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Matt Gaetz talks like a man who is absolutely convinced he has too many teeth. nt

Deep breath---inha-a-ale----------exha-a-ale! Now is not the time to "go all wobbly".

Now is the time to "keep calm and carry on".

Trump is desperate. He is a cornered rat and as such, he will try any way he can think of to escape. This evening, he basically dropped his pants and showed his ass on national TV. Confusing, childish, inept, arrogant and embarrassing are just a few of the adjectives that accurately describe his "performance".

Did he invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807? Who knows.

What did he promise or threaten to do that he has actually as authority to do? Nothing that I heard.

Has he threatened or even entered "Executive Orders" in the past to take actions which were clearly beyond his authority? Repeatedly.

This evening's tantrum is already being described as a "stunt" by some in the national media and governors Pritzker and Cuomo have already told Trump to "pound sand".

Resist. GOTV. Eyes on the prize. We are winning and Trump knows it.

I am not a doctor. Most who read this are not doctors. But, we share one bit

of medical certainty: Trump is so sick---so mentally ill---that he would legally qualify for "involuntary commitment" to a mental facility for examination in nearly every state in the union.

Trump could not pass the routine mental stability screenings required for many professions and even low-level military duty assignments.

This American tragedy is brought to you by the assorted fascists, racists and plain old idiots of the Republican majority in the US Senate.

How is this different---if at all---from martial law? nt

To Mike Pence: I will not waste words or time pretending that I like you or respect you.

Though what follows is a suggestion that MIGHT keep you out of prison, that is certainly not my purpose in suggesting the need for immediate action by you. If it was my call, you'd be in prison now.

You know Trump is a maniac. You know he is grossly incompetent and totally unfit to be POTUS. You know that each day he remains in power our country sinks deeper into an abyss from which it may never rise.

Isn't this YOUR country, too? Isn't this the nation in which your family lives?

You could, with a phone call, enlist the support and assistance of several dozen prominent conservatives---"traditional" Republicans---who would join you in calling for the removal of Donald Trump via exercise of the 25th Amendment. A "Who's Who" of what's left of the GOP "going public" with over three years worth of pent-up disgust would place unbearable pressure on every cabinet member who hope's to have a political future post-Trump, which is all of them.

After someone threw a net over Trump, you could assume the presidency until next January, call for a moratorium on further judicial appointments and work WITH responsible members of Congress to help people deal with this pandemic. You would NOT pardon ANYONE!

I would have to swallow hard and spit twice but, if you did the above, I would sit still for Joe Biden pardoning you.

From "Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again?" by James Talley

"Well, I tell you folks there's trouble
And there's tension everywhere
And everybody's askin', where's it gonna end
But there ain't nobody answered
No, there ain't nobody dared
And I'll tell you folks there's trouble
There's trouble everywhere

Are they gonna make us outlaws again?"

This somehow just seemed appropriate for this time.

Gee, Kentucky! "Hoo-da-thunk" that allowing any head-case with a firearm to strap it on

and wade into a crowd of thoroughly pissed people might be a problem?

"Open carry" is such a childishly misguided idea that legislators who voted for it should be charged with felony murder each time some hot-head kills another innocent person. I am capable of nicer terminology, but "y'all" make me wanna puke!

Is it just possible that the first popular social media platform that bans Trump as a

multiple repeat offender of their guidelines and rules would see a surge in users as grateful Americans switched to them?

So, black GOP Sen. Scott has called for the arrest of the other three cops involved in

the death of George Floyd. News flash for Senator Scott: YOUR CHOSEN PARTY gives not one damn about Mr. Floyd or his family. They currently feel required to send "thoughts and prayers" and "forcefully condemn" the murder, but they are only pissed off at Chauvin because he was stupid enough to kill a black man while he was being videoed. The fact that there is virtually no "wiggle room" as to what happened has embarrassed them and the photo of Chauvin in his red "Cops for Trump" tee shirt on stage at a rally has sent some running for cover.

So, Senator Scott, when you are ready to denounce the "Grand Cyclops" in the White House and call out your fellow Republicans for their smirking racism, we will begin to get ready to commence starting to consider your opinion genuine. Until then, you are the black equivalent of Susan Collins---spare us your "concern".

Have I got this right? When Colbert coined the term "truthiness", everyone understood the

joke: it was a made-up word that meant absolutely nothing but sounded like it might---sorta---maybe if you said it quickly and moved on.

Now, Billy Barr coins the term "Antifa-like" and the right wing nut jobs are wetting themselves and his capo just declared Antifa a terrorist group.

Are Republicans really THAT stupid?

Is this why there are no funny right wing comedians?
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