops

Small Payment Could Be Big Problem For Babeu And His Immigrant Ex-Boyfriend

Mitt's challenge today: to make Ford Field with 65,000 seats seem full with 1200 people

School bans man taping girls basketball from school grounds

A gift from the Dead

Field Poll: Californians willing to tax wealthy

France drops use of ‘mademoiselle’ to describe unmarried women on official documents

Bill Would Ban Sale Of Sports Drinks In California Middle And High Schools

Romney camp's game plan: Make Ford Field look crowded

G.O.P. Fund-Raiser Faces Inquiries Into His Races

The Big Deficit Lie: Every GOP Debt Plan Leaves Us With More Debt

Any Trent Reznor fans?

Luckovich nails Romney on the auto bailout

Several articles about how budget cuts to PA. public schools are hitting too hard

Specter: "I do not think it is realistic for Rick [Santorum] to represent America."

(IN) Rep Backtracks From Attack On Girl Scouts, While Other Right-Wing Groups Continue Smearing

Bite Me

Juicer shopping again....

Let Women Speak! Rally in Dracut, Saturday Feb. 25th 8:30-9:30 AM

50 ways to re-use your yoga mat

Today, Governors From Both Parties Join Lobbyists To Wine, Dine, And Discuss New NAFTA-Like Deal

Matt Taibbi scores again...

"Let tubal pregnancy rupture" - Personhood Initiative

Elizabeth Warren: Denying women coverage under any guise is a big step backward

Insight: Japan's nuclear crisis goes much further than Fukushima

How Bradley Manning was Upholding, not Breaking, the Law; The Nuremberg Principals:

Asked Directly About Gas Prices, GOP Candidates Don’t Have Answers

Deposit Flows Show Money Leaking From S. Europe to Germany

Ron Paulbot Family Members

Sen. Bill Nelson Uses Six Cows To Avoid Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Property Taxes

A list of New York's top burgers.

How the GOP Primary Became a Contest Among America’s Rich Drunk Uncles

a few musical revelations for me... Matt Woods, Otis Gibbs, American Anodyne

Seven States Sue Over Health-Care Law Birth Control Mandate

PA Poll: Ricky has huge lead ; Obama leads GOP

Uterus police - by Matt Bors

What Everone Needs to Know About Obama's Costly Corporate Tax Cut, and How to Fix It:

Drumbeat: February 24, 2012

Drumbeat: February 24, 2012

Guy walks into Denny's announces he is new manager and cooks himself dinner...

Mitt In Michigan

Captions needed for the Three Stooges

Found, The "Missing Link"

Gallup: 51% think OBAMA is too Lib while agreeing in 47% with his positions on their issues

I'm outraged about something and nobody else understands!

7 female Missouri House members say they were kept out of contraception debate

Washington Post Profit Drops as Enrollment Falls at Kaplan Education Unit

Bailed Out AIG Posts Huge "Beat" On Tax Gimmick, Will Avoid Paying Taxes For Years

A good cup of tea

Maryland Republican: Meeting gay couples left me 'changed person'

Mouse Howls Like a Wolf, Bites Like a Tiger

Punishing Protest

is this actually democracy?

Cop Identified in Scott Olsen Incident?

A book for loners, perhaps...

Brave Boy, 12, Calls Halt to Cancer Treatment

Danziger TOON- Santorum Invokes!

Stocks open higher; Dow edges above 13,000 mark

If you are interested in the FBI's surveillance of Muslims in NYC

Romney camp's game plan: Make Ford Field look crowded

Seven states sue government over contraceptives mandate

Marco Rubio is the Anti-Christ?

President Obama Campaign Opens Fifth Office In Virginia

EU ban on Iran oil may be bonus to Tehran's fields

"Zombie sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "zombie sex".

Nervously, world powers eye greater Somalia action

Santorum Describes Social Security & Medicare Beneficiaries as Drug Addicts Needing a “Dime Bag”


UN Security Council condemns terror attacks on Israeli diplomats

Satan’s Indoctrination Camps

this is worth a read-

Omg. Gen. Vides Cassanova is being deported from Florida to El Salvador

Problem trying to post a video

The Secret Sharer Is Thomas Drake an enemy of the state? {wiretapping, etc}

Once Again, Romney Camp E-Mails Endorsement With Criticisms Removed

Santorum Michigan Ad Artfully Fails To Mention He Opposed Auto Bailout

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 25, 2012 -- 31 Days Of Oscar: California, Day One

Freedom From Religion : A Fearless Young Woman Takes a Stand

Looks like Palin is thinking about running.

In honor of the upcoming Oscars...

Pastor to End Rooftop Vigil after Donation

Brown And Warren Do Battle Over Contraception Mandate

How Mitt Romney's Firm Tried — And Failed — To Build A Paper Empire

Free copy of "Remove Personal Energetic Blockages"--Demo Version

The Truth About Political Attacks Over High Gas Prices

Occupying Palestinian Water: The New Israeli/British Deal Threatens Gaza's Water Supply

how do we find the link to a group's DU archives?

Syria: The Horror of Homs, a City at War - Juan Cole

Rick Santorum winning more support from Republican women

Great Read Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost

Extradited AUC leader denounces 2nd 'Uribista' smear plot against court

Oh, let it all go, Rick.

Funny Friday...

Is the Senate trying to force Obama to go to war?

'US believes Iran not trying to build nuclear bomb'

How do we alert someone waiting in line for a tombstone.

Nule cousins go on hunger strike after private cook is removed

I remember the outrage when John Lennon commented that the Beatles were more

My LTTE published in local rag…

Colombia wants to export military expertise

Colombia wants to export military expertise

Thank You President Obama for Keeping American People Working

Frack It!

Flip-Flop: Santorum Backs Prenatal Testing For Evil - Insists Womb Exorcisms Should Be Free

Placement Service a Boon for People with Asperger's {denmark}

Tucker Carlson: Iran is "evil and deserves to be annihilated"

W. Pa. Tests Show Possible Gas Drilling Chemicals In Water; DEP Refused Follow-Up Tests

I'm bad news

Paul Mason of BBC on How Austerity is Reducing Greece to Developing Country Status

Jeb Bush, whose brother ran on fear & emotion, concerned about fear & emotion in current race

Debunking GOP “Drill Baby Drill” Gas Pump FALSEHOODS!

UAW members, other unions hold anti-Romney rally in Detroit

criminalizing the poor: from wellfare to cellfare

Has the system changed so that you don't go back to the full page after posting?

Colombia's land restitution threatened by armed groups

Amazing. Microsoft is now the part of the collective voices telling Google, 'Stop being evil.'

Anybody else notice

'Timonchenko is in Venezuela'

Russ Feingold, Obama Election Co-Chair: "The President Is Wrong" To Get Super PAC Money

Bully Documentary Given R Rating, Can't Be Shown in Schools

60 degrees yesterday, snow tonight.

What's behind the rising prices at the pump - and it ain't Republican propaganda.

Gov. McDonnell Says Marriage Equality Should Be Left To The States, But Claims Gays Make Inferior

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak Slams Peres for Opposing Strike on Iran

Sarah Palin on Alaska job: I can’t take it anymore, reveals new public emails

NYT actually has an official correction on their misquoting the $87 billion statement

What does K&R mean

We were right. R-Money back on top in Michigan

Family Research Council Clamoring to "Stop Fake Marriage"

Post your favorite practical jokes you have played on coworkers

Republican group appeals ruling striking down federal gay marriage ban

Trade unions versus Shareholder unions

Did the Stimulus Work?

JINSA: Defense Cuts Would Be 'Devastating'

Romney’s New Tax Plan Gives The Richest 0.1 Percent A $264,000 Tax Cut

The moral wisdom of Michael Moore

Requiem for a great mind: David M. Delaney

What would you ask?

Gay Texas judge refuses to wed straight couples

Anonymous hits Dayton (OH) FBI partner website, replaces homepage with 'Gangsta's Paradise' video

Threads of interest to see.

romney's big speech

Astounding Gentleman Shoots Himself in the Stomach Point Blank to Test Body Armor

Placement Service a Boon for People with Asperger's

How much can my 1957 Sunbeam Mixmaster handle?

Heaven's new angel: My cat Chewie

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Sells Out At Ford Field

Insane story about starting a business in Greece

LOL Romney’s Stadium Speech Today Dwarfed By Obama Stadium Speech In 2008

Financial speculators are a blight on the world's economy.

The Ugly Truth Behind Michigan's Budget Surplus

The Crisis of the African-American Intellectual: What's to Be Learned From West v. Harris Perry

Enjoy Beethoven's Ode to Joy sang by a 10,000 member choir.

Well, I finally got all the re-districting

6-million-gallon oil spill in NJ sends odor to Del., Md.

Hamas ditches Assad, backs Syrian revolt

Seattle Port Strike Challenges ‘Independent Contractor’ Lie

we need natural gas energy now

We gots tornado watches and warnings everywhere in SC.

Fruit Flies Use Alcohol as Medication

Syrian rebels get arms from abroad as Russia calls for an urgent ceasefire in Homs

Supreme Court delivers major ruling on water regulation

President Obama and Prayers



Church Lady Rick Santorum is driving me insane

Protecting the Promise of America (my MLK Day keynote address)

There is a lot of talk in this forum about god

DU Album of the Day: "Boston" Boston

No wonder R. Paul is not doing well in the race.

Protecting the Promise of America (My MLK Day keynote address) x-p

So in one year I've survived a Hurricane, an Earthquake, a Tornado and now an oil spill

Please I want help understanding Obama's use of Super Pacs This campaign season.

The Rude Pundit: Yep, Media Matters Is Right ...

Tears for my Son.

Lawmakers In Other States Claim They Have No Idea They Are Mandating Vaginal Probes

So, is Mittens the BushCo candidate this round?

Rodrigo y Gabriela guitar players.

I don't understand why people (whether media or even here) think a brokered convention will

Both sides file appeals over fee award in DC gun case

Bill Raggio, legendary Nevada moderate Republican, dies at 85

Do members of the MIRT get access to the Host Forum?...

Happy Birthday to Physical Graffiti - released 37 years ago today

One Is the Quirkiest Number

Red Cross in Syria's Baba Amr to evacuate wounded

GOP Rep Says “Killing a Couple” of Democrats Only Way To Pass Ryan Budget

faux live stream of romney speech in detroit.....nothing on screen

"National Frontrunner, Rick Santorum" OMG

Catholic Nuns File Brief Supporting Affordable Care Act

Elizabeth Warren - Denying women coverage under any guise is a big step backward

Reading through some recent threads apparently bashing fat people and Southerners is OK here at DU

my religious beliefs say that infidelity and premarital sex are sins....

Syrian baby "terrorists" lined up and shot - video (graphic)

Have you seen this Santorum toon? >>

Douchebag brigade awful quite about the Heat.

Catholic Nuns File Brief Supporting Affordable Care Act


Cool Electoral College quiz at

how depressing is this? Scott Ritter goes to prison

Mitt Romney speech to nearly empty Ford Field roundly mocked on Twitter (updated)

Smoking pot tied to slacking off at work

L.A. Times to launch paywall: 15 free stories per 30 days

Thom Hartmann: The REAL beginning of the end of carbon/nuclear power?

Look what's circling Ford Field in Detroit as Rmoney speaks inside...

iDatabase now on sale

The SCGOP Gubernatorial Primary: Five For 2014 To Oppose Haley (GAH!)

Romney camp's game plan: Make Ford Field look crowded

So two of our three ocean ways have made fishing ocean creatures impossible to be a livily hood.

NBC’s new battleground map

Female Mountie suspended seven days for sex in a police car with boss

Craig James: Being gay ‘is a choice … they are going to have to answer to the Lord’

on contraception fights: GOP again chooses rights of powerful over powerless

Some very important comments on the Catholic Bishops:

Now me and my mate were back at the shack

A potential client feels that crap at a bargain price is a bargain, not crap

K&R if you like Obama!

What if Mitt had run from the center?

Struggling Farmers Furious After Iraq Stops Buying US Rice, Opts For Cheaper Grain From India

Christopher Tappin condemns treatment as US extradition under way

NEW ad bli$ter$ Rmoney...

"Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually..."

NSFW - Disillusioned with current contenders, the GOP dig deeper for someone more appealing - NSFW

This Cheesy Snack Turns Your Tongue Blue


Catholic Nuns File Brief Supporting Affordable Care Act

Koch brothers, banks and many GOP backers are oil speculators behind rising gas prices...

Thom Hartmann: Does the 99% have support within the Occupy Movement?

cat using sign language to ask for food

Taking the 2012 Authenticity Test

The Jesuits have a Lenten gift for you:

Don’t tell us it’s not a class war

Today's jaw-droppingly racist Jeremy Lin tweet

I'm bringing yodelling back and you can't stop me!

The Hill: Romney Delivers Clunker in Detroit

UK media scandal: 2 new computer hacking arrests!

so newt knows how to get gas prices down to $2.50 and he won't tell us unless we elect him?

ANY Organized Religion that Limits Human Rights and Freedom is Wrong

Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann.

New profitable business venture: Post-mortem metaphysical asset conversion

Pennsylvania now doing an ultrasound bill with some worse measures. Sign petition!

Barack Obama Has Consistently Defended Religious Freedom - Mother Jones

President Obama's Faith Inspires Pastors' Defense Of White House Religion Policies - Huffpo

Hannity, RushBo MASHUP feat Colbert, Newt & Letterman [embedding fixed]

Ryan Brauns statement (video)

Communist Elections in Kansas!

Maine Marriage Referendum Gets Green Light

(MN) Mark Ritchie proposes a voter ID alternative that could make everyone happy

Lawsuit claims Obama can't be president because he's 'mulatto'

Citrus fruit lowers women’s stroke risk, study shows

How to Make a Stadium Look Full

Martin Bashir: Mitt Romney's campaign staff might just want to tell him to stop talking.

Field Poll: Californians willing to tax wealthy

So, tell me a little about the car.

Trial gets under way for Rutgers student accused of bullying (Tyler Clementi)

mrs. santorum weighs in on President Obama

Utah GOP bans sex education...

Germany Closes Afghan Military Base Early

California Republicans meet in Burlingame to ponder their relevance

Monsanto close to 'Agent Orange' settlement with US victims

Oil surges after Iran uranium warning

US new home sales indicate market stabilising

Florida lawmaker resigns over sexy texts to prosecutor

Cop busted by hidden cam for robbing police department refrigerator

Senate votes to reduce unemployment payments despite warning (Georgia)

Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost By Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone

Another One Percenter Asshole

Emma Harrison quits as chairman of welfare-to-work firm A4e (privatization)

How can a Gallup poll have 21% of Democrats saying Santorum is too liberal?

THIS is Ford Field:

How Free Public Schools in Pennsylvania Were Almost Eliminated, but then Saved by a Speech

jury service bug?

A gem from Carlin

Young woman who was shot in head at Lealman church dies

After laughing at the spectacle of Romney's speech, look at the emptiness of his plan

Romney's plan to save Detroit: Buy all the cars for his wife, Ann.

Cat named Pudding rescues owner hours after his adoption

DNA samples of felony arrestees OK, court rules

Raw milk causes most illnesses from dairy, study finds

Undergraduate STEM Education Report Released

"Rick Santorum" — A BLR Soundbite (Hilarious!)

Media Fixates On Near-Empty Stadium Rather Than Romney’s Speech

Seattle to build nation's first food forest

This is my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strip. (I think I've fixed it.)

Pelosi Spokesman Blasts Boehner's DOMA Appeal As 'Purely Partisan'

A WTF moment from the Virginia legislature. Joking about not getting laid because of proposed

Dems launch:

Goldline Hit With Injunction, Agrees To Repay Defrauded Customers $4.5 Million

The other side of the coin with this "Prolife",,as in the ELDLERY

Woman thinks Chicken Nugget resembles George Washington (not the Onion)

Santorum has the clap? "What's in here! What's up here! And what's burnin' down HERE!"


if your fast and if your lucky

Judge awards iPhone user $850 in throttling case

More hate being spread by Republican Congressman

GOP Leaders' Legal Team Will Appeal DOMA Unconstitutional Ruling

Wikileaks Cables Reveal Killing Hits Record Levels: Slaughter in Colombia

It's Time to Vote. Seriously.

Wikileaks Cables Reveal Killing Hits Record Levels: Slaughter in Colombia

S.&P. 500 Closes at Highest Level Since 2008.

Krewe of Muses will fete autistic girl jeered by drunken louts on parade route

Went to the grocery store today, and I've come up with one inescapable conclusion...

Rubio isn't a Christian.

Mitt Romney needs all those cars because of all those mansions (updated)

Why New Obama, Romney Tax Plans Are Going Nowhere

Is tomorrow the last game of the Border War?

Peculiar proliferation of Palestine refugees

Placido and Colbert singing TOGETHER!!!

Qnexa for weight loss approved

Congress members urge Iraq to buy US rice

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog crashes the Golden Collar Awards

Anybody else checking out "Tinfoil Tuesday" over at

City of Stockton will suspend bond payments to avoid bankruptcy

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins goes off on tea-bagger...

Rick Santorum Blasts Contraception, Electricity, Soap

Mainscream Media: Iran hysteria stirring up in US

U.S. Sanctions Japan’s Largest Organized-Crime Group

Romney Fails His Own ‘Moral Responsibility’ Test, Can’t Balance His Campaign’s Budget

Clinton Blasts Russia, China For Opposing Action On Syria

John Bolton Insults Anti-War Iraq Veteran (Video)

'CIA & Western media's total fiasco in Syria'

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Abe Vigoda is NOT dead...he's 91 years old today!

Which politician do you dislike the most and why? I don't like the psychopaths in the GOP either

Romney's Mass Meeting in Detroit. Really impressive!

Turn on Tweety right fugging now

Yahoo Censors Bill Maher’s Criticism of Citizens United

Mittens Romney: "Ann drives...uh...a couple of cadillacs actually."

Hello, DU! The fabulous Friday Afternoon Challenge: MORE Dudes in Cool Threads!

So, now I have to take diuretics. What a pisser!

YouTube: "502. That’s an error. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know."

US drone strike kills 4 in Somalia

U.S. senators meet Raul Castro on relations

U.S. senators meet Raul Castro on relations

Targeted Killing Drone Strikes: Secret or Not? The Government Wants It Both Ways

Glenn Greenwald: Those weak losers who care about “law”

'Drones will strike Pakistan as long as US wants'

Who's car was Mitt driving in that in famous Michigan ad of his? How phony can you get?

Exclusive: State Department Quietly Warning Region On Syrian WMDs

Chilean police arrest fugitive Argentine judge

Chilean police arrest fugitive Argentine judge

Republican Florida congressman critices Obama for high gas prices

AP IMPACT: study suggests drones kill far fewer civilians than many Pakistanis believe

The Mutt Romney Blues

The Rise and Fall of the CD

Mitt Romney Stands By His Treesonous Declaration!

GOP drawing down on the Congressional Budget Office -WSJ

Keiser Report: Burning Bankers Pays (E253)

PHOTO: Böner's "sun-kissed."

Fired up!

Pakistan, US hold fence-mending talks in London

Friday afternoon humor

Punk Economics: Lessons 1 & 2 : How the Banking System is Raping Ireland & Greece

Yep, #2, #3 and #4. "No explanation given" is accurate. Because there is none.

Arlen Specter challenges Rick Santorum’s account of conversation about endorsement

Most hated state---California


What is Romney's current position on contraception and women's health issues?

What is the appropriate consequence -

Just vacuumed. Ask me anything.... except for where my cat is. LOL!

So, Willard Romney is campaigning in Flint Michigan, tomorrow

Romney speech falls flat in Detroit

“Kill the Gays” bill petition to Citibank and Barclays

Report: Android malware up 3,325% in 2011

My friend just created beads celebrating gay marriage!

Stop me if you've heard this one before:

Rotten to the Core

Fermilab scientists find W Boson, giving clues to the mass of the Higgs

Has the White House Changed Its Tune on the Nature of the Recession?

I just pleasured myself.

What is the most eventful flight/ride you have ever been on? I once was flying from Ottawa

Where is Mitt's legal residence?

"Mr. Santorum, educating you makes my head hurt."

Proof that War Is Bad for the Economy

David Shuster is sitting in for KO tonight.

(For immediate release: Friday, Feb. 24, 2012) President Obama joins UAW members at conference

What country's history would you like to read up on next? I've always avoided British history like

Kansas GOP: Poor Are Too Rich

an interesting read imo: "Don't Trust Any Feminists Under 30"

I just learned that Coinstar machines will trade for gift cards at no loss...

$78 or $274,000...which would you rather have? Mitt Romney has the answer.

Mitt Romney campaign: We had 'nothing to do with' picking Ford Field

Is GD now like...'The Hip Sophisticate's Lounge'?

STOP Spike TV from looting our collective past!

See Venus, Jupiter & Moon Align in Weekend Celestial Show - AWESOME

Mitt Romney promises anti-union construction business lobby he'll make their dreams come true

Damn that was funny - to the tune of Rmoney's version of America the Beautiful

We are at one of those points in history when

Salon: Ending the downward spiral on women’s rights

H/T to Alex Hogan and the IBEW For This Great Find (Romney)

Marriage is Free Expression, Whatever Your Orientation

Weekend Economists Go for the Gusto February 24-26, 2012

Wisconsin Workers Sticking with the Union

Capito says GOP presidential win will be difficult

Chris Whalen talks about MF Global and JP Morgan (Morgan has much of the 'missing' $$'s , SURPRISE!)

Prioritizing Reproductive Health, Empowering Women and Girls

Lawsuit Claims Obama Can’t Be President Because He’s Black. Seriously.

Do you remember the forum-picker drop-down at the bottom of each DU2 page?

General Ripper Santorum: America would lose its [purity and] "essence" [of its natural... fluids].