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"Tectonic Shifts" in Employment

After a bad couple of months I got some great news today

PHOTO: Oh, and that makes you SPECIAL?

So looking into the crystal ball, what's going to happen on Super Tuesday?

…bio-disinfection with semi-composted manure for the control of the pepper crop disease…

Georgia Pacific box plant in Monticello, IA, will close in the next 30 days. They cite

PHOTO: PARTY at MiddleFingerMom's house. Leave your inhibitions at the door!

The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows

Democrats Will Protect Access To Women's Health Services

"Hi, I'm former Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, and I approve of this message."

Independent truckers go after companies they say owe them money

Frank Rich: Who in God’s Name Is Mitt Romney?

Women in combat policy could change

It Turns Out Most Catholics Agree With Obama’s ‘War On Religion’

Mainland business group buying TV ad time for Lingle

As Seen On Fox News...

Source: NY, California to Sign Mortgage Settlement

Toyota to Shift Highlander Hybrid Production to U.S. From Japan

Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity Puts $700,000 Into Wisconsin

Rmoney just doesn't look comfortable in blue jeans.

A Bee and some Carolina Jasmine

Thank you for the heart dear someone.... nt

Pomona College fires workers

Washington State Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Is there no longer a DJ in the Lounge???

I truly get it, I really do see why people turn to faith in order to find their moral compass...

Repugs in Congress want to make life even tougher for the unemployed.....

Rmoney is now so Takei- shared by George Takei on FB

Israel can clear Mideast of nukes, it just won't

Pete Hoekstra ad: the outtakes

Archbishop Recants Apology for Sex Abuse, Says "I don't Think We Did Anything Wrong"

Most of Obama's "Controversial" Birth Control Rule Was Law During Bush Years

LOL - Rmoney begins his attack on Santorum by .... channelling Howard Dean!

On a scale of 1 to 10: How disturbing is this video?

Dylan Ratigan's Show covered the real cost of a gallon of gasoline

When it comes to women's rights

What's your potato growing success story?

Rick Smegmatorium is so blatantly anti choice and anti birth control that he will never get . . . .

North Carolina IBEW: Organizing Against the Odds

What word comes to mind when you think of your pet? Twilight is so graceful.

Nuclear somersault: New Energy Secretary changes his tune and says he won't block reactor plans

Wall Street Whiners - Make Matt Taibbi Want To Spend The Next Month Or So Vomiting Into His Shoes

Occupy vs. Small Town Minnesota

OMG! Look at all the diversity in this MN Republican Caucus crowd!!

FLOP SWEAT! "Day after losses, Romney says he's better tea party candidate than GOP rivals"

Occupy vs. Little Falls

WTF is the deal with Olbermann???

Just when ohiosmith thought Progressive Insurance commercials couldn't get more annoying along comes

New Hampshire Republicans Propose Bill To Eliminate Workers’ Lunch Breaks

The GOP's war on religion (or 'two can play that game')

Good Analysis of Corbett's Pennsylvania 2012-13 Budget Cuts by a Think Tank

Pro-Choice GOP Warns Party That Contraception Fight Will Be A Disaster

Did I get this wrong? Isn't the deal that they have to OFFER contraception?

So Norton decides it's just going to somehow embed itself on my computer.

Happy Leap Year!

Ari Fleisher just said on CNN that Obama is a flip flopper. That he was against

WH Goes After Romney: ‘An Odd Messenger’ On Birth Control Rule (Rule SAME As Romney's MA Policy)

Genetic modification gone too far

Chicago U.S. Attorney office confirms ‘investigation is continuing’

Group Suspends Pension-Reform Initiative

Ron Paul: No friend of the 99%

Bodily excretions, alone or a mixture of them, are a natural part of life.

This thread has two posts number 108.

Der Spiegel: It's Time To End the Greek Rescue Farce

‘Tribler’ software makes Internet piracy impossible to stop

Putting a face on internet trolls

Danziger Toon- In time for the parade....

Trump rips Santorum after he wins in three states

The Dregs of Dictatorship By MOHAMED NASHEED of Maldives

Breaking News: Union Membership is Rising, Declining or Remaining Constant

rick on abortion

CPAC Set to Host White Nationalist Leader

Sean Hannity Says If Obama Had His Way, Bin Laden Would Be Alive -- And He Can Prove It, With 'Tape'

Gay marriage fight may hinge on Supreme Court's Anthony Kennedy

Cal and Elizabeth Cunningham Speak Against Amendment One in North Carolina

Obama's H-1B answer in forum may haunt him

Women Have A Duty To Die

Syrian PM's e-mail account hacked, password? 12345.

Rafael Nadal wants the rankings system switched from one year to two

Follow (DU) this. Keeping up with politics via Twitter.

Can we take back hearts? Just currious. Not that I would. But if I wanted to. Could I?

Russian scientists confirm triumph at Antarctic lake isolated under miles of ice for millions of yrs


Major Mainstream Religious Leaders Support White House on Contraceptive Coverage...

Test sticky

Mitt Romney 2012: Cartoon millionaire

Advertisers on RW radio stations, like Cabot cheese, need to be more picky.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Poor Goldfish!!

Just a thought - could we have a button to clear old 'Automated Message' PM's?

What grown up film did you love as a kid. My family went and saw "Midway" at the local

what single issue best represents..

I've been shaking my head about how daunting the task of fighting the drone program has become

Grover Norqhuist is saying Obama is just a 'signer of legislation' and that it is really

National Mortgage Settlement All But Inevitable As California, New York Join Deal

And how will Mittens address the Washington Marriage Equality vote?

This'll be fun -- Tim ("My endorsement is worthless") Pawlenty is appearing on Rachel Maddow...

Clicked on "My Subscriptions" and got this at the top of the page:

America, Syria and the UN - This is what foreign-policy success looks like

The pregnancy police.

I want to create a thread exists in an alternate universe.

French government said it was "extremely shocked" at the massive death toll among children in Syria

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 9 February 2012

Flash mob sings 'Hey Ricky' outside Gov. Scott's office

What happens if sectarian insurers refuse to cover medication in general?

Theology of Monty Python - Every Sperm is Sacred (FULL VERSION)

Explain this to me

I bought hearts and don't see them.

Catholic Bishops now demanding ALL businesses be able to opt out of contraception coverage

Jon VOIGHT & Piers MORGAN together!1 What CRAP they are. (VOIGHT's for Mittens!1) n/t

Bird Populations Near Fukushima Are More Diminished Than Expected

We have conferences tomorrow. I made a huge batch of Chicken Enchiladas to bring tomorrow

Gallup: record-low 10% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing

White supremacists revive dream of a homeland in Northwest

Ex-Motorola engineer guilty of stealing trade secrets

Great easy to make Chicken Enchiladas

Over 650 Physicians Speak Out in Favor of Contraception Ruling

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Mr. ‘Inevitable’ Pummeled Again

Hoekstra's ad parodied

Time to stop and smell the roses.....take a break and laugh for a sec.

Egan retracts apology

So it's the Pentagon who does not want a ticker tape parade

We need a 1936.

Dear GOP, you wanted them...well, now you have them. How's that workin' out for ya??

Index of global shipping, Baltic Dry falls to a 25-year-low

Historic Lake Michigan Carferry to be allowed to continue dumping coal ash into lake

…"Because we're Pro-Life!"


With the way demographics are changing...

Teen pregnancy, abortion rates at record low (Largely attributable to increased contraceptive use)

Finding public parking in Manhattan?

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker proposes bill to allow stores to give free samples of liqour...

Gizmonic and Deep13: 20 years together.

Major Mainstream Religious Leaders Support White House on Contraceptive Coverage In Health Care Ref

Devolving Into White Supremacism

The Walking Dead returns!

A bit of good news.

ThinkProgress: Mitt Romney Is Financially Invested In The Birth Control He Seeks To Restrict

The People's Media: Who's standing between us and a corporate takeover of the Internet?

New Hampshire Republicans Propose Bill To Eliminate Workers’ Lunch Breaks

Finally, some sense on the "oh no he didn't" contraception issue...

Should the Environment/Energy SOP be changed to exclude climate change deniers?

Congress to Open U.S. Skies to Drones in Three Years

Liberals for Rick Santorum

Jonathan Capehart, WaPo: Mitt Romney’s character flaw

LA Times: Santorum isn't only candidate whose search results go negative

TYT: Birth Control Compromise By White House?

David Beckham Sent Off During Son’s Game

Russian Anonymous Leaks Emails of Pro-Putin Group. Reveals widespread corruption and trolling

Jeremy Lin starts for the Knicks, lives in his brother’s living room, ‘has his own couch'

O'Donnell just took down Donald Trump

Here's how twisted around everything is...

Bunion Repair at $66,100 Spurs Aetna Lawsuit Against Clinics

What have you 'discovered' in your life? I discovered a trap door to an attic in

Legacy of S.F. Mayor, Killed With Harvey Milk, Revived on Stage by Son

The Science Fair Comes To The White House

*David Boies, attorney, on Charlie Rose

Sarkozy advises against military strike on Iran

Some men....

Ohhhhh...the DRAMA! Clearly...

Elizabeth Holtzman: One day, there will be prosecutions for the misdeeds of the Bush administration.

Judge tosses case seeking rights for orcas

Amnesty International Urges Russia & Other Countries to Prevail on Syria to Stop Its Deadly Assault

Nice photo gallery of Walker protesters in Florida a few days ago

Carlin on the "pro-lifers"


Ruh Roh. Emily/Amanda is up shits creek

Video Proof of Unjust Mass Arrest and Media Spin at Occupy Oakland 1/28/12

Alabama coach Nick Saban awarded for his efforts in youth suicide prevention

JC Penney hit a friggen gold mine

Toons: New Santorum Defintition, Fragging Romney, Feelin' Lucky Punk and More. - 2/8/2012

Robert Reich: The Sad Spectacle of Obama’s Super PAC

Syria: Campaign To Silence Protesters Overseas

The Music Man on TCM now.

EAC issues notice of non compliance for DS200 Optical Scanner

Have you quit coming to DU since the redesign?

Am I the only one...

Send this quote to anyone listening to the anti-contraceptive folks

Best insulation to use considering R-factor?

Lady if I HAD 3 employer references I'd be EMPLOYED already!

Does anyone Read/Buy Jacobin Magazine ?

3 Years of Progress

L.A. County Board of Supervisors implements a $1000 fine for throwing Frisbees and footballs

US Missiles Kill 3 Suspected Militants in Pakistan

It would be a wonderful thing if no company had to recall defective birth control pills

Diabetic man is beaten by Henderson police during traffic stop

Remeber Me!!

O'Reilly defends Ellen.

Santorum was in Texas

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, February 8)

Threshold broken for tiny lasers (BBC)

Gene therapy 'gave me sight back' (BBC)

Matt Taibbi - Why Wall Street Should Stop Whining

Legal Fees in the Redistricting Case

Sorry dude, yeah you know who you are, Tobacco Road only has so many addresses.

Al Sharpton Defends Melissa Harris Perry From Cornel West’s ‘Arrogant’ And ‘Disingenuous’ Attacks

I disagree with Rachel tonite on the issue of a ticker parade for Iraq Vets

The Ed Show: The Republican War on Workers

Our biggest hurdle? The USA is mostly a simplistic rednecked nation!

Whose Conscience? by Linda Greenhouse

I'm so sad,,,,

That intolereant homophobe Fred Phelps will be coming to Tacoma

Combat pay issue

Pete Hoekstra's controversial Super Bowl ad is parodied (video)

Watch: Lawrence O'Donnell interview with Dan Boies - Constitutionality of birth control mandate

PPP has NC going for Obama or tied in all 16 polls but one since november and

A little late night humor

MIT's online learning initiative (MITx for "free")

Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon- fitness challenge-WHAT AN AMAZING FIRST LADY!!

"Last night was a big setback for Mitt Romney....

Why Do I Think Santorum Is A Sex Scandal Waiting To Happen?......

Rick Santorum is giving away sweater vests to those who donate $100 or more.

Thank you for the heart!

ALEC claims that low tax states grow faster

States Negotiate $26 Billion Deal for Homeowners

Thank you for the heart. You are a sweetheart!

As Santorum surges forward.............. Romney

GOP 'Crazy Land'

G.O.P. Leaders in House Remove Part of Ethics Bill

Video caught on cellphone: LA Cop Punches Special Needs Girl in the face on a bus

Yeah, it's kind of sad that this is one of the least active forums on DU

Path to 270: Obama's standing in every swing state

Editorial: Ruling won't erase Michigan's anti-gay folly (very good read)

Any DUers in the San Clemente area...

Full Solar Eclipse showing the moon- Photo

I know I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person...

creepiest spam email I've ever had (re: Walker recall)

APOD Have you ever seen an aurora? Video from NASA of the latest Auroras

The Republican Party's War On Women

Ravitch proposes 12 questions for charter school advocates

Bummer, I alerted on a post that referred to veterans as "Useful idiots", it was allowed to stand.

Man shot, killed after opening fire at NY court

Pakistan Al-Qaeda chief killed by US drone

sorry everyone but being a drummer, I couldn't resist.

Another Tibetan sets himself on fire in China

The Island President Deposed’

Arab League mission to return to Syria: Ban Ki-moon

Mexican army finds 15 tons of pure methamphetamine

Colombia Supports Cuba´s Fight against Blockade, FM Says

State high court denies Attorney General McKenna’s motion for reconsideration

Too funny. If this doesn't restore some hope...

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Feb 9th ?

Obama's security team heads to Colombia to prepare visit

Ex-congressmen, ex-governor jailed for paramilitary pact

Sources: Pentagon rules catching up with reality on women in combat

BBC 'got it wrong on women'

Thank You for the HEARTS!!

Boundary changes could leave Lib Dems with 11 seats

Economy toughest on young adults, study finds

Eleven oily questions for every MP

Gadhafi Mexico plot riles SNC-Lavalin, insiders say

How Iran could plunge the world into a 1970s-style inflationary recession

Messages show conflict within NRC after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

Guess who's coming to CPAC?

Official:10 States Get Ed Waiver

Obama Embraces The “Threat To Our Democracy” and Endorses Use of SuperPac

City school tests healthier lunch menu, the pukes ain't gonna like this!

School red-faced over pink jersey flap (Make-A-Wish Foundation got a technical foul in game)

Where is the Bedouin Intifada?

War on contraception - just wondering - will they win this war?

After Eight Seasons, ‘House’ Slated to End

The Republican War on Workers (Bernie Sanders on Ed Schultz)

Caribou sex, the Alaskan oil pipeline and Republicans...

Diet Soda Linked to Heart Disease 43% greater Risk

Manufactured indignation.

Official: 10 States Receive Leeway From No Child Left Behind

Amy Goodman: America’s Pro-Choice Majority Speaks Out

The People's Media: Who's standing between us and a corporate takeover of the Internet?

If the Contraception fight is all about "Religious Rights"...

US jobs gap between young and old is widest ever

You come from this....Oldest Animal Ever Discovered

Humanists among those wanting military designation

iEmpire: Apple's Sordid Business Practices Are Even Worse Than You Think

Deleting past posts that have accumulated. They

Lesbian Couple Mourning Son's Death Also Fighting for Recognition on Birth Certificate

How to Fake a Firestorm

Religious Leaders Back Putin For President

Swedish anti-gay flyers not covered by free speech

from Haaretz: The futility of attacking Iran By Reuven Pedatzur

Ugandan government ‘does not support’ anti-gay bill

Off to let the vampires work on me.

'Im the most conservative because...'

10 states get ed waiver

Knocked Up: Republican Presidential Candidates' Plan for American Women

Greece facing 'dramatic dilemma'

Bankruptcy lawyers: Student debt is looming economic bomb

New York Housing Market Could Still Collapse: Analyst

Detroit Closing Down 16 Schools

"No more debates? No. More debates."

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (02/09/2012)

Jobless want you to quit already!

3 big health insurers stockpile $2.4 billion as rates keep rising

another email I just sent to Morning Joe re: Coburn's statement today on the show.

Gonorrhea Could Join Growing List of Untreatable Diseases

Pittsburgh P-G cartoon: Contraception.

An interview with Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY)

More on the "Santorum Surge"

Thanks for the brain!

Spain: Judge Baltasar Garzon guilty in wiretapping case

Greek political leaders agree on bailout reforms: sources

'Erratic and Inconsistent' U.S. Oversight of Gas Fracking Cited by House Democratic Report

To yell or to talk

Blue in AK needs vibes.........

Oh dear. Has bobcat Goldthwaite gone too far with his movie God Bless America?

Catholic Church and its fight against Gay Marriage AND Contraception

Religion and the parental prerogative

GOP War against contraception

Do we know who's running against Rene Ellmers yet?

Leader of the PACs

Why is the Obama Administration Suddenly Fixated on Stomping out Medical Pot?

"Mark as Read" not working in Help/Meta?

Prominent Catholic Dems Bail on Obama over Contraceptives - EVEN THOUGH THEIR CHART CONTRADICTS THIS

Madison cooperatives offer an alternative to a system of haves and have-nots

Orlando teens make video for Obama

Drug Testing For Welfare - Pelvic Exam Next For Women

Fuming over how many months it takes for the state to issue medical marijuana cards

Jobless claims drop to almost a four-year low

Unemployment aid applications near a 4-year low, applications fell to 358k, below 370k expected.

Surgin' Santorum TOONS...

Melting Mittens TOONS

The Incredible Shrinking Rep. Lamar Smith (only Mitt listens to his immigrant-bashing now)

Romney Losing His Mojo After Caucus, Primary Losses to Santorum

A New Original Song/Recording. It's Called The Invisible Man....

Mother sues city for $900 trillion–yes, trillion–for placing children in foster care

Manifesto of the Appalled Economists.....

Contraception "controversy," solved

Mississippi rep introduces the "Gulf of America" bill

Citizen's Elect = "Wall Street's Third Party"

Learning from Gay Marriage

Defining “pro-life”

Corbett Says Roads and Mass Transit Funding Are Such Overwhelming Problems that He Punted

I bring you....Space Nazis!, really

Jonathan Turley would have supported a "threat to our democracy" (updated)

President Obama could learn a great deal from a 1995 movie.

It looks like the gop doesn't want to win the presidency this year for sure.

George Takei: "I can't wait for all those wedding invitations"

Super Bowl Ad (Alternate Reality Take)

"On Foreign Policy, Obama Is Bulletproof - Why Has Every Attack on Obama's Foreign Policy Failed?"

Dear Ronald Reagan: Thanks for Wrecking America - How do you like your party now, Ronnie?

WATCH: Son Defends Two Moms in Prop. 8 Case

Tea Party group goes all in to save Scott Walker

Santorum: Obama Has Put America On ‘The Path’ Of Executing Religious People By Decapitation

Obama LGBT Dinner Expected to Raise $1.5 Million

The Bushboy and the Announcement this Morning

White Nationalist to Speak from Podium at CPAC 2012

todays trades

MSNBC: Romney "like a clinical psychologist trying to explain the effects of unemployment on humans"

My Dear Lord Bishop X.

Santorum: Obama destroying the family

Anchor Bit in the Face After Getting Too Close

Good Read

Apple supplier Foxconn hit by hackers

Lucy Parsons: labor activist, writer and revolutionary

Banks, states reach $26 billion settlement

Unitarian Universalists prepare for Reason Rally.

BP Said to Seek Settlement of Spill Claims

Why Republicans are Crawling Into Women’s Vaginas

Your thoughts about the Rock Center show last night on alleged JFK affair with intern?

District 8 DUers

Santorum: Obama Has Put America On ‘The Path’ Of Executing Religious People By Decapitation

Racist Internet Troll Exposed

Robert Scheer: Elections Are for Suckers

16 Things Super Bowl Ads Would Like You to Know About Women in 2012

Steampunk Magazine is back!

Gallup, Rasmussen show Obama's economic approval rating improving- more voters blame GWB for economy

Denver Post: GOP looks to end child tax credits to illegal immigrants

Got Any Ideas? Roman Catholic Diocese Asks Public To Rename Crystal Cathedral

Vendor who alerted police to Times Square car bomb to run for Congress


Test For Separation Of Church And State

Michigan's Big House will get the 2013 Winter Classic

What Makes a Town Tripworthy?

Holder on MSNBC now announcing foreclosure settlement

Lucy Parsons: labor activist, writer and revolutionary

The Beginning of the End of the Anti-Same-Sex-Marriage Movement

Thank you for the heart!

House slashes transportation from transportation bill, gloms Arctic drilling on instead

Elections Are for Suckers-By Robert Scheer

Why do people vote for GOP scum who play politics with birth control or the Terri Schiavo case?

On the Upside…By Mike Luckovich

Santorum-off the deep end...

Vinehout announces for governor, Journal-Sentinel hardly notices

The Foreclosure Fraud Settlement, By The Numbers

Congress Passes Bill to Proliferate Drone Use in US Airspace (FAA says up to 30,000 by 2020)

Ugly, plain ugly

City of Rochester [NY] property developer [Wilmorite] owes $22.3 million in back taxes

Why does a favorite team's huge win or loss affect rabid fans so much?

PHOTO: Hey! Don't knock it. These days we should be grateful for ANYTHING "free."

Nice compilation of Mt. Etna eruption yesterday

Poll: Optimism up in California

PHOTO: Meet the 2012 Home Electrical Repair Safety Precautions POSTER CHILD.

Dear Ronald Reagan: Thanks for Wrecking America - Birthday greetings from Charles P. Pierce

Suit seeks to make ‘morning-after pill’ available to girls

Toon: Let me rephrase that

PHOTO: Gene Simmons has probably gotten to the point where he should NEVER take off the KISS makeup.

Does Google Know it's Sponsoring a Right-Wing, Anti-Gay Conference?

GOP should spell out what other federal regulation they are ok with your hospital ignoring.

PHOTO: What John Boehner sees every time he looks in the mirror

PHOTO: OK, that's it...I'm off bananas for a while.

Military to ease restrictions on women in combat

Napoleon's failure: For the want of a winter horseshoe

Morning Scabs circus: It was the Wimmen who screwed up the HHS-Catholic deal

Read your Bible — it’s all there: If all marriage laws were based in Leviticus

Iraq executes 65 people so far this year. Authorities have given "green light to execute at will"

How deep are the haters pockets?

To whomever is responsible....

Mittens plans major economic speech at Ford Field where Detroit Lions play

The Dregs of Dictatorship in the Maldives

TPM: Obama To Speak On Mortgage Settlement At 12:15 PM ET

UPDATE: What is your first reaction when someone cancels an interview?

Santorum: Obama Has Put America On ‘The Path’ Of Executing Religious People By Decapitation

Santorum's "Unconscionable act"

Did you guys read the recent article in the Intelligence Journal?

Human Rights Watch: Obama Sends Bahrain Arms Despite Continuing Repression (using legal loopholes)

Obama campaign finally uses this graph:

LA Times OpEd: Those mudslinging Republicans

Wisconsin: (Republican) Senators targeted for recall to submit petition signature challenges

Yet another thanks...

It's time to regulate Facebook

Coming up on MSNBC: Atlanta gang-beating of gay's the video

"Maybe traditional social values aren’t so essential to a good society"

New animal virus hits 96 farms(Schmallenberg virus)

Who would like a heart?

Butler National looks to break barrier (allow women to join golf club)

Things I never want to hear again

Must-see TV: Chris Hayes' excellent spot on last night's Rachel Maddow Show.

Wells Fargo sics cops on 85 year old woman

Activist Patricia Stephens Due Dead at 72

STOP Funding Contraception for All Federal Employees

Lounger ideas needed.

Ousted at gunpoint, ex-president of Maldives takes to streets

Myths And Facts About Electric Cars

John Edwards owes U.S. $2.1 million, officials say

This message was self-defecated by its author.

Google cozies up with CPAC (joins NRA, Heritage Foundation as major sponsors)

‘Romney Condoms’ offer protection for the ‘elite penis’

The real divide here is on gender, not Catholicism

Occupy Seattle plans to shield Powell brothers' funeral from Phelps clan protest

Kodak will stop manufacturing digital cameras.

Military chaplains; Church-state violation? Nostalgic sentiment? Providing for a right?

Newt or Shrute?

Frozen assemble, cook, and serve stir-fry dishes. Whatcha think?

Conventional Logic vs. Religious Logic

Cops: Ohioan stuck son in dryer as punishment, then turned it on

Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom

Enlarging Shasta Lake feasible, U.S. report says

Thank Scalia For Your Birth Control Coverage (Seriously)

What's Wrong with the Federal Election Commission? - Melanie Sloan

Romney Plans Big Economic Speech at Ford Field

Israel vs. Iran: The Truth Slips Out

On Mitt Romney's Immigration Rhetoric, Obama-Supporting LA Mayor Previews Line Of Attack

Anyone Who's Ever Watched 5 Minutes of "16 and Pregnant" Would Not Only Demand Free Contraception

Kodak exits digital camera market (BBC)

texas judge: firing woman for breast pumping okay

GOP Rep.: Drug Test Welfare Recipients

texas judge: firing woman for breast pumping is okay

Noam Chomsky: The Purpose of Education

Russian city bans spreading of 'homosexual propaganda'

Apparently we can't all just get along

The Girl With The Far Away Eyes wishes St. Ronnie a happy birthday, and then eats him.

Please sign Planned Parenthood's call to action

Foreclosure fraud settlement: Victims get $5B, banks get $20B to cover expenses from the taxpayer

pill-giving progress

a reply to rick santorum on the prop 8 reversal

Republican Congressman Hurt To Discover Lobbyist Not Really His Friend

Mississippi Rep. Wants The Gulf Of Mexico Renamed The ‘Gulf Of America’

Muslim 'terror threat' belied by numbers

Parents of small children who have older TVs: Read this!

Panel of Transportation Experts Predict Dire Consequences from House Proposal for Transportation....

STOCK Act passed by House by vote of 417-2

Web-based counseling -- Telepsychiatry -- is taking off

Panel of Transportation Experts Predict Dire Consequences from House Proposal for Transportation....

Ski Jumping in Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

Police: Carbondale stabbing was over a brownie

Are there any organizations that help with getting renewable energy tax credits?

Screening Africa's renewable energies potential

Same-sex marriage bill introduced in Illinois

So Iran is our new “Enemy.” Are we going to fall for this crap again?

Gutierrez Slams Gingrich on Floor of House

"The law does not punish lactation discrimination."

Had a "WTF" moment earlier this morning ...

A short lesson in Religious Liberty for all you heathens out there.

Mitt Romney's message from GOP: Step it up-"There is not exactly Romney-mania right now."

The Afghanistan equation: U.S. + Taliban + Pakistan = peace?

We already know what kind of man he is. We're simply haggling over the price.

Report: US may be forced to 'militarize' Syria crisis

Arizona: Gabrielle Giffords’ Aide Ron Barber to Run in Special

Romney’s Returns Refute His Tax Argument

Make it apply to the Politicians as well!

Let’s veto the West’s moral posturing on Syria

Get your shotguns ready - The Walking Dead is back Sunday night

Poll: Romney leads 2-1 in Michigan

"No employees are represented by a labor union or are subject to a collective bargaining agreement."

Judge: Whales Are 'Non-Persons,' So Seaworld's 'Enslavement' OK

On February 3, 2012, Josh became the first person to perform a backflip on snow in a Sit Ski!

Germany has the wind at its back

Two Sick Puppies Walk To Human Hospital, Wait In Lobby

HuffPo: Robo-Signing Bank Settlement Is a Criminal Sell Out

Sustainable Land Use Strategies to Support Bioenergy Described in Industrial Biotechnology Journal

fact check needed on Yahoo article about $26B Mortgage Settlement

"...a bit of cognitive dissonance for solar power haters with breakfast this morning"

I have no doubt who the GOP will nominate if there is an open convention in August...

Flushdown! Super Bowl Causes NYC Spike in Water Use

Fees for closing accounts draw attention

Dutch far right opens anti-Polish hotline (actually anti-Eastern and Central Europeans)

(Edited as faulty reporting) Cold snap forces Germany to restart nuclear reactors

Mohamed Nasheed being captured by Military junta

Wowser! I am really surprised!

From Gung-Ho to Uh-Oh: Charting the Government’s Moves on Fracking

Super PAC supporting Ron Paul is operated by a 9/11 'truther'

Kodak moments are coming to an end

Tony Damn Perkins, the bigot, is on MSNBC as an expert again. MSNBC loses all credibility when they

self delete...

Bath City to offer stadium naming rights for £50

i would like to make a proposal for this forum. i would like to suggest that we keep all

Iran's Arsenal Of Sunburn Missiles Is More Than Enough To Close The Strait

Bachmann: Running For President Is A Series Of Humiliations

Please keep an eye on your Kids, see video

Japan's Tepco to suspend all nuclear operations

Women for Obama

It's time to end the idea of school districts.

Statements: AGs Kamala Harris and Eric Schneiderman on mortgage settlement

Whoa-today's Gallup Tracking Poll shows Obama's "War on Religion" is really affecting his approval

OK, I sometimes call my friends my "dogs", but this is ridiculous.....

US licenses first nuclear reactors since 1978

In scientific coup, Russians reach Antarctic lake

Senior Tories begin to get cold feet as health bill is defeated in Lords

No Jon Voight, Romney's family hasn't

NYPD Must Pay $15 Million for Illegally Arresting 22,000

The Bush/Cheney Assault on America...lest we forget

Sh*t Mitt Says. (VIDEO)

The Catholics want birth control removed because of their beliefs, should blood transfusions also

Oil Can Boyd says he used cocaine frequently

JC Penney CEO: ‘Ellen Represents The Values Of Our Company’

Philippines seeks US help to counter China

White House: 10 States Get Education Waiver (AP/NPR) {NCLB in death spiral?}

george orwell and irony

State Department warns of travel to Mexico

State Department warns of travel to Mexico

At CPAC, Mitch McConnell Calls Conservatives ‘Simply More Fun Than Liberals’

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay (BBC) {awesome experimental biology!}

Josh Powell’s Sister: Josh Was Protecting His Sons When He Murdered Them

Democratic women to Obama: 'Own' birth control mandate

Another common-sense multi-millionaire calls for higher taxes on the rich.

The Rude Pundit: Catholics Want to Force Non-Catholics to Do as They Do

TYT: Newt Gingrich Sugar Daddy Adelson Makes $3M An Hour

Coalition to protect all NC families:

Wow - approaching mid Feb - how is everyone doing?

Rush Limbaugh gloats over first gay divorce

Pelosi: Stop Colbert! (VIDEO)

DITCHING THE U.S.A. -- Giving up citizenship now costs $450, as more people are doing it

Seattle Times' Jon Talton: Obama admin enabled banks to flout law and get away with it

NOW Toronto: Deconstructing the seminal vote...that shelved Mayor Rob Ford’s Sheppard subway plans

US Marine sniper unit photographed with 'Nazi SS' flag (updated with photo)

Cop steals, dead officers children's trust fund money!!!

2 Arizona doctors disciplined for medical pot

U.S. squeezes French-led satellite maker over China

Charred Tim Hortons hash brown prompts university building evacuation

So where can I find the clearest, most concise

Food Stamp President(s) - Oh SNAP!

House Votes to Tighten Insider-Trading Ban for Congress

Apple now worth more than Google and Microsoft combined (almost 1/2 trillion dollars)

Cain: Improving job market a threat to GOP

Ds Propose 6-Week CUT To Unemployment Benefits

The criminal probe of Sheldon Adelson's casino empire

Whistle-Blowing U.S. Army Officer Says Public Is Being Lied To About Progress In The Afghan War

National Geographic Traveler visits Detroit, calls it 'America's surprise comeback city'

Two New Moons for Jupiter

Facing more key votes, Romney can't afford another stumble

Now THAT'S a freaky thought~

The Gifted Young Athlete: An open letter from Kenny Powers to Tim Tebow

Safe on shore, sailors tell a dramatic story of survival

Perry Brags About Planned Parenthood Clinics Closing In Texas

Brilliant way to make some money!!!

Attn gardeners - meet us in the Gardening forum - time to start sharing seeds!

remember when prop 8 happened

Do people really believe Obama is so diabolic as to start an unnecessary war in Iran?

Students' tardiness leads to criminal charges for D.C. Parents.

Fact Sheet: Mortgage Servicing Settlement

Please join me in supporting JC Penney

When does the media finally admit that some of the things that the right says, does and proposes

"Half-naked" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "half-naked".

US licenses first nuclear reactors since 1978

PepsiCo announces 8,700 job cuts as net income rises

Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges

Funny bug. When you click on a link to a post within a thread

At what point do the Billionaire Sugar Daddy's close the purse..

Calvin and Hobbes' snowmen

This doesn't look too healthy:

CPAC Welcomes White Nationalist. Man, they aren't even trying anymore.

Nine jailed over bomb plot and terror camp plan

Bank Bailout 2: Obama Lets Mortgage Abusers Off the Hook Leave No One Accountable

"OK... when exactly did the use of birth control become "controversial?"

Happy Birthday, Brian.

Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice (BBC)

2012 is the 'Year of the Bible' in Pennsylvania

Dallas ISD fifth grade boys are seeing Red Tails right now -- but girls were excluded

I'm temping at BAIN CAPITAL tomorrow!

Thank you so much for the heart!!!

How Romney could be denied the nomination.

Doesn't Rick Santorum understand that he'll never be President of the United States?

Jon Stewart's guest last nite: Yet another reaon why we are in so much economic trouble

'Nancy Brinker needs to resign' – Eve Ellis's letter on Komen

Remember when the argument against JFK was that he would take orders from the Vatican?

John Boehner threatens to overrule the American people on behalf of the American people

Unless I missed it, I haven't seen or read when "SEARCH" will be available again.

Why the Foreclosure Deal May Not Be So Hot After All

Newts Favorite New Movie: Iron Sky

Did I just hear that CPAC will be discussing

Birth Control, is the line in the sand?

Am I just being a jerk or am I right to be pissed off by conservative social policy?

I am Cisgender

This Petition supporting new no-cost birth control

Why is the Roman Catholic Church allowed any credibility after their history of sexual abuse?

Houston Metro withstands behind-the-scenes maneuvering on Capitol Hill

a question about pasta for all the cooks out there.

Marines posed with flag resembling Nazi SS logo in Afghanistan

Israeli fans beg PM to hold off Iran attack over Madonna show

3-D Images Show Earthquake Before and After

Experts react to the foreclosure settlement

'Weak' Pacquiao dumps vices

Tokyo activists demand nuclear referendum

VP Biden Touts US Economic Resiliency at Ohio Stop.

Every time I open my Google Calendar now, I "send feedback."

Finding the true value of US climate science

MiddleFingerMom's prom date had no intention of losing her virginity to him.

Now Rahm calls for a statewide registry for all handguns in Illinois

Tea Party Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) to get new Dem challenger

Muslim clerics issue a fatwa against honour killings, domestic violence and hatred of women

Wall Street's Third Party

February 9, 1964

Republican Chokes Up At Gay Marriage Debate In Washington

At CPAC, Mitch McConnell Calls Conservatives ‘Simply More Fun Than Liberals’

Israel: We Will Act To Prevent Syria's Chemical Weapons From Reaching Hezbollah

Kirk Cameron Is A Christian TWIT

Last union comes to terms with freight railroads (update from "DU2 brouhaha")

Kirk Cameron spoke at CPAC and was just on MSNBC.

Heavens to murgitroyd. Snagglepuss got some hearts.

20-Year-Old State Rep Fighting to Revoke Lunch Breaks from New Hampshire Workers

'Drone attacks illegal, fuel terror' - Pakistani FM

Roger Boisjoy: Engineer who warned of space shuttle Challenger disaster, has died.

US war with Iran around the corner?

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spots old NASA Mars Landers

Tales From the Kitchen Table

Thank you for the hearts!

What is God?


BCP's For All

Michelle Obama performs the Interlude dance - pics and video

Foreclosure Deal to Spur U.S. Home Seizures

NYTimes readers comment on government/bank mortgage scam settlement

Chinese rebel against government’s Syria veto online

Republican chokes up during debates in WA marriage equality vote

The Lovings: A Couple That Changed History (HBO documentary)

Is there a rabid Bobcat in your panties, or are you just glad to see me?

Anybody here use Onenote 2010?

Thanks for the heart nice DUer.

More than a hundred Palestinian writer and poet in solidarity with the Syrians

To quote lpbk2713, in this same forum: "Thanks for the heart, nice DUer"

Fairewinds: Nuclear expert believes top lifted off Reactor No. 1 containment BEFORE explosion

Is some country holding Americans "hostage"

Attention diabetics. Do not inject insulin at the same site every day. Graphic warning.

Obama’s unprecedented war on whistleblowers

You REALLY REALLY don't want contraception? REALLY????

Opposing the House Transit Bill That’s So Bad It “Defies Belief”

TPM: Kerry Becomes Latest Dem to Oppose Obama on Contraception

'Negro' remark lands parfumier in court

I’ve been British Ambassador in Syria since 2008.

US NOAA ditches BlackBerry, chooses Apple's iPhone and iPad

Dylan Ratigan just proved how out of touch he is

Google down most of the day-anyone know why? ( issue resolved..thanks)

Reports from the Battlefield -- Corbett's War on Pennsylvania's Poor (CityPaper)

Shades of Blue

Japan's population time bomb

A heartfelt thanks post

Nancy Pelosi launches "Stop Colbert" campaign

Hijab - outward practice/spiritual meaning?

Mortgage settlement leaves most homeowners to fend for themselves

Nancy Pelosi: Stop Colbert

Rick Santorum Called Mormonism 'Dangerous Cult' In Minds Of 'Some Christians' In 2007

Petition ready for Tepco nuke vote

the lockhart texas courthouse

On this right wing & media generated story on Catholic organizations & insurance for contraceptives

How do today's Republicans differ from the Puritans of the 17th century?

Catholic Church ready to declare war on Obama

"Anonymous is irrelevant, they should just give up and write apps"

Gallup: Obama approval rating at 49%, highest since June

Hell Cat

Please adopt! Lots of shelters are having adoption events this weekend

Schneiderman: Settlement deal a `small’ but `significant’ step towards real accountability

I'm a Catholic male, but I don't think "women's health" and "religious rights" should EVER intersect

President Obama - please look at this before talking to the Catholic bishops:

The President is attacking our beliefs on contraception

Arrest warrant issued for close Uribe associate

Arrest warrant issued for close Uribe associate

North Carolina Considering Amendment That Would Roll Back rights of Both Gay and Straight Couples

"A Family Thing"--Excellent movie

So, here's the risk the Catholic bishops are taking (IMHO)

David Graeber's rebuttal to Chris Hedges: Concerning the Violent Peace-Police

Jury decision: homos

Video: Lawrence O'Donnell interview with Dan Boies - Constitutionality of birth control mandate

Blomberg: "Foreclosure Deal to Spur U.S. Home Seizures"

Donald Trump flips his wig

Obama, Explained

tony perkins....the face of religion doesn't get any more disgusting than this man.

Largest virtual telescope operational in Chile

There are "finicky" cats and then my cat DeeDee.

Israeli secret service is training members of terrorist group People’s Mujahedin of Iran in Israel

A Fourth Defeat for Romney? Lack of Ads Could Hurt.

We Can’t Wait: Obama Administration proposes a historic $156 million investment to combat Alzheimer'

CO: state bill dealing with fetal homicide fails again

Panama Indians win withdrawal of dam, mines law

CO: state bill dealing with fetal homicide fails again

Florida Minimum Wage Could Be Slashed For Restaurant Workers

Time for a POTUS press conference?

I just saw The Grey starring Liam Neeson

Rubio Bill Lets ANY Employer Deny Birth Control Coverage

Marines Sport Nazi SS Flag in Afghanistan

Japanese high school girls play...SWING! SING, SING, SING:

harry potter books bring bad luck

Ron Barber, Gabby Giffords' Former Aide, Running In Special Election For Her Seat

Tell Congress not to block affordable access to contraception for all women

Harry Reid to GOP: ‘Calm Down’ About Birth Control Rule

If you see Jitterbug Perfume...I'm saving a heart for her.

Alert button not working?


UH-OH, secret document leaked: Ethanol gets about 7% less mpg than gas; 10% BETTER on energy equiv

Okay, Spirits, here's the deal...I got in last night and got started EARLY thie morning

This is no bailout for Main Street America

In appreciation for my hearts, I have a movie guessing game for the Lounge!

Brain MRI tomorrow

Rev. Al is RIPPING into the Jim DeMint "no shared goals with Democrats" clip

NYT: G.O.P. Leaders in House Remove Part of Ethics Bill

And now for something completely different: Nazi Marines!

Anti-German Mood Heats Up in Greece

Gonzalez To Retire Following Miami (tennis)

Stephanie Moulton would have turned 26 years-old today

Marco Rubio is a first rate wuss

Bill renames Gulf of Mexico as Gulf of America

Who's in charge, anyway?

THE PORCELAIN UNICORN (several DUers have posted this on DU2 I never saw it before so....)

Sara Robinson's New Rules for Radicals

Obama, Explained

Supreme Court Could Soon Be Televised

After mortgage settlement, MERS left out in the cold

Rick Santorum Gets Frothy and Prop 8 is Repealed

Does anyone else feel helpless right now?

Rocky Recovery for Women

Animals Being Dicks. Good for a daily chuckle, most of the time :)

OK, What's wrong with this link?

If we keep nominating non-progressive Dems in "Red States"...

"Dialectical monism"? What an awkward name for a great philosophy.

Gallup national poll: Rmoney 36, Grinch 20, Santo 20... but Santo moving up

Random thoughts . . .

Evolution Weekend: Protecting Both Religion and Science

What's YOUR price?

Now Lucas is saying that Han never shot first

Which HTML Tags are allowed?

Regarding 'DU REC' - a BUG

Business-friendly Texas Republicans spending big to promote Ohio liberal Dennis Kucinich. Why?

MoFo: Marines Sport Nazi SS Flag in Afghanistan… yes, really.

Thank You "Insert Name Here" for the heart.

Greece bailout: Eurozone ministers set new conditions

Cal Thomas Says Rachel Maddow Is A Good Argument For Contraception

Romney backs welfare drug-testing (and more WTF?)

Students At Catholic Colleges Protest Lack Of Access To Birth Control

So Pneumonia is being considered a pre-existing condition

US Marine sniper unit photographed with 'Nazi SS' flag

Fox Pundit @CPAC Rachel Maddow Is ‘ Best Argument In Favor Of Her Parents Using Contraception’

Republicans Multitask Their Pro-Corporate Job Killing By Privatizing TSA

Two friends say beer diet gave them new perspective on life

Will AIPAC and Bibi Get Their War?

Lookie what I found!! - (I inherited a mixed animal from Uncle living in woods)

A whole new meaning to double shot latte

The insiders are selling heavily