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Archives: February 28, 2012

I got this e-mail from Daily Kos suggesting that I vote for Santorum in tomorrow's Michigan primary.

"So now the corporate ed reformers are making a big movie about the "parent trigger.""

Syria referendum 'a sham' - Diplomats estimate that only 5% of the population turned out to vote

Just watched CBS News coverage of RMoneySanitarium....only one word to describe it....

Maryland Governor to Sign Same-Sex Marriage Into Law on Thursday

Syria: Red Crescent bid to evacuate Homs journalists fails

Nearly half the girls in India are married before they are 18

Governor needs to stay in Texas, tend to state business

Voters in two states will have the chance to legalize pot in November.

Tonight on Countdown:Rep. Rush Holt

Hell off Earth: Blustery Exoplanet Charted in 2-D for First Time

What might be Strike Three for Costa Cruise Lines?

Peter Gleick lied, but was it justified by the wider good?

Mondragon (Spain), a world-class Cooperative business example & model that's sorely needed in the US

New Energy-Dense Battery Could Enable Long-Distance Electric Cars

Post a weird brand name.

I had a thread blocked today because tweets aren't considered LBN? It was from Dan Pfeiffer, the WH

I need some help with a decision about voting in the Michigan Reptilian Primary...

"Time Crystals" Could Be a Legitimate Form of Perpetual Motion

Senate bill to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act would eliminate overtime pay for many IT workers.

What the hell is this shit??

Some say that pet ownership is slavery.

Romney on Abortion - 2002

Romney Camp Calls Santorum's Dem Robocalls 'Outrageous'

Update-- Santorum's MoralityMobile at Daytona

Ayn Rand - Teapotter Greedhead Dreamdate of the Neocon Set

frothy's car is 6th from last place

Bill Mahar headlines in the right wing media

Santorum Flavor of the Week? REALLY?

Stop In the Name Of the Endangered Species Law: Put That Sea Turtle Back

Mitt Romney’s Top 10 Out Of Touch Moments

Michigan delegate allocation rules. It looks like Paul and Gingrich won't get any.

Casting HBO's election 2012 movie...

Daytona 500 at night.

Wealthy More Likely To Lie, Cheat: Researchers

need adobe flash professional help BADLY

Unhinged GOPers in Wyoming

Defector claims to prove the atrocities

Shooting Tragedy In Chardon, Ohio

Bank switching movement is real

APEX image of a star-forming filament in Taurus

Willard Rmoney is a pathological LIAR who just loves to

OPPD’s nuclear problems: how far will they go? (great investigative report by KVNO!)

Capital Account: Is the "Demographic Carry-trade" putting Human Capital at Risk of Flight in Europe?

RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

The Young Turks: "Rick Santorum, H.O.T.U.S."

Remember when the teabaggers were touting the demographics that showed they were more educated

Who Picks the Oscars? White Men.

There Was No Bowles-Simpson Commission Report

Hitler Informed Rick Santorum Is Not on Virginia Ballot

Can anyone talk about experience with Depakote?

Iran ups repression of dissent ahead of vote: Amnesty

Airplane Poops on N.Y. Couple

Photo of gay Marine kissing boyfriend receives flood of support

Piers Morgan interviewing Bill Maher tonight. Just an fyi.

Obama: 'I Don't Think Any Parent Thinks Its Snobbery To Hope For The Best Education Possible'

Alaska is about to get fracked up

I keep thinking Rmoney is actually a reptile-man desperately trying to convince us he's human.


"Days of Blunder."

Giant prehistoric penguins!

Arsenal post big profits...

There's Been A Big, Secular Trend Of People Eating More Meals At Home

I think a new type of women's assisance program needs to be organized. Singing and dancing for the

The Geek Zodiac--what's your sign

PSA for all would be mass murderers, "START WITH YOURSELF" n/t

Would you vote for a candidate that promised $2.50 gas? Newt thinks you will!

Detroit automakers race to keep up with sales

White House, NSA weigh cybersecurity, personal privacy (WH blocks NSA from expanding monitoring)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! I’d Like to Thank the Academy . . .

Warren Buffett Reacts to Chris Christie's "Write A Check And Shut Up" Comment

Occupy London Being Broken Up

Is MegaUpload running really slow for anyone else lately?

USA Today/Gallup poll shows Santorum in a lead over Obama

RIP Jan Berenstain...

Romney at Daytona: "I love this stuff. I've always been a huge NASDAQ fan."

Amazingly (or maybe not so much) USA M$M utterly IGNORES Wikileaks bombshell on Stratfor Corporation

Michael Moore on "Rachel Maddow" compares repubs in MI to a Red Sox fan in NY.

they're rockin' in the white house

"Operation Hilarity":

Buffett mocks Christie for 'write a check and shut up' remark

American Spectator publisher Alfred S. Regnery ousted

How about a Steven Wright One Liner thread and here we go,,,,,

Wife beater and drug abuser Kid Rock performs for Romney.

There seem to be a lot of spam posts lately -

did anyone hear a caller on Thom Hartmann say "I don't give a f..."?

Can sig lines be alerted on?

so I just found out the Forest Service is planning to do a controled burn at Rucker Lake tomorrow

Delegate Selection Process for Conventions

antique show withdrawal

Homeland Security Dept. Pays General Dynamics to Scour Internet for Criticism of its Policies

(now w/audio) Savage used today's school shooting to defend bullying as a natural rite of passage

This is in-frickin-sane!!! Pennsylvania poised to enact most restrictive abortion law of 2012

Monsanto Agrees to Pay Victims of Dioxin in West Virginia…But Not Much

Nascar car crashed into jet engine track dryer. Huge fire

US snubs out legal cigar transaction

Extreme poverty: 2.8 million children in the U.S. live on $2 per day

A new chapter in the fight against Keystone XL

19,000 hits on "Angie's right leg" on the internet according to Piers Morgan.

California Likes Facebook IPO's Tax Possibilities

Buenos Aires - Inception Park

I drove about 30 miles through southeastern Ohio today,

Has anyone seen the movie "The Accidental Husband"? Is it any good?

What are you reading tonight Lounge? I'm reading Elizabeth George's latest " Believing

Occupy London: police and bailiffs move in to evict St Paul's protesters

Idea for a gameshow: Are You Less Naive Than an Ivy Leaguer?

“Am I ugly?” Teens turn to YouTube trolls for the answer

AP source: Israel will keep US out of the loop if it decides to strike Iran’s nuclear program

What's the big deal with spam?

Juror #3, FTW!

Obama just won Colorado again. Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act Qualifies for 2012 Ballot:

(NLRB) Pilot program under consideration to consolidate Regional Offices

The most awesome new sport ever...

In light of some recent postings and articles, it's time to revisit this...again.

Napolitano: Mexican drug war 'not a failure'

Santorum, in Ultimate Appeal to GOP Base, Proposes Transvaginal Oil Pipeline

Should Wyoming Build an Aircraft Carrier?

"The spilled fluids are cleaned up."

Lesbians Charged in Alleged Hate Crime Against Gay Man

Bad Teachers or Bad Ratings?

My little grandnephew in his football gear.

FBI enlists 'Gordon Gekko' in financial crimes campaign

Fox Attacks On Obama Ignore Bush Apology For Quran Desecration big picture: Gerd Ludwig's "Long Shadow of Chernobyl" project

PPPs final Michigan Numbers Santorum 39, Romney 34.

Newport Beach restaurant: 1% tip a hoax

How long after a show has ended on a tv network do you see it in the video stores? I'm

This settles the matter

Gas Drilling Companies & Walmart are using "The Delaware Loophole" to avoid paying PA. taxes

I agree with Maher that his bet is during election night it will be very close

What is the furthest you have been out to sea? I only got as far as the mouth of the Halifax

Romney is tanking on Intrade (to win Michigan)...

You know what makes me want to throw up, Rick?

Wealthy, motivated by greed, are more likely to cheat, study finds

Rick Santorum: Degreed and Intellectually Flawed!

Do we have the skinny yet on the Ohio school murderer?

We may be about to witness the end of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

Pollster: Mormonism may cost Romney the Michigan primary.

Massacre in Homs as rescue bid fails

Robert Reich: The loony right is a clear and present danger.

Nuclear Energy Group Sues Over Uranium Mining Ban in Arizona

Republicans are openly arguing for us to be DUMBER? LOL WUT?!?

Toons: Abstinence Only 101, Ye 1800s, Heathen Americans and More. - 2/27/12

Jennifer Granholm: Thanks, GOP candidates, for move to far right

I PREDICT Santorum will win Michigan & Arizona, will get drunk with power, & have his Macaca moment.

New Information in Earth Liberation Front Prosecution

Video of NASCAR race car crash with jet dry vehicle

Send some good thoughts to my mom, please!

Tangerine Dream - Thief

Mercury News editorial: Gas price spikes aren't Obama's fault

Intrade votes re Michigan: Santorum 52% Romney 47%, Romney's chance of GE down to 28%

WikiLeaks 2.0 - Assange & Anonymous could change the landscape of hacktivism


S&P Declares Greece in Default

White House Vows to 'Expedite' New Pipeline Proposal

Herman Cain: Disrespect for Bush was greater than the disrespect for Obama. CAIN!

Ralph Nader Is At It Again, Endorses Ron Paul

Just called my parents in Michigan about the primary.

Aplicacion Legal Desplazada #1: Reserva Fraccionaria 1_Qmunty (a must watch, & subtitled)

A Boon for the U.S. in Low-Cost Borrowing

Jon Stewart Ridicules Santorum’s Snob Remark: You Are Against College Because It Is ‘Fancy’?

Another poll indicates momentum for Santorum.

A Perfect Frothy-Mix Cartoon re: Church & State

CHP officers hurt; (Calif.) state Capitol protest turns into near riot

I've gotta hand it to Randi Rhodes

ESPN does it again: ‘Gook Double Earns Victory’

The "Santorum" thing

Vomit alert!

“disproportional” increases in military healthcare fees and reductions in military force levels.

compare 2012 Republican candidates - 1964; the crazy and lack of compassion live on

A Thank You To Sarah Ibarruri

any ideas?

They May Have It Wrong

Top Colombian officials called to testify about massacre

Top Colombian officials called to testify about massacre

10 Most Powerful Women In The World (VIDEO)

The Australian Doors - Stairway To Heaven

Who are you 'rooting' for in the Michigan GOP primary?

President Obama Challenges Governors to Invest in Education

Rick Santorum and his wife Karen sleep in bunk beds.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jonathan Chait: 2012 or Never

Poll: Given Choice Between Romney and Santorum, Most Voters Choose Suicide

Lez Zeppelin - Since I´ve been loving you

Fracking Opponents Clash With Republicans in Ohio, Urge U.S. Ban

'Melissa Harris-Perry Revisits Everything She Hates About The Help In Oscar Preview'

California set to VOTE on GMO Foods!Needs SIGNATURES from CALI!

When HIV Becomes AIDS

Regarding LBN. Monday (today) there were FIFTY new OPs posted to LBN

CNN soft on Santorum

U of Virginia Football Player Goes On Hunger Strike To Get Living Wage For University Employees

Occupy Oakland Blamed in Sacramento Clash!?

'The Sound Of Samba': Rio's Carnival In Tilt-Shift Miniature (VIDEO)

Feminist fetus scouts of America?

Don't Tell My Mother I'm In Iran...

Good Will Hunting on TCM now.

Google's new privacy law, and how to protect yourself. Do it before March 1.

Could stock investors purposely sabotage market to ruin Obama's reelection chances?

Do we need a host or hosts? If so, let's put it to a vote.

Mitt Romney Lobbied Arlen Specter For Federal Money In 2005

Will we ever... grow organs? (BBC)

U.S. Rule Set for Cameras at Cars’ Rear

Anyone have a Ride Kick?

60 Minutes Presents: Going to Extremes

A brokered convention or late-arriving winner? Probably not.

Meryl Streep's next project: A national women's history museum

Marketing strategist Stewart Braddick plays role in Conservative party’s electoral success

Amazing video: The City of Samba - Rio's Carnival In Tilt-Shift Miniature

Resistencia Trailer

I am so angry with Santorum. He got the first important JFK line wrong.

Anyone for 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph)?

I don't know what to do

In for another colonoscopy this Wednesday

PPP:If Romney does indeed end up losing tomorrow, he will have blown it in the final 48 hours.

I would love to believe ... that when I die I will live again - Carl Sagan

Best newspaper headline about Santorum EVER!

Putin warns West over Syria, Iran

Barclays Bank told by Treasury to pay £500m avoided tax

N.Y. Conservative Senator Loses Party Endorsement for Marriage Vote (goes for anti-equality Dem)

It is time once again for me to post pictures of Rocky,

Free HIV treatment on NHS for foreign nationals

ECB temporarily suspends Greek bonds as collateral

Tax on Petroleum and Crude Oil Exports - GOOD for the USA Economy

Three music-related coincidences in one year!

Democrat? Vote in Mich. primary 2/28/12, for Santorum; to discredit Romney in his home state

Lose sleep over this study -Sleeping pills increase risk of death

Santorum admits using robocalls in Michigan primary campaign

BREAKING: Both injured UK photographer Paul Conroy & Fr. Reporter Edith Bouvier?? out of Syria

Today's Non Sequitur

Arizona teabaggers support gay sheriff (anti-illegal immigration star)

Thanks Utah!!!1!

Drones taking off in droves

RACE TO THE BALLOT | NC Baptists Against Amendment One

Rick Santorum is emotionally abusive

Japan Weighed Evacuating Tokyo in Nuclear Crisis

Report urges end to birth cost collection from some men to aid women on Medicaid

Obama now in favor of Keystone pipeline again?

Wisconsin State Supreme Court: We don't need no stinking transparency

Article on infiltration

McCain: Close curtain on GOP ‘Greek tragedy’

Pennsylvania poised to enact most restrictive abortion law of 2012

Arizona abortion limits go to Senate

Wisconsin: Saturday, March 10 Recall Rally on the Square

Chardon High School Shooting: Second Student Dies as Alleged Gunman Is Identified

Romney loses. guess how vicious he gets then?

Eugene Robinson: Santorum in the Extreme

Free Pancakes at IHOP Today

Breaking: 2nd student from Ohio school shooting has died

The "elephant" in the room for the GOP, PAC money is choosing for you.

Ballot #0001 Dist 04, Pct 23 (MI)

MFM understands tough love

9 Santorum Speeches That Make Me Want to Throw Up by Adele M. Stan / AlterNet

Israel Won’t Alert U.S. Before Any Strike on Iran, a Top Source Says

Corseted Minds: Does Fear of Irrelevance Send Conservative Men Fleeing to the Victorian Age?

Question about TOS / MIR

Robert Reich: As Santorum and Romney Battle for the Loony Right, the Rest of Us Should Not Gloat

Too Big to Fail: An Executive Suite Story

Is this the most bizarre election cycle ever?

Iran may be "struggling" with new nuclear machines

Oligarchy in the U.S.A.: The wealth defense industry protects the richest of the rich

Free HIV treatment on NHS for foreign nationals (in the UK)

How much of the turmoil around groups, hosts and DU etiquette is caused by disruptors?

Paul B. Farrell: World Bank warns: China is a ticking time bomb

Turns out Rick Santorum was obsessed with a "chick band" back in the day

Wikileaks: Pakistan army officials 'knew of Bin Laden house'

They Were the Ones Eating the Pie

Dick Cheney Comes Out for Gay Marriage...

BBC - French election: (Socialist candidate Francois) Hollande wants 75% tax on top earners

Charges against Assange drawn up in US

graph of the day: audience by gender

Rmoney wouldn't ask for sacrifices he wouldn't make himself.

“more bits of information than there are atoms in the universe.”

Rick Santorum, Meet My Son

Michelle Ugenti, Arizona State Representative, Defends Tuition Bill To Students: 'Welcome To Life'

Petroleum Industry Claims Cutting Its Tax Breaks is “Discriminatory”

Corporate Profits Rise…but Wages Fail to keep Pace with Inflation

Blown Away: How the U.S. Fanned the Flames in Afghanistan

Juan Cole: Top Ten Differences Between Rick Santorum and JFK

Don't Mark Your Recall Calendars Just Yet...

Revealed: US plans to charge Assange

Aljazeera: Millions of Indian workers strike for rights

CNN Silences War-Skeptical Soldier

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Sick Rick

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- More Repub toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Bill Barring Mention of Contraceptives OK'd

Mitt vs Mitt - The story of two men trapped in one body (Mitt elevates the Flip-Flop to an Art-Form)

German Delegation Ends T-Mobile Tour Stunned by U.S. Anti-Unionism

Obama to create trade law enforcement bureau

India is building a nuclear reactor 26 kilometers away from a 2005 volcanic eruption

Censored “Art in Protest” Exhibit Rescheduled

Dread Zeppelin - Rock And Roll

The Fukushima Psychiatrist 'It's Amazing How Traumatized They Are'

28 Feb on PBS: Fighting the Unthinkable: Japan’s Furious Scramble to Contain Catastrophe

Wisconsin News: Wisconsin leads Midwest in layoffs, unemployment

What should he do?

Juan Pablo Montoya tops list of bizarre racing collisions—or maybe not

Sage me. Seriously.

In March Europe's most notorious right-wing groups will meet for the European Counter-Jihad Meeting.

Thatcher was Supicious of Polish Solidarity Movement

I fully agree with Rick Santorum's hostility to higher education...

America's answer to sickness: Alice Bowie - Earache My Eye

Anybody got an update on California Peggy?

Upper class more likely to be scofflaws due to greed, study finds

Jon Stewart Ridicules Santorum’s Snob Remark: You Are Against College Because It Is ‘Fancy’?

Did some conservative buy Gallup? What's with them lately?

US Targeted Killing Policy Unjustified

(Former German Chancellor Helmut) Kohl: Europe still about war and peace

Chris Crass, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, and Top 5 Men Who Are Doing the Most for Women's Rights

Edited: Photo Purportedly Showing Banker's 1% Lunch Bill Tip 'Altered'

Ovary Stem Cells Can Produce New Human Eggs, Scientists Say

Innovation in solar panels overcomes many mundane problems

Brooks: "Republican politicians aren't RINOs but Opossums." Let the finger pointing begin.


occupy on the ballot in chicago's 49th ward. sorta.


Alan Watts - why not now?

Oh No True Blood Fans - Alan Ball stepping down!

Dominant Planets in Santorum's Chart

CrowdStrike CEO to reveal 'major mobile vulnerability' at RSA

Alan Ball Stepping Down as Show Runner of HBO’s ‘True Blood’

Elderly Bachelor Tells Women How Jesus Will Allow Them To Get Pregnant

They went there: "If you want contraception go work somewhere else"

Why Republicans Are Fighting To Repeal Obama’s Medicare Cost-Cutting Board

Romney: 'I'm Not Willing To Light My Hair On Fire To Try And Get Support'

Oh Mittens! he criticizes Santorum for what he himself did in 1992!!

Romney: "I'm Not Willing To Light My Hair On Fire"

'Self-Deportation', Tried and Trusted.

Oh GOD, we can't POSSIBLY win in November if Romney has KID ROCK in his corner. It's OVER.

"If everyone goes to college, who will work at the factories?!"

Georgia Poll (SUSA): Grinch: 39% (-6) Santorum 24% (+15) Romney 23% (-9)

DU, I'm asking for help.

U.S. attorney in Sacramento today to discuss pot dispensary crackdown

Michigan GOP Chair Robert Schostak: "But it was ADDRESSED to Democrats. Let's call it what it IS!"

"It was like small talk, but he really didn't hear a word I said. He can't relate to people."

FDIC: Bank earnings hit five-year high in 2011

To Pay New York Pension Fund, Cities Borrow From It First...Yikes.

Borowitz: Santorum Proposes Replacing Church, State with New Entity Called ‘Sturch’

Let's call it what it is.

Some employers want return of vo-ed training

Obama pulls a secret Kenyan Socialist Jujitsu Move on the day of the Michigan Primary.

On The Keystone Path. January 12, 2012 Blog Entry

I'm still upset that they killed off the "Golden Compass"

Romney's internal numbers must be bad in Michigan: Romney blasts Santorum for 'dirty trick' calls

Anti-racism group plans alternative event to counter white pride rally (Duluth)

Three Books for Black History Month

US GASOLNIE Consumption is now LOWER than it was in early 1980s!!

Will theNovember Elections see unprecedented violence

AFP reporting Lebanese govt official says wounded Fr.journalist Edith Bouvier is out of Syria

Why the Keystone pipeline would boost pump prices

Rep. Peter King (R-NY): 'Whispering' of recruiting other GOP candidates, if Romney loses Michigan

Just curious, but what's wrong with 'protection-ism'?

Paul Conroy, Edith Bouvier, injured journalists, smuggled out of Syria into Lebanon

RI congressional district 1: Why is freshman rep (D) David Cicilline's job approval so poor?

southerners - question

found it..had to share it

Dave Grohl addresses "piracy" in the music industry. This is not your father's Lars Ulrich.

Donald Driver & Martina Navratilova dance on the next season of Dancing with the Stars

RACE TO THE BALLOT | NC Baptists Against Amendment One

Of 11 privately run cyber charter schools, only 1 is making Adequate yearly progress

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 28th

When do the polls close in Michigan?

Past time for him to go. Rove-trained fascist Patrick McHenry has a challenger. Terry Bellamy.

Stephen King explains the difference between the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" series...

"With nipples" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "with nipples".

New Dancing with the Stars Cast

Study: Sleeping Pills Linked with Early Death

There's a creature stuck between the walls of my home. What to do?

University of Virginia Football Player Goes On Hunger Strike To Get Living Wage For University...


Santorum has adopted the Muslim view on separation of church and state?

Senator Shaheen Pushes Democrats to Adopt Marriage Equality Plank

Did the Bible get it Wrong? The Hermeneutic Auction

gonna throw this cheap Epson printer out the window

Syria unrest: France's Bouvier and UK's Conroy out of HomsAdvertisement

The GOP’s Panic Over Rick Santorum

Schmallenberg virus: Where Midges Fly

Romney's Personal Calls to Voters Get Mistaken for Robocalls

Name the weirdest movie you've ever seen.

"Five years from now, when I'm not President any more, I'll buy one and drive it myself"

Dumb question.

Stealing From The Mouth of Public Education to Feed the Prison Industrial Complex

President speaking to Auto Workers

Come and see

Hershey chocolate, not so sweet?

Peak oil review - February 27

Peak oil review - February 27

Interesting perspective on the GOP race from "Morning Joe"

You don't have to be Gay to support the LGBT Community.

Oklahoma Republican Representative Says “Blood Money” From Drug Industry Killed Anti-Meth Bill

PPP (final poll) Democratic voters are enough to put Santorum over the top in MI.

Our President is giving one of the best speeches ever & on the screen the Dow is over 13000 ~

Yoga Fans Sexual Flames and, Predictably, Plenty of Scandal

God Help Me. I feel dirty. I got Santorum all over my hands this morning.

I have seldom seen such chaos amongst the planets

Anyone's a Terrorist: Fear-mongering machine takes over US

Syriana redux: The Middle East fragments

National Alliance For Syria: 46 Questions on Syria - a revolution started by graffiti

Adelson to cut another check for Gingrich

US drones circle over the Philippines

DU Album of the Day: "Joan Armatrading" Joan Armatrading

Jason Varitek is retiring

Open-Source Alternatives to Proprietary Enterprise Software

Was there just a color scheme change or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Melting Arctic leads to snowy winters

Obama hits Romney hard on auto bailout "thats a load of you-know-what" (Transcript Added)

A great idea for protesting the ridiculous -- and scary -- abortion bills under consideration:

any Long Island Community Groups...

Lesser of Two Weevils

I voted for Rick Sanitorium this morning.... I need a SHOWER!!!! I feel sooooooo dirty

"MSNBC Contributor" Robert Traynham just predicted a Romney / Santorum ticket

Too funny -- Actual headline from Birmingham, Alabama:

GOP: "Burn This House Down Now"

They’re, Like, Way Ahead of the Linguistic Currrrve

Thought my fellow nonbelievers might like to see this (hat tip to Pharyngula)

Danger on Doorstep: Israel's Iran hysteria fogs real foes

On the Keystone Path: Explains what happens when government ceases to regulate.

Dick and Betsy DeVos, Amway leaders back Mitt Romney in Michigan primary

Life, With Dementia

Time to pony up and make your predictions for tonight.

Trust me, do NOT drink this beer.

Maybe I'm reading too much in to this.

(Wyoming) Doomsday bill moves forward, minus the aircraft carrier

iPhone Lifeproof wallet case "hack"

The lesson we need to learn from the GOP:

Climate debate hearkens back to days of the bison

JP Morgan Chase: Customers with less than $100,000 are useless

Pro-Newt Super PAC Running Ads Against Romney In Super Tuesday States

Blue Dog Democrats have a Facebook page. This is my post to their wall

I don't support voting in the republican primary.

Moral Hazard: A Tempest-Tossed Idea

Romney lost 1 vote due to robocalls.

Oklahoma House Committee Rejects Anti-LGBT Bill

Santorum regrets 'throw up' response to Kennedy speech

A Thought

GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy Says Battling Occupy Is Just Like Battling The Soviet Union

Sabbath puts end to Beren Academy's promising season

People were robbed.

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Decline 4%

Evidently the Chardon OH shooter had a Facebook post up...

Dick and Betsy DeVos, Amway leaders back Mitt Romney in Michigan primary

A quick lesson on Michigan early voting.

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Slump Most in 3 Years

Phone hacking will be the single largest corporate corruption case for 250 years because 'cover up'

2012 or Never

Putin: US seeking 'absolute invulnerability'

Can a Republican be a ....

So far very low voter turnout in Michigan

Harvard asked to overturn gay expulsions of 1920

What IS a conservative education? Liberal education rules!

If I was born on leap day, would I be 40 or 10 tomorrow?

Romney's popularity drops 14 points among conservatives; Romney takes a pot shot at GOP base

Having 5 beers unexpectedly dumped down your back not as bad as being touched by George W. Bush

The God wars

Planned Parenthood UAW Join Forces: President Obama stood with us and we are going to stand with him

Israeli ultra-Orthodox, in rare show of unity, say they won’t be drafted

President Obama sez OM NOM NOM NOM to GOP. Watch this.

American Confidence Climbs to Highest Level in Year on Job Growth

Third student, Demetrius Hewlin, dies after shooting rampage at Chardon High School

Rock and Roll surrogate election 2012

US APNewsAlert: Hospital says a third student wounded in Ohio school shooting has died

Bernie Sanders writes in Wall Street greed fueling high gas prices

US home prices at lowest since crisis began

The religious zealots we visit on vacation

The Rude Pundit: When Rick Santorum Was a Snob

"Penn poised to pass the most restrictive abortion bill of 2012"; DU article crossreferenced/linked

Hillary Clinton: Syria's Assad could be labeled a war criminal

Norway 'to release' India children in custody row

Gender in Gaming

So, after a dozen posts here yesterday on the Santorum ad car, not one post on how it did?

How Many Kids Do You Consider Too Many?

Poll Shows Scott Walker In Trouble Against Dems In Recall

PPP: Walker trails both likely recall opponents.

Mitt Romney aide: Mitt is 'weird'

Mercedes-Benz Convertible Rocks 'OCCUPY' License Plate

Thom Hartmann: Are Americans becoming less not more conservative?

Romney defends campaign: 'I'm not willing to light my hair on fire'

Well our SC missing person was found dead. Homicide? (NOW REPORTED AS A SUICIDE....3pm)

(CA) Suspensions at Richmond High Plummet

Bob ("Santorum? Is that Latin for asshole?") Kerrey may run again in Nebraska.

TYT: Santorum So Wrong On Separation Of Church And State, JFK Speech

WALKER: Don't worry, I'm not planning to change state pensions, because that would be against

World Bank warns: China is a ticking time bomb-China & USA Rich Are BOTH Self-Destructing

NYT: Romney aide: Mitt is 'weird'

State Sanctioned Rape in Pennsylvania

Of all the conservative arguments I've heard in my lifetime

Ray vs Blu Ray explained

What you think, what you say

PHOTO: True "Photojournalism," a mix of risks and rewards.

Mr. Santorum, STFU About Liberals Disdaining The Disabled

Romney flip-flops on voting in "the other parties primary."

Finally! Someone is going after the political attorneys.

So any Michigan dems planning some Chaos today

President Obama Delivers Barnburner To UAW-Dings Romney & Santorum ("A Load Of You Know What")

State Sponsored Rape in Alabama

If Romney wins the Nomination but loses the Election.........

Falling into the Cracks on Memory Lane

President Obama - ON FIRE - Dings Romney In UAW Speech

Culbertson gets details on Texas voter id law wrong

Thom Hartmann: Students on Hunger Strike for Living Wage

finished basement renovation: man cave or kids playroom?

Absolute Best Possible Outcome Tonight?

Texas financier Allen Stanford's defense rests without calling Stanford to the stand

Mass Effect 3 descends from space, gets stuck in a tree

Thom Hartmann: Afghan protest-more than burning the Koran

Feds Accuse Texas Doctor Of Largest Medicare Fraud In US History

How Social Isolation Kills

French genocide law 'unconstitutional', rules top court

Ok just had this posted on my facebook page by a relative. It this the same ole same ole or is it

The insane asylum's been down all day.

One billion slum dwellers

Question about NHS bill

Detroit’s former Treasurer, Jeffrey Beasley, indicted by federal grand jury

WHICH MAKES MORE SENSE? (Hint: It’s not for the money.)

FDA Warns on Statins

Michigan Exit Polls

Okay, Mr. Santorum. Let's say your view of the "Separation of Church and State" is

Here's what the gop wants us to go back to:

Coca Cola Enlisted Intelligence Firm’s Help To Investigate Animal Rights Group PETA

Governor Urges Mining Bill Compromise

the red buds on the maple trees are starting to swell -

iPad 3 with x2 resolution, quad-core CPU, probably 4G, and possibly no home button coming next week.

Gronstal: Voter ID bill not leaving Senate

Okay folks, who didn't pay the electric bill?

Google 'fails to meet EU rules' on new privacy policy (BBC)

How to explain Stevie Wonder?

Oetzi the Iceman's nuclear genome gives new insights (BBC)

Anne Romney: The media loves Barack Obama

What is the deal with big nipples

What are the Ethics of DU Mail?

State Sanctioned Rape in Idaho

Michigan primary voters tell how they made their decision - video (UK Guardian)

I knew this guy was a creep - it's worse than I thought!

Winter was cancelled in much of the US, due to lack of interest and also lack of

An excellent article on B of A's woes

Dirty trick? Gun rights robo calls in Michigan boost Santorum, uses NRA name

White Privilege On Steroids. Smith College Alum's Letter "Too Many Lesbians and Women of Color"

"A father in Prison is better than no father" Rick Santorum

Mitt "I Know How To Create Jobs" Romney's Retail Jobs Offer More Low Wages Than Middle Income

Santorum hits new low opposing higher ed!

You decide.

Krugman: Four Fiscal Phonies

Interpol arrested 25 suspected Anonymous members

Wikileaks emails indicate Stratfor discovered Israel already destroyed Iran’s nuclear facilities

(Duluth) Anti-racism group plans alternative event to counter white pride rally (Sat. March 3)

HTTP Status codes explained - With LOL Catz

An 8 year old's definition of penis

Texas Medicaid Director: 91 Percent Of Texans Will Have Insurance If State Implements Obamacare

Poll: Who's to blame for the price of gas?

I just upgraded to Mac OS 10.5 and now can't use Grab.

Sarcozy retracts statement that Fr. Reporter Edith Bouvier is safe in Lebanon

Not gonna happen.

If Santorum actually managed to be nominated who do you think he would pick as VP?

New clue to Neanderthal wipe-out

I need a little break from GD right now, so let's play The Sex Degrees of MrScorpio

OMG I am tired of real beer snobs

Santorum spokesman on Andrea Mitchell

Doncha hate it when your cat uses the litter box...

Got a new case for the laptop

Well, now I'm starting to get excited.

Separation Of Chruch And State Make You Vomit? Try Theocratin!

I really want to dismiss the band "Fun." as cutesy pop, but dammit if they aren't REALLY GOOD

Romney has acknowledged that gaffes have hurt his campaiagn

Thom Hartmann: Millionaire Fox Business panelists go after hotel maids

PPP: WI recall of Walker close--only Russ is clear favorite

Romney is crying about Dems crossing over to vote for Santorum, but he did the same thing in 1993!

Best Art in the new DC is Birds of Prey....

The Volkswagon Jetta Commerical "Is It Fast?"

One Mancession Later, Are Women Really Victors in the New Economy?

Private U.S. intelligence company,Stratfro, email show US secret charges against Assange.

How many people here on DU were once rethugs/conservatives?

McCain Bemoans GOP Primaries: 'This Is Like Watching A Greek Tragedy'

Poor Mitt

New interim maps for Texas

Obama wants my kids to be able to go college and Santorum doesn't.

So,How Come They Never Made a NATIONAL TREASURE 3?

"I am so mad at the press I could just strangle them!"

Obama Takes the Gloves Off

Irish vote, German court add euro zone uncertainty

WATCH: Gay Couple in Marine Homecoming Photo Speaks

The Guatemala Times - US Failed War On Drugs...

Virginia rolls ultrasound bill forward

Dennis Kucinich or Rep. Marcy Kaptur?

Hey Virginia Tea Baggers;

So this is how I've been wasting time today (**Warning-Kittens Inside**)

we pay these bastards' salaries.

i'm back on the med wheel and we're starting marriage counselling

9/11 Victims’ Remains Disposed of in Landfill, Mortuary Report Finds

No Free Speech at Wichita School Board Meeting Board member tells speakers not to badmouth her

Virginia Mandatory Ultrasound Bill Passes In State Senate

Candidate Project Online Training Academy

Romney Offers False Explanation Of Cross-Party Primary Vote In 1992

Consulting ephemeris...

Obama Skirts Capitol Deadlock by Using Executive Power to Favor Key Groups

I just saw I have two articles on the Home page.

Romney backers fought for open primary

"Overlapping government programs cost billions".....

Gov. Jerry Brown still a rock star after all these years

Exclusive: Lawyers order Parliament to stop publishing super-injunction document

watch an out of control School board

Study questions religion-depression link

Chevron assessing damage of Washington Co. well leak

President Obama: "No matter how many punches we take, we don't give up. We get up. We fight back"

The Romney campaign is like the Titanic

Jan Bernenstain, Creator of The Berenstain Bears, has died

Occupy Groups Get Funding

Co­lo­ni­al­ism in Africa helped launch the HIV epidemic a century ago

NYC comptroller’s campaign treasurer arrested on charges of fraud, obstruction of justice

The Pachelbel Canon as you have never heard it.

The most mean-spirited (and revealing) right-wing column you will read this week

Republicans invite torture architect to testify in favor of indefinite detention

Album of the Day - Lucinda Williams "West"

Texas TBagger Doctor Indicted In Largest Medicare Fraud In History

Chairman of state Senate health committee sees no conflict of interest in support for bill,

Gosh oh gee. I was so excited. A magazine cover was hailing huge women's March on Washington

So I gather that the current soar in the price of gas is because of the pipeline

Need help. I tried to reconstitute dried beans. I covered them with water and boiled for 3 min.

Howard Fineman: Romney's already set his hair on fire several times

"He's tried to light his hair on fire many times, but the problem is, it isn't flamable"

Orlando Magic unveil new "El Magic" jerseys to honor Hispanic fans, and racist idiots come unglued

Sen. Olympia Snowe ends run for re-election

How to explain Van Morrison?

Jim Crow For The Poor

Your picture turned out better than expected

Woman in iconic tsunami photo looks to future

Snowe will not run for reelection

Did you know Daleks are religious?

I used to do this with my brother

Are Woman allowed to fight in Combat in wars?

Swing. Kitchen dancing...

You'll save a lot more than $600

Thousands of movies to vanish from Netflix

Now that Snowe is out, can Obama count on her vote in the Senate

The Myth of Lower Marginal Tax Rates

Are you familiar with the right wing gas pump post it propaganda campaign???

CCR Condemns Reported Sealed Indictment Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

New sunroom - need flooring advice, please!

Collusion involving Scott Jensen, AFC, ALEC, GOP

Stratfor On Julian Assange: "Liberal Terrorist Arse"

Olympia Snowe's departure is good AND bad news.

Senator Pingree?

Romney uses Linguistic Dog Whist Today on Hannity's radio show

WikiLeaks Goes Inside Corporate America's Wannabe CIA

Union leader threatens public sector strikes to disrupt London Olympics

Is college really worth it?

Fractured Republican Party Could Go the Way of the Whigs

Tanya McDowell sentenced to 5 yrs for drug dealing and sending child to public school out of area

Exit Poll: 1 in 10 Michigan voters are Democrats.

MI exit polls: 10% are Dems., 30% Independents, 60% Republicans

Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie Shoot Down Fox News' Jesse Watters At Oscars

50% of Dems (10% of primary voters) voting for Santorum.

Classic 8-bit Arcade Game deaths.

What if Peter Mills and Eliot Cutler get into the Senate race now that Snowe is out?

Expunging your google history

The meltdown over the Santorum robocall must've given Free Republic a stroke

Olympia Snowe to retire

Bob Schrum: Why won't Romney light his hair on fire?

What is "you-know-what"?

KETV Omaha: Chicken Slaughter Art Ruffles Feathers

OMG, I am tired of root beer snobs.

Watching Obama today and the GOP carnival, I conclude

Pentagon admits it dumped some 9/11 remains in a landfill

Scott Walker is in trouble

According to Faux News Exit polls, Santorum is winning Dems, but Romney is winning Indies?

Eye candy time! 10 hottest guys and girls opening in Broadway musicals this Spring

"YES. Next question."

Mormon Proxy Baptism Was Performed On Mahatma Gandhi, Researcher Says

LiveScience: People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say

who is that loud blowhard on Rev Al?

Mormon Proxy Baptism Was Performed On Mahatma Gandhi, Researcher Says

President Obama To Buy A Chevy Volt ’5 Years From Now When I’m Not President Anymore’

Heavy Lifting: Pregnant Women are Forced to Carry an Extra Load in the Workforce

Polls underestimated early vote volume, per Nate

Vermin Supreme - The Next President of the United States.

Now this is an intriguing breaking news header on CNN....

Bobby Valentine disses Jeter, Yankees

Obama: 'I placed my bet on the American worker' a bet that's paying off ... for America

Texas Medicaid Director: 91 Percent Of Texans Will Have Insurance If State Implements Obamacare

"Mmmm, I love hot dogs."

500 Deaths From Tasers in USA

Best headline in quite a while! "Early exit polls in Michigan's primary show..."

McDonnell: TSA Pat Downs Are ‘Invasive,’ But Ultrasound Bill ‘Respects The Dignity Of Women’

Remember the "Snowe trigger" public option that was floated during the health care debate?

Of COURSE the GOP is scared of science n' stuff.

Docs' Website Sues Santorum, Romney & Newt

Top federal prosecutor vows new crackdown on pot farms

Who will Dems pick to replace Snowe in Maine?

Found this breakdown of the exits by region in Michigan. Anyone want to tell me who wins?

Sant. Could Lose MI Vote, Still Gain Delegates BONUS: Romney could lose some of FL and AZ delegates

Cat runs for Virginia Senate seat